Unexpected Comfort

It was quite expected for his life to be altered greatly when joining the team. That is to say, his whole existence was in constant danger, and he was removed from his home, which has become more distant than ever. The most prominent yet was the fact that the team was newly formed and Aqualad still hasn't gotten the hang of controlling them yet. Especially a certain Boy Wonder and another speedster. Keeping and checking up on one was already a handful, so one could only imagine the look on Kaldur's face when he was announced leader and blessed with two of those little devils. In the far far corner of his mind, he was certain the that the establishment of heroes had decided to pick on him purposely to deal with the back breaking job of watching the two youngsters because A) Miss Martian was one whom wanted to please, and an easy doormat for the two to walk over, and B) Superboy was nowhere near resembling a doormat, and could easily tear down Mount Justice trying to keep both the troublemakers at their place. Due to the options presented, Aqualad had already expected the job to be handed over to him by the usual brooding Batman, who, had even had a rare-chilling- smile present on his face the clearly stated, you sure are in for it now.

But Kaldur never complained. It was expected of him to divide his time between the sea and surface for the sake of Justice. It was expected that he- being one of the most rational of the group- to become leader, just as he saw it coming that he would be the one to take care of two troublemakers, a clone in need for anger management, and a confused Martian. What he didn't expect however, was the newest teammate to walk in unannounced, with an arrow at the ready.

She was...different from any girl that he had come across the land and sea. Never before had he seen one to be quick to bicker with Kid Flash, one that was blunt as Superboy, and one that was the complete opposite of Miss Martian. He really didn't know what to make of her when she arrived.

It was unexpected when he woke from the deserts of Bialya, frantic and wild and it was she who held him down, whispering and shushing him with that oh so gentle voice saying, "Shhh...shh...Kaldur, it's going to be alright." It was even more unexpected when he was informed that it was Artemis who tended to his state of weakness and had been there for him. Aqualad had his fair shares of unusual things he had experience since coming to the surface, but this had took the cake. He was just very unsure as to when the bond grew between them. Perhaps it was the time he had treated the massive burn she received at a particular battle or when he stepped in just time to to save her neck from Cheshire. Maybe it had happen when the the team had decided to take a break at the beach, and in that same late night, when they were discussing stories of how and when they became heroes, (mostly on Robin's and Kid Flash's part) she had decided it was the appropriate time to ask him about his tattoos. No one has ever asked about them before. Perhaps it was the time She made fun of him for being the "Mother" of the group, pointing out that it was he that looks after the two devils, he who calms Superboy when the clone is at his stage of fits, and he who reassures Megan when she looks helplessly lost. Oh, and of course, for loving them regardless, no matter their faults. Yes, that's right, that must be the time when the bond was formed. Because it was at that moment he realized that she knows about what was going around him and what he was facing more than anyone else. It was that moment when she had asked him in a quiet whisper if he would accept her regardless of her faults. It was that moment where he smiled that soft smile of his and looked at her with those one of a kind gray eyes and uttered, " Yes, if you do the same for me." That was the moment where they were both granted with unexpected comfort from each other.