Unknown Planet. Date October 28th, 2527.

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"I'm just saying don't you think it's a waste of resources...I mean were Spartans, not your run of the mill Marines." Null Spartan 002 said, his voice raspy and hard, the team called him Tyson.

"Orders, are orders." Null Spartan 001 replied, his name was William, "We follow them no matter how ridiculous they seem."

Tyson rolled his eyes from behind his SPI helmet. One thing that was nice about the Spartan-II's armor, was the helmets. They provided a shield...so insubordination was almost allowed.

"Come on William...you can't tell me this isn't a little strange." Null Spartan 006 asked, also called Besany. "Protecting Civilians from insurrectionists...that's odd."

"Well it certainly isn't ordinary." Rachel chimed in, Null Spartan 003. The comms in each of the Spartans helmets, provided them with privacy from the outside.

"Meanwhile Jack is running black ops missions somewhere in Arcadia." Ivan chuckled to himself, "Demon certainly has his work cut out for him."

William suddenly turned over to him, "How do you know about Jack's black ops mission?" William asked, his tone stern.

Ivan quickly covered, "He let all of us know before he left. Even you." Ivan pointed, "So don't act like I've been snooping around files." Ivan said, covering his true actions, "Cause I haven't."

William shrugged nonchalantly and continued pacing back and forth. His assault rifle in hand. The planet they were protecting had three recent attacks from insurrectionists in the past month. Each involved more deaths than the last.

Besany sharpened her knife against the knee guards of her MJLONIR Mark IV armor. "I'm just anxious to shoot something." Besany chuckled. Though deep in her subconscious...she was worrying about Jack.

"Well, hopefully if were doing our job right...we won't have to." William replied. "These people have lost families. The best we can do is protect the families that are alive."

"And get revenge on the bastards that took their families." Tyson said, putting his two sense in. this caused William to frown.

The Five Null Spartans had been put on this assignment, roughly the same time as Jack was sent on his top secret mission. It wasn't a secret to the team that Dr. Halsey found Jack...intriguing. She tried not to play favorites, but there was some she cared more for. Especially after the loss of Ferris.

The street the Spartans were on was filled with merchants, and other stands. Some of the trinkets caught Rachel's eyes, she was often called, 'Lady,' by the team...due to her unsuppressed ladylike habits. Unlike most of the female Spartans, this was not drilled out of her.

Moving through the crowded streets the Spartans caught many eyes, after all their height made them look like giants, and their armor made them look like robots. So you can imagine the shouts from children, and the reaction from humans.

Their mission was simple, provide protection from insurrectionists or innies, as most civilians and Marines called them, for as long as necessary. Halsey told them it would not be a permanent assignment, that they would be transferred if the threat was neutralized or if, the attacks remained inconsistent for longer than one month.

In theory the mission sounded like fun and easy going...but for Spartans...it was quite boring. This was stuff they gave to Marines, but intel had shown that the insurrectionists had recovered some weaponry that could possibly be linked with the Covenant. Marines were out, and Spartans were in.

It's funny, because most of the Spartans job now was patrolling around, and acting as security, because that's what they were hired to do.

Tyson might be right...could be a waste of resources.

"I wonder if Jack is having as much fun as us...after all we are just sitting around." the Russian Spartan, Ivan laughed heartily. And the others chuckled.

Planet Arcadia. One Day after the drop.

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"Lee I need covering fire! Don't just stand around!" Null Spartan 007 they called 'Jack' yelled over the gunfire. Jack was known for his JFO helmet that he had carved...originally it had been a skull...but he changed it for something his style...a Wolf's head.

"You got it sir!" the ODST named Lee yelled, and popped up from behind cover, firing the SMG from behind the cover of the pillar.

Jack and his team of ODST were charging their way to the leader of the Blue Bounty, a large Brute named Wurm. They were helping out the Mayhem Men, which were a group of insurrectionists, and mercenaries who believed in a 'one species only,' world. Whack jobs like that. Now the Blue Bounty one the other hand was a mixed species military, from Jackals, and Grunts, to Brutes and Elites.

While most of these outer species creatures were still unknown to the UNSC, and other major military branches. But for people like ONI, and Halsey...they were well known.

Jack slid over cover, and quickly pulled back the trigger to his DMR. The four bullets sped to their target, dropping three grunts that were charging for them. "Ted, on me!" Jack shouted.

Ted bolted from behind the staircase, and made it to Jack's six. The location they were raiding on Arcadia was ghetto, dark, and very, very, dangerous. Especially having the two rival factions on one planet, and in the same city.

