A Simple Wish

Chapter 1: Another Chance

The 11 year old savor of the world looked down at the floor as his Father told everyone he didn't want to come back to life, back to his family. The others were all disappointed of course but it wouldn't affect them much. It was Gohan and his mother that would miss him every day.

Everyone started thinking and talking about what they would now use the last wish for but Gohan wasn't really paying any attention. As his mind went over the fact that he would never see his Father again because his Father didn't want to see him. 'He had gotten his own Father killed it was really no wonder that his Dad wouldn't want to be near him. He must hate me…' Gohan thought to himself.

Some part of what he was feeling must have shown through to his face or aura because Piccolo was looking at him seemingly concerned. Deciding he would figure out what was on his young student's mind later Piccolo refocused his attention on what the others were saying. He would regret putting it off. As seconds later without thinking about his surroundings Gohan mumbled the words that would forever change him.

"I wish I had another chance." The words were spoken so low no one but Piccolo heard him as Dende was the only other being with heightened hearing and he was listening to everyone else's ideas. Piccolo looked toward his first friend sadly; his emotions soon changed to surprise and then fear as he heard the dragon.

"Your wish shall be granted." The eternal dragon's voice boomed, as everyone looked up shocked wondering what wish he was talking about except Piccolo and Gohan. The youngest now realizing just what he had said out loud.

"NO!" Piccolo yelled making a dash for Gohan as the dragon's eyes glowed red like they always did before completely a wish. The thought of how vague the wish the young saiyan had made going through the Namek's head. He was just about to grab onto Gohan hoping to be able to protect him somehow when the boy disappeared leaving no traces behind.

The entire group stood in shocked, horror as the youngest of their group disappeared into thin air, and confused as to why? No one so much as blinked when the dragon balls shot themselves once again to the far corners of the Earth. After a long silence the newly revived Trunks was the first to speak.

"What just happened?" the purple haired time traveler asked still staring at the spot that the younger version of his sensei vanished from. Like glass breaking his voice seemed to pull everyone from their trance, and Piccolo started telling everyone what he had heard Gohan wish for.

Meanwhile the eleven year old super saiyan felt like he was in some tunnel from Hell he couldn't see anything and felt like he was being thrown about while spinning. Thankfully he never hit anything even as it seemed like he had been tossed into a really powerful dryer with no sides. He didn't know how long he had been there but after a while there was a bright light that blinded him after not being able to see anything for so long, and he closed his eyes tight.

When the light died down he could tell he was no longer, where ever in the hell he was before and slowly opened his eyes to see someone he really hoped to never see again. Standing in front of him with his long slimy tail wrapped around Vegeta's neck was Frieza.

'Uh oh,' Gohan thought. 'I remember I accidently wished for another chance, but I meant to save Dad… Did the dragon send me back in time? Well I guess I could still save Dad since I'm back far enough, and it could be worse. My wish was kind of vague.' Gohan's thoughts were interrupted as he heard Vegeta yell when Frieza started using him as a punching bag.

The little hybrid's eyes narrowed, he remembered this, he had watch Vegeta get almost beaten to death the first time before he found enough courage to try and help him not that it mattered since Piccolo had grabbed him. He knew he could get away from Piccolo, changing this though could change anything but didn't he learn from Trunks that him just being there changed things?

Besides he still didn't know if he had the strength in his younger body to stop Frieza. At the sound of Vegeta's scream though he already knew what he would do. The now five year old's body tensed and he leapt towards the evil tyrant that had plagued his younger childhood nightmares using his energy to make him faster. Piccolo was surprised at the speed but had still managed to make a grab at him even as the small boy dodged him easily without looking back. As if he'd expected it.

"Gohan!" the Namek yelled but it was too late as the half breed plowed head first into the evil being's stomach, making him release Vegeta. Even as the bloody saiyan prince fell to the ground he gasped in shock and relief as he glimpsed Gohan from the corner of his eyes tackle the most powerful being in the universe to help him.

Frieza wasn't as amused when he hit the ground much harder than he expected and tried to smash the boy's skull in. Before he could though Gohan jumped back and up, away from him, landing a good ten feet away. Then immediately raised his hands above his head and started gathering energy. Piccolo and Krillen shook off their shock and stood ready to help as they watched a five year old boy take on the tyrant of the universe.

"MA-SEN-KO HA!" Gohan shouted as he blasted Frieza. Seeing how weak the blast was though he realized he didn't bring any of his energy back through time with him. Not that everyone else's eyes didn't go wide when they saw the strong attack hit the evil being. It would put Frieza down for a little while. The small saiyan was happily surprised though as he felt the familiar tug in him that he knew could turn him into a super saiyan if he just pulled it out.

It was weak though, if he transformed he couldn't stay that way long and still wouldn't be nearly as powerful as before but it might be enough to beat Frieza. Gohan filed those thoughts away for later as he saw the tyrant start to stir. He flew down to Vegeta to check on him, the price was still breathing but was beaten pretty badly. Gohan pulled Vegeta into a sitting position then carefully leaned him on the side of the mountain wall as the older saiyan grunted in pain.

Piccolo and Krillen approached them not saying a word and Gohan looked up nervously to see Frieza starting to get up. He looked back and forth between the half dead Vegeta and Frieza then thankfully remembered his Father would be there soon, he had come just before Vegeta was killed.

The small boy took to the air not noticing Piccolo's eyes narrow as he did and thinking that he could at least last a few more minutes without going super saiyan, though he knew Vegeta would get a kick out of it if he did. The Namek's head snapped to the side in fear for his student as he felt Frieza charge.

Gohan didn't move, he'd asked for a second chance and he wasn't going to use it to run away. He slanted his body to a fighting stance in mid air watching Frieza charge and waiting for the fight to begin. The fight became brutal within minutes as Frieza upped his power level to what he said was the '50%' mark, sarcastically praising his young opponent for pushing him that far before going into how he was going to kill all his friends when he was done with the kid.

Piccolo was watching carefully for a chance to jump in and taking notice that his student's moves were more skilled and precise than just minutes before when they all were fighting Frieza. If what Vegeta said was true and a saiyan's power increased whenever they healed from a near death state was one thing but it shouldn't give him anything like this. It was still Gohan he was sure, but it was almost like he was more… experienced.

Krillen was also watching the fight closely but more because he wondered how Gohan got so fast that his eyes could barely keep up watching him. However while Frieza was thinking something similar as to how the kid had managed to stay alive so long while fighting him, he didn't show it.

The little half breed in question didn't think he was fairing as well as the others did, as he caught another one of Frieza's fists to his cheek. The tyrant smirked as he whacked the boy with his long tail sending him crashing into the ground. Gohan got back up panting; his five year old body was much more tired than he knew his older eleven year old body would have been.

Gohan knew a few of his ribs must have broken as he wiped the blood off his chin wondering how long Frieza would wait for him before he deemed it too long. If his father didn't get here soon he would have to turn into a super saiyan or there was a real chance he would die.

The little half breed prepared to fight again as he felt the evil tyrant coming toward him quickly. Frieza threw a punch at him which Gohan easily caught but with his body so weakened he barely stopped the fist he was holding onto before it hit his face. Not missing a beat though he threw his own punch at Frieza's face and it was also stopped as the evil being caught his wrist.

It seemed they were at a stalemate at first when they push against each other and the ground cracked beneath their feet but within a few seconds under the pressure Gohan found his younger and weaker body being pushed back. He pushed back harder using more power to strengthen his arms and legs, but it wasn't going to be enough, and to use anymore power he would have to transform.

Krillen, Piccolo and even the barely conscious Vegeta though were stunned at the amount of power the five year old boy was creating. Vegeta was almost gaping thinking that maybe he was wrong and that Gohan, who was barely over four feet tall, would be the first super saiyan in hundreds of years.

Gohan wasn't paying attention to any of them, he knew to take his eyes off Frieza would mean his death. The small boy gritted his teeth as he was pushed back again, losing his balance and before he could catch himself Frieza had grabbed him by the neck with his tail. Exactly like he had been holding Vegeta when Gohan had tackled him.

Instinctively the little hybrid's hands grabbed at Frieza's tail trying to pull it from his neck, but his body had been weakened too much from the fight. Even as he pulled with all his strength the tyrant's tail didn't so much as budge. 'This is it, I've gotta turn now or I'm gonna die!' were Gohan's panicked thoughts as he began to bring out the power deep within himself.

When Piccolo and Krillen saw their young friend get caught however they prepared to go in and free him knowing full well they could easily die in doing so. Krillen was drawing energy into a blast while Piccolo was getting a good angle to physically charge the evil tyrant. They both stopped however when they sensed a high power level headed right toward Frieza.

