Dreaded Author's Note of Doom

Well, okay, it's not really the doom of this fic. It's just gonna be revamped – a fair bit. I grew extremely dissatisfied with where Zenku has gone, a product of a bunch of little mistakes or missteps which I'm almost sure most of you have noticed.

What I would like to do – aside from telling you all that Zenku's going to be remade under a different title (working title's now 'Project: HALLOW') – is to ask you what all you would like to see redone or added to the remade Zenku.

For instance, I didn't like how I made a supposedly secret/hush-hush organization (Phoenix) free information for the entirety of the Normandy's crew – aliens included. Humans managed to keep it secret since before the Contact War, and then Shepard and Adhara just let the cat out of the bag.

I also didn't like how little I let everyone see Adhara interact with the crew or how her relationship with them grew – at least to some degree.

But don't worry! Most of the core principles will remain the same, as it is simply a remake, and not a complete do-over.

Terribly sorry if this is a disappointment, or if you like how Zenku is as it stands, but this is how it's going to be.

Project: HALLOW is also going to be complete before I upload it, so that way something like this doesn't happen again.

My sincerest apologies,