I separated the chs thinking it would be easier to read. The first 4 are lena10123's chapters. I changedquite a bit about them, the writing went very quickly in my opinion.

Chapter 1


The Flyboy was heading towards the man with a large gun. The Flyboys were trying to kill the man because he knew about the School and the guy said he was going to call the police. But before the Flyboy could shoot him, someone from the opposite direction shot him. What the crap? We couldn't do anything because they tied our hands behind our back and our feet were joined by rope. An idea came to my head.

"Nudge? Can I see your pocket mirror?" I whispered, barely making noise. Luckily, she kept the mirror in her rear pocket. She passed it to me. I broke the small mirror in half, creating sharp edges. I silently rubbed the broken mirror across the rope. I know, broken mirrors are bad luck. But if I was a normal teenager, I would be worrying about bad luck and not about an Flyboy taking me back to the wacko science School I was made in. When I finished cutting, I passed one of the mirror to Fang and the other to Nudge. In a matter of minutes, we were all free.

"One, two, three." I counted. I roundhouse kicked the Flyboy closest to me. Fang was pinning one down. Nudge and Angel were working together on one Flyboy. Finally, Iggy and Gazzy threw the huge bomb they hid somewhere we have no idea.

"Move!" Iggy yelled. We flew up but one of the Flyboys shot my wing. I was pretty high up so the impact of falling wasn't a walk in a park. The Flock tried to catch up with me but I was plummeting too fast. Once I fell, my Flock gathered around me. The bomb! Too late. We were all knocked back and knocked out.

Third Person POV

"Why are there so many kids here?" Agent DiNozzo asked. Ducky checked for a heartbeat for each person.

"They're all alive. Well, except for that unlucky Marine." Ducky informed. Gibbs crouched down to the dead marine's body and took out his wallet.

"John Davidson." He read. Ziva looked around the area to see if she could find anything. She spotted something glinting in the sun behind a tree.

"Gibbs? I found something." Ziva called to her boss. She clicked her camera to take a picture of the newly found gun.

"Bag it up." Gibbs said.

"But Gibbs, have you ever seen this type of gun? I do not think I have seen one like this." She asked.

"We'll check with Abbs."

A shuffle sound filled the silence after. They brought out their pistols and quickly looked for the source. The children were waking up.