The pillars supported the stairwell moving upward, it wasn't a floor, it was simply a way to get to the top merchants, and other streets. However, all civilian and unauthorized personal had been evacuated. Spartans, Blue Bounty, and Mayhem Men, were the only life forms present. The city the that Jack and the ODST were on was called 'Zeta,' it was set up like an outside mall, with apartments, and other housing buildings all down the streets, alleys also graced this path.

Jack tossed a smoke grenade down the alley, and then planted into the cover of a nearby alleyway. The sound of assault rifles, and plasma weaponry filled the ears of the ODST, and of the Blue Bounty. After about sixty seconds...the sounds died down. "Hold." Jack whispered through the comms.

Ellen, and Anders knelt down, reloading their weapons, and waiting for the next order. The smoke slowly started to clear as time elapsed.

Jack flicked the visor of his helmet, causing him to see in IR, catching any life forms that would appear from the smoke. "Targets down..." Jack said, "Everybody on me, I'll take point." Jack said, as he moved through the smoke.

"I don't like this..." Ellen said, there's a lot of windows up here..." Ellen said, glancing up at the roofs, and the windows. "It's a good spot for an ambush."

"Yeah well don't jinx us." Anders snapped, as he closely followed Jack, "See anything?" Anders asked, as the five soldiers moved forward along the straight path forwards.

"Not a thing..." Jack said, "Either we scared him off...or Ghez scared them off." Jack said, moving up the alleyway, passing several weapons depots, and strip clubs. "And if it's the latter...why can't we see him." Jack snarled from behind his helmet. Jack raised his hand, and the team stopped.

"Okay." Jack said, "Here's what we'll do, continue forward down this street. I know the massive amounts of buildings, and shops is the spot for an ambush, but my HUD is picking up traces of Ghez Volzon's foot prints, he was certainly here. He could very well be here."

Ellen, Ted, Anders, and Lee all nodded, "Copy that." they said in unison. The five of them, continued their pace forward...in silence.

The silence was broken by Anders, "Why the fuck are there dead Blue Bounty down here?" he asked in confusion. "We haven't come down here."

"Shit..." Jack exhaled, "Everybody keep a sharp eye out...if Ghez is here...he's got one hell of a vantage point." Jack swallowed.

Suddenly the sound of a needle rifle caused Jack to turn. The needle bolt went clean through Lee's thigh, causing him to fall. The ejection of the next bolt was aimed for Ellen's face. Jack leapt backwards, and caught the round in his chest, causing it to explode. "Suppressive fire!" Jack yelled at the top of his lungs. The order caused every ODST, aside from the wounded Anders, to snap into attention, immediately firing on the position of the sniper.

Jack lifted Anders up with one hand, and with one swing, flung him behind the cover of the alley. Rounds burned the barrels of the soldiers guns, each bullet sped towards the shadowy location of the sniper. Jack would not relent, he continuously moved forward pulling the trigger as fast as his finger would allow. The bullets cracked the cement pillars that concealed the sniper. "Ted, Ellen, cover me, I'm moving up!" Jack shouted.

"Covering!" Ted yelled, as he popped out from behind the alleyway and fired at the second story of building in front of them.

"Covering!" Ellen called out in unison, as she too fired at the second story. The rounds from her assault rifle littered the floor beneath her feet.

"Lee get to Anders!" Jack ordered as he dove forward towards the broken down and rusted doors of the building. "Patch him up and get him back in the fight!"

Lee sprinted over to Anders, "Copy that!" he yelled as he slid over to Anders. Anders was clutching his thigh in immense pain. "Easy there pal, were gonna make it."

Jack kicked in the doors, and checked the corners of the first level, his helmet scanning the room for enemies, "Ellen, Ted, I've reached the first floor, I'm moving to the second, the inside of this place is littered with bodies, some human, some off-worlders." Jack said as he sprinted over to the staircase leading to the second story.

"Were covering you Jack, just get to him quick, with this guys accuracy, I wouldn't be surprised if he could shoot the wings off of a fly." Ellen commented.

Jack nodded, "Copy that." he said. Quickly dropping the magazine to his DMR, and reloading, Jack kicked in the doors to the second story level. "Freeze!" Jack yelled, as he leveled his DMR. But to his surprise...no one was there. "ODST, I've lost visual on contact, regroup on me, we'll discuss our next course of action." Jack said.

He had barely finished his sentence, when he felt the sudden impact of a body. Jack spun around on his back, and covered his face. The Elite snarled at him with his four mandibles, "Puny human!" the Elite snarled as he attempted to strike Jack.

Jack clenched his fist, and then slammed his knuckles into the Elites neck, knocking him off of him. Jack rolled to his right and stood to his feet. The picture matched the description, the elite he was face to face with was none other than Ghez Volzon. This fight would not be easy.

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