The 50 Dramione Proposals

Summary: A collection of one-shots describing how Draco proposes to Hermione.

My Prince Charming

If there was one thing that Hermione Granger always dreamed about was marrying her prince charming and living happy ever after. Since the first time that her mother read a fairy tale to her, Hermione always imagined the way her wedding would be. She would be wearing a beautiful white dress and her hair would be put on an elegant bun. She like to imagine the way her dad would walk her down the hall and her Prince Charming would be waiting there for her. She could also imagine her bridesmaid standing on the other side of the altar wearing beautiful pastel dresses. She could also picture all the decorations and flowers everywhere adorning the church, and making her feel like a princess.

But the wedding was not the part that Hermione daydreamed about. Hermione thought that the most important part of geting married was not the beautriful wedding, or the reception party, nor the honeymoon, she actually thought that the most important and best part was the proposal. She always imagined how nice it would be for her Prince Charming to come to her in a beautiful white horse.

But don't think that Hermione kept this thoughts to herself, she was always going on and on about it with her friends , family and even the healers in St. Mungo's she worke with knew it. So it was clear to everyone that even thought Hermione was an a matured adult, she still believed in fairytales.

Even though Hermione dreamed about it all the time, she never thought that anyone would take her childish dream seriously. Especially not her current boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, since he wasn't the romantic type of guy. They had been dating for almost 4 years already , but he never make her dream come true. She waited every Valentine's Day and every anniversary for him to kneeled down and at least proposed to her, even if he wasnt' going to do it in his white horse and being a Prince Charming. But he never arrived in a white horse,nor did he ever proposed to her .So at one time or another, Hermione stopped thinking about it.

But Hermione couldn't take it anymore. There had been dating for almost 8 years now, and he still didn't proposed to her. They were now 26 year's old and most of their friend were married now: Ginny was married to Blaise and they had a two year old daughter, Abby. Harry was married to Pansy and they had a baby on the way. Even Ron was married to Luna and they had a 3 year old boy, George, and a 1 year old daughter, Molly.

And all Hermione had was a boyfriend of almost 8 years! She was thinking that maybe Draco didn't want anything serious with her, after all, he was the most sexiest bachelor in the Wizarding World.

So one unexpected day, Hermione got the most wonderful surprised of her life.

Ginny, Pansy and Luna had invited her to lunch at a muggle restaurant and after that they were supposed to go shopping for things for Pansy's baby shower.

Hermione arrived at the restaurant right on time as punctual as always. While she waited for the girls to arrive she took a seat at one of the tables outside the cafe.

When the girls finally arrive, they started chatting about how Pansy was planning her baby shower and how Molly had started talking already.

They were about to order when a old amn dressed in bright colors approched their table. Some clowns and acrobatics followed behind him.

"I'm going to tell you the story of a princess..." the old man started while not only telling the story to them, but also to the other customers who were eating outside.

" Anyone wants to volunteer to be the princess?" The old man asked, looking at only Hermione this time. Hermione turned her head the other way as to not drag the attention of other people, she had always been a shy girl.

"Umm, I see a princess here..." The old man said grabbing Hermione's hand.

"Now I wonder where your Prince Charming might be..." The old man said looking around as if to be looking for a guy to be the Prince Charming.

"Yeah I have been looking for him, too." Hermione thought sadly, no matter how much she loved Draco, she couldn't take it anymore. She felt as though she was only wasting time if at the end Draco didn't want anything serious with her.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the sound of a horse heading towards the restaurant. When she finally realized it, she looked up to see a masked man in a beautiful white horse. Hermione could only opened her mouth in owe. She had never seen such a beautiful horse before.

"Umm, it seems as thought we have found your Prince.." The old man said.

All Hermione could do was laugh, she had bearly seen the man on the horse, but she could already picture him as the Prince Charming that she had waited all of her life for.

She couldn't help blushing desperately as the man got out of the horse and headed to were she was.

She was staring to feel guilty, here she was bludhing for some guy that she didn't even know while her boyfriend was somewhere on a business trip.

"he deserves it.." She thought as she smiled at the masked man.

The man had a beautiful heel in his hand. It was a very beutiful shoe made out of crystal and with a 3 inch heel.

The Prince tried it on all Ginny. But Ginny's foot was too small. He then tried on Luna, but her foot was too big. He tried it on Pansy, but her foot was too wide.

At last, it was Hermione's turn. But instead of pulling out a shoe, he pulled out a small black box.

Hermione's eyes widened as she realized what it meant.

The Prince opened the small box to revealed a beautiful diamond ring. It had one big diamond in the middle and in the sides it had emeralds. It was the ring that any woman would dream of.

"I know that you have been waiting for this to happen forever. I know that you always wanted for me to do it on a Valentine's day or on a annivesary. But I wanted for this moment to be very special to you. I wanted to be your real Prince Charming and make this day our day. I wasn't going to propose to you on a plain Valentine Day or on anniversary in November 22. I wanted to make it on a day only for us two, and nobody else. So today I , Draco Malfoy, propose to you, Hermione Granger, on March 17: Dramione Day. So Hermione, will you marry me?"
By then Hermione was already crying tears of joy and her hands were covering her mouth to stop her from screaming and shouting from the excitement. She was so excited that she didn't even bother to answer. Instead she kiseed the only other part of his face apart from the eyes that was not covered with the mask, his mouth, and kissed it passionately. Not even bothering to take the mask off. She was so happy, that the only thing she care about was them, Dramione.

But their kiss stopped when she heard music starting. At first, she thought that it was only her imagination since the song that was being played was her favorite song of all.

But then when she heard Draco said," Listen to the lyrics." She turned around to see her favorite boyband , One Direction , singing her favorite song ," Everything about You." She smiled as she saw all of the guys singing it in acoustic version. When the song finished, each guy pulled out a rose and gave it to her. Well, except for Niall, who gave her a box of chocolate. Hermione roled her eyes, tipical Niall felt so happy that more tears started to fall from her eyes.

"So you haven't answered..." Draco said looking into her big chocolate eyes.

"Yes!" Hermione said as she unmasked Draco's face and started kissing him.

She had found her real Prince Charming and she felt like a Princess...

"Fairytales CAN become true..." Hermione said after pulling apart from Draco.

"Yeah... and Princes Charming do exist..." He replied smirking.

Hermione just laughed and started kissing him again...

And did Hermione had the wedding of her dreams?
Even though she was 6 months pregnant when she got married, Hermione had the best wedding she could ever dreamed of.

And Hermione, her Prince Charming and their small princess lived happily ever after...