A/N:this is part of a 30 days of writing a drabble a day challenge and it is based off a Fanfic I started writing and hopefully it will get me to finish it. But anywho here is my little drabble it has a lot of unclear parts because it is a part of a fanfic I have to finish and I don't want to give anything away and I know it is really short but it is just a little part of a big scene.


Everything has a beginning; a friendship, a life ,and a story. Sometimes it is easy to know the beginning like a life or a story but things like friendships seem to just fade in showing no clear beginnig. You don't know you it has started untill you realize you can't live without it. Is that where you say it all begins, when you realize it is just as important as air?

Our Beginning had to have been when all four of us sat side by side in the hospital waiting room, waiting for the doctor to give us news. As soon as I heard his heavy foot steps walk into the room I braced myself for what ever the universe was going to throw at us, he let out a heavy sigh,"She isn't going to make it".

In that moment I felt as if the world just stopped, I wasn't sure if he was talking to us or another group inside the waiting room. Then I heard Katara sob softly to my right and I knew, I turn to my left and fall in to Sokka, wrapping my arms around him. He places his chin on the top of my head as I start to cry, I was so mean to her earlier that day. I felt Katara's thin, muscular arms wrap around Sokka and me, then Aang's around Katara and me. In that moment I knