At first, its seems purely accidental. It didn't take long for him to realize how wrong his assumption was. After three or four brushes to his leg, Kaldur could not ignore the impending possibility of it being something more suggestive. There goes a sixth stroke, which in Aqualad's option, was six too many. The questions that he had yet to confidently answer to was why and what all this means. Why, above all things, was she pretending that this situation wasn't happening? He knows that she is quite aware of what she was doing. Her smirk gives it away and her eyes say it all, crinkling in a way that makes it look as if they were laughing. The brushes continue, with each one lingering longer than the last, becoming a bit more sensual. Her foot bumped his knee before gliding down slowly on his calf. This makes seven. He shoots her a questioning glance. She easily ignores it, delivering Wally her usual taunts.

Kaldur knows that if he keeps his expression neutral long enough, he could pretend that all this was not happening, not here and not now. Not while the whole team is present, eating, laughing and conversing at the dining table. Not when M'gann had the capability of looking through his mind and seeing how flustered he secretly was and why. Not while Conner could easily drop his fork and spot their legs being close in proximity when he went to retrieve it. And defiantly not when Robin could somehow pick up on what she's doing. The Atlantean doesn't question how the young boy could do it, he just knows that the latter has the ability to. It wouldn't be enough to just play it off and he knows that. He should shift his legs, remove them from her range of touch...shouldn't he? He realizes that his mouth has become quite dry. He licks his lips. Whether he wants to rule this situation as uncomfortable or not is a mystery to him.

Move them, echoes the reasonable and logical part of his conscience. But he hesitates, and when he finally makes up his mind to shift his feet slowly, the archer sitting across from him sneaks in one last intimate brush. Tingles shot up his calf, forcing Kaldur to suppress a shudder. He has to remind himself that this was far from an accident before positioning his legs away from her range. When he does, a sly grin makes an appearance on her mouth. She was holding in a snicker. It's apparent. She spares him a smug look before returning to her conversation with Zantanna and throwing in a sarcastic remark at Wally. She was acting as if it never happened. She just drove him up the wall and the entire team was none the wiser.

That's when Kaldur ultimately decided, as much as it was against his principles, he couldn't help it if it was accidental. A leg darts out. To be more precise it was his leg, which comes to contact with Artemis' bare ones, lingering there for a second too long to be determined as coincidental and rubbed lightly to infer an implication. He grazed past her's twice and then withdrew. This action was not a safe nor a right one to partake in. Nevertheless, as the expression worn on Artemis' face was wiped clean of the mischievous smile and replaced by one with parted lips and slightly wider eyes, for once in a very long time, Kaldur feels a strange feeling flutter in his chest. He was holding back a chuckle. She turns to shoot him a bewildered glance, anything to to show him her disbelief. He tries to ignore it, but his sly smile gives him away.


"Something funny Rob?" Wally asked as he nudged the younger boy after dinner.


For the fantastic SomnuimArs. I hope you're happy, this is borderline nsfw for me.