50 years ago on the very thing called the Space Colony A.R.K

Maria Robotnik, lived with her grandfather, scientists, and Shadow the hedgehog

Shadow and Maria were best friend and today they decided to play basketball in the gym.

Shadow's p.o.v., 5:45 am, Space Colony A.R.K.

"Shadow?" Maria asked as I was still sleeping.

"Shadow?" Maria said louder, can't see just be quiet.

"Shadow!" I woke up as Maria giggled.

"You were drooling in your sleep." She said as I felt my face warm up, I blushed.

Maria smiled and got up, "What should we do today?" She asked as I shrugged.

"We can't go into the Earth room…It's to cold…" Maria said as I nodded.

"We could go to the gym?" I suggested as she nodded.

"That would be fun! What game should we play?" Maria asks as I shrug my shoulders.

I stared at Maria as she sang, her beautiful angel voice, echoing through the room, Maria is the most kind person ever, even when she's being stubborn, she's still nice.

"What are you looking at?" She asked as I blushed again.

Maria giggled, "Silly Shadow!"

I blushed and looked at the ground.

"Let's go to the gym now!" Maria said running to the gym.

"Wait!" I shouted chasing the, 4,11, foot human girl on front of me.

Maria giggled and ran into the gym.

"You should put your hair up…" I suggested as she nodded, and put her hair in a pony.

"Only for a bit!" Maria said as I nodded and ran into the storage room, once I came out the pony was already out.

"Fail!" I say grabbed the ball.

I did my technique. I jumped on front of Maria, then dodged to the side, then I jumped, and throw the ball in the net, landing on my feet, and catching the ball with my left hand.

Once again I did the same, but before I landed I glanced at Maria.

Her face was totally blank.

"How?" She asked as I laughed.

"Just bounce the ball with your left hand, and jump, and shout it in the hoop." Maria nodded.

"That is easy enough," She said, scrunching up her nose and jumping.

But, when she shot it in, she fell back.

I held up my arms, so I could catch her.

But, instead she fell on me.

We started laughing, for about 20 seconds until we got up.

"Silly Shadow," She said putting her lip to my cheek.

"Huh?" I said, placing my hand on my cheek, "What was that?"

She giggled "When people like each other a lot, they kiss, and I kissed you on your cheek, to show our friendship." Maria said as I looked down.


Just then a red siren went off, and it was flashing.

"What the hell is that?" I ask, as Maria holds her heart scared.

"I don't know…" She says as I nod, as I see a G.U.N member at the door, holding a gun.

"Surrender, or die." The G.U.N member says as me and Maria look at him, then at each other, constantly.

I then looked at the gym mat and smiled.

"Found it," I said grabbing the mat, and chucking the mat at the G.U.N member making him fall, go under the mat, and go unconcious.

Maria started breathing heavily, as I looked at her as to say, grab my hand and run.

She nodded and grabbed my hand, as I started running.

Maria getting dragged behind me.

She was still breathing heavily.

Then several G.U.N members came out, and started shooting at me.

So I just ran towards them, noticing Maria went the other way, I freaked out as I ran into the room I needed to go through.

So many bullets going over my head.

Just then I ran out, to meet up with Maria again.

We started running as I heard her bone crack, from her disease, N.I.D.S

I looked at her concerned as we continued running.

"Grandfather!" Maria shouted, as they paralyzed him.

"Continue running…No matter what…Continue running…We can get through." I said continuously as we ran.

"The pod room!" We shouted, as the same time, running into the pod room.

The bad thing, is one person has to pull the lever.

Me and Maria looked at each other as the door, had a crack at the bottom.

Maria pushed me into the pod, my back hitting the red button, which closes the pod door.

I started punching the glass, "Maria!" I shouted rapidly.

Maria grabbed the lever, as the G.U.N member shot the door open.

Maria looked at the G.U.N member scared, with tears in her eyes.

"Let go of the lever." The guy said as she looked down at the lever.

"Let go or die!" The G.U.N said as she looked at him again, then looked back down.

Then she teared up and pulled the lever a bit and made the pod move a bit.


I shouted as the guy shot Maria.

She fell on the ground weakly.

"Maria, Maria, Maria!" I shouted, rapidly, as she looked at me with a weak smile.

"Shadow, please take care of people, make them happy, give them a chance to be happy, and live in peace and harmony,"

"Shadow…Make everyone smile, laugh, have fun, and have lot's of friends, maybe you could be everyone's friend as well. Take my place in the future and give them the chance they never had, give me a chance to see through someone's else's eyes, Shadow, I promise you I'll always be with you, all you have to do is look beside you, and I'm standing right there,

"Maria!" I shouted but she continued her speech.

"I know we were stuck on the A.R.K and I never got the chance to go to Earth, but now you can go there and start a new life, make good choices, and live life happy, then once life is done, you can see me everyday and it will be just like the A.R.K, you could tell me all about all the adventures you had and everything, just like Grandfather said, 'Earth is full of so much things,"

I looked at her as she teared up again,

"Go to circuses, meadows, look at all the beautiful meadows, watch at how happy people are and the way life is, you might be angry I will not make it to Earth with you, but remember I'm just right there, also…I think it will better for you, because the only people you knew were the scientists and grandfather, same with me, but since I have that awful N.I.D.S disease you know I wouldn't get so far,"

I shouted "Maria!" Again, kicking the glass hard, but again, it didn't break.

"Shadow, do the thing's we never had a chance to do, you never had the chance to do, and of course, what I will never have the chance to do, but, even though I'm not alive, please still keep this promise, bring peace and harmony to people, don't hurt them, be kind hearted, and change Shadow, don't be sad and miss me, be happy and realise how good of a hedgehog you are, even if people can be really rude, try to change them,"

I shouted "Maria," Very loud.

"Shadow," Maria got up and grabbed the thing with the lever, "Make them happy, give them a chance, Shadow, I trust you, take my place in the future, but don't give up yours, give them a chance, that's all I ask for, being happy is a request as well, I love you Shadow…Forever and always…"

"I love you to Maria.." I mumbled as Maria smiled weakly and grabbed the lever.

"Shadow…Please…I beg of you…"

I looked concerned, "Maria?" I asked as tears fell down her face, rapidly.


My eyes widened, "Maria?"


Maria then pulled the lever, fell to the ground, as I saw those blue eyes disappear.

As I started to head down to the planet we wished to go to forever, Earth.

As I shouted, as loud as I can,


This was the intro, pretty long hey? Well…For me…Took me two hours! That is a pretty long time! Well…Anyway…Hope you enjoy it. I wont work on any of my other stories for a long time. This will be a big, sad, story.

Bye! Love you all, even if I don't know you.

Credit to, Devilsdaughter1089 , SamInifinity75, and Knuxtheninja love you guys!