It was all nice and quiet in station square, everyone was happy, minus this one black and red hedgehog.

He was in deep thought, Maria why did you go?

Just then he saw these three mobians walking together and laughing.

There was a pretty yellow hedgehog who had a blue dress, which was just over her knees, bright big blue eyes, and a angel like smile.

Next, was a owl, she had big blue eyes, a green and white dress, and a little girl smile.

Next was a male unicorn, he had a serious face, a blue jacket, and blue glasses.

"Han? Rocky? It's so beautiful!" The blonde hedgehog shouted as the unicorn male, Rocky, just shook his head.

"Maria? Seriously?" He sad doing a face palm.

"Sorry, Mr. Weirdo!" Maria shouted, crossing her arms and giggling.

Shadow was staring over at them, as Han the owl looked over.

"I think that guy likes you…" Han whispered to Maria as she blushed.

"I don't even know him though…" She said as Shadow looked down, Could that be, the Maria I know?

"That's Shadow the hedgehog…" Rock said as Shadow crossed his arms.

"The one and only!" Han said smiling.

Not another fan girl…Shadow's eyes widened.

Maria looked confused, "Shadow? That name is so…Familiar." She says as Rock rolled his eyes, "Can we go?"

Maria giggled, "Impatient much!"

Shadow started walking off.

"Are you Sonic or something?" Maria asked as Shadow turned around.

"You know the faker?" Shadow asked as Maria giggled.

"1. He's no faker! 2. Yeah!" She giggled, as Rock and Han rolled their eyes.

"Come on Maria, we have to go…."

Just then a light breeze came, and Maria looked at Shadow.

"Wait…" She said walking up to me.

"This is yours." She said giving Shadow a gold heart locket.

"It dropped when you were walking." Maria says smiling, turning around and walking away.

As Shadow looked down at the locket,

It can't be her, can it?

Shadow sighed, looked at the locket one last time, when he looked up he looked at the three walking away.