The evil overlord of course couldn't sense other people's energy and struck Gohan in the stomach hard. The boy coughed out blood but then looked up at Frieza his young eyes promising pain. Frieza actually felt scared for a second as he looked into the young saiyan's eyes, and realize they had changed to sea green.

The tyrant shook it off preparing to hit the boy again and Gohan waited for the hit not even blinking as he prepared to pull harder on the well of saiyan power in him. The hit never made it to him though as someone had kicked Frieza in the head hard enough that his tail released Gohan and a loud crash was heard a few miles away.

After losing so much energy and letting go of his super saiyan power so quickly, as he didn't need it anymore, Gohan wasn't sure he could catch himself as he dropped through the air toward the ground, but he didn't have to. Someone had caught him, and even as he had shut his eyes he knew that scent, that feeling and…

"Gohan?" that voice. Gohan's eyes opened slowly to see his Father's concerned face looking down at him in his arms. Goku's face turned to surprise when he saw his son's eyes were sea green. Then his son blinked and they were back to normal, so Goku pushed his confusion away, he had bigger problems right now.

"Gohan, you okay?" Goku tried again. Gohan couldn't speak though. To him it was only an hour ago that he had watched his Father die because he made a stupid mistake, and not twenty minutes since his Father had refused to return to him and his Mother. When it became clear his Father was still waiting for an answer he gave a small nod.

It was a lie, he wasn't okay. He was nowhere near okay. Physically he had a few broken ribs, was low on energy, and had a lot of cuts and bruises. Mentally he was freaking out, earlier he didn't really have much time to let it sink in what had happen to him as he went straight into a fight with Frieza. But it was the answer his Father was looking for.

So Gohan just stared as Goku carried him over and sat him down by Piccolo. The Namek bent down to him as his Father went to check on Vegeta. Gohan only followed his Father with his eyes hardly breathing till Piccolo placed a hand his head causing him to reactively turn to him.

"You okay kid?" he asked. Gohan was just going to nod to him too, but stopped himself. Piccolo seemed to actually want a real answer; he didn't just ask anyone if they were okay, because he didn't much care about anyone but Gohan. The boy didn't say anything long enough that the Namek was starting to worry. Finally he spoke.

"I will be." The little saiyan said in almost a whisper. Piccolo nodded taking his hand from the kid's head and stepping between him and where the evil tyrant Frieza was getting up looking quite pissed. Krillen listened to the exchange but made no comment and walked to Piccolo's side when they were done. Then they all looked between Goku and Vegeta talking and Frieza getting up.

Vegeta could hardly move much less get up but it sounded like he was almost begging Goku to not show Frieza any mercy. Telling him what he had done, so that the too kind hearted fighter would finish the tyrant off once and for all. Gohan looked on sadly as he knew this was only the beginning and that Frieza wouldn't truly die for about a year from now and then they would have even more problems.

Frieza was close now walking toward them slowly looking quite upset that another 'weakling' had joined the fight and blindsided him. As he neared the tyrant raised his two fingers in front of him and shot an energy blast. Everyone's eyes widened looking for where the death beam was headed by the time they saw who it was aimed at, not even Goku was close enough to stop it… from going right through Vegeta.

"Thought I already killed him. Oh well." Frieza sneered. Vegeta coughed and a lot of blood came out, even as Goku hover over him, the prince turned to Gohan and nodded at him in some sort of respect. Gohan stared, looking confused, almost innocent, feeling grief for Vegeta and slowly nodded back just as Vegeta's eyes closed and his life ended. Goku lifted his own eyes from Vegeta's corpse to glare at Frieza.

"You hold no value in the life of others; you destroy with no second thoughts, and kill without mercy. You even kill children." Goku spoke in a level tone as he buried Vegeta but if you listened hard enough you could hear the disgust in his voice. "But today, I will defeat you." His voice, eyes and stance all showing his strong will and determination. Frieza smirked wondering how many times he'd heard that.

"Very well but hurry up, I'm getting bored." Frieza taunted but Goku just smirked back at him. Before you could blink the fight was on. Piccolo helped Gohan up with Krillen not far behind and they gave the fighters some room. Once they were at a safe distance Gohan tried to relax his body enough so that he would regain some of his energy quicker.


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