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Chapter 17


I woke up slowly feeling warmth next to me. I opened my eyes and looked over smiling at Fang who was sleeping silently snuggled up to me. This was a rare sight. He looked so relaxed and peaceful. I looked around the room at the rest of my sleeping flock. They looked comfortable and happy as they slept, some on the floor and some in chairs.

I heard a door open and my head snapped around as Fang's snapped up. I saw Abby creeping out of her room. She saw me and Fang staring at her and she smiled brightly while waving with one of her hands. The other hand was wrapped around what looked like a stuffed Hippo.

"Sorry if I woke you up," She said as she walked into the kitchen.

"I was already awake," I said. "The one you woke up was sleepyhead Fang right here."

I patted Fang's head. He shot me a death glare before bringing his attention to what Abby was doing. She took out a bag from the pantry and measured it into a large bowl. She cracked six eggs in the bowl and then poured some milk in. She took out a whisk (-.- YES I know kitchen utensils!) and started whisking the mixture. I wondered what she was making.

I looked over at Fang and smiled in my mind. I quickly leaned in and kissed his cheek before jumping off the couch. I looked at his face as I stood by the couch. He looked shocked, well as shocked as Fang could look. I smirked at him before going to nudge Nudge awake from her slumber on the chair. She woke slowly.

"That was the best night's sleep I've had in a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile," She said yawning. I smiled at her as she blinked her eyes, before going and poking Gazzy with my toe. I heard a farting sound and jumped away from Gazzy before realizing that it hadn't come from him. I looked around before hearing it again, when Abby squeezed her stuffed hippo. Fang smirked at me and I sent him a look that said Shut Up. I poked Gazzy again and he woke up.

"I'm up," He said while rubbing his eyes. I could smell something good wafting in from the kitchen and I saw Iggy's nose twitch before he sat up.

"What's that smell? It's amazing!" He said before his sightless eyes opened wide. "Wait; don't tell me Max is cooking! Please don't tell me that!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Iggy, I'm rolling my eyes. No, it's not me cooking, but I'm very hurt that you would say that!" I said holding my chest in fake pain.

"Max, we all know you suck at cooking, so don't keep faking pain when we say your cooking sucks. Even you admitted that it does," My little Angel said from her place on the floor.

"When did I say that?" I asked.

"Last time you cooked." Nudge said. I let out a sigh as I remembered the incident.

"I guess you guys are right," I said as I shook my head before making my way to the kitchen. Abby was at the stove cooking pancakes on a griddle as some bacon was heating up in the microwave. I took in the smell before sighing out. I love bacon.

"It smells great Abby," I said sincerely.

"Thanks," She said with a small smile in my direction.

Soon she had a plate loaded with bacon and pancakes sitting on the small coffee table. I passed out plates to each of my flock members as Abby passed the forks and knives out. I eyed Angel as she held that knife and a spike of fear went through me, but then I realized, she could kill me with her mind if she wanted to, so what harm was there in letting her have a knife?

We finished the meal ravenously and quickly and then Abby told us that we were going to go back to NCIS today. We took off from the roof of her apartment building and easily made it to NCIS.

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