This is another of lena10123's chs. A little modified.

Chapter 2

Max's pov

I woke up to people pointing guns at me and my family. Not erasers or Fly boys or any other crazy expirament of the School's.

"Who are you kids and where are your parents?" A salt and pepper haired guy asked.

"Oh my parents were in the army and died." I lied.

"Why were you not put up for adoption?" One said.

"Because we did not want to be separated when people started to adopt us." Iggy said not looking at the guy.

"So what do know about John Davidson?" Another one said.

"Hmmm nothing." I said.

"Uh who is John Davidson?" Gazzy asked.

"John Davidson is the dead marine on the ground. My question is how did you guys survive when this marine die?" One girl asked.

"Were lucky and he wasn't." I said trying to avoid telling them about our wings.

"What are your guys names?"Another one asked. Angel tell the others to use different names then from Annie's house plz! I'm hoping that they would.

"My name is Marry." I told them.

"Mine is Kevin." Fang said. Hmmm Kevin. Wait was I just thinking that? Uh I have to think more important things right now.

"My name is James," Iggy said. "Oh and I'm blind by the way."

"I'm Rebecca," Nudge said.

"I'm Amy," Angel said.

"Daniel is my name," Gazzy said.

"Great come with us. We need to ask you guys some questions." A black haired Isreali woman told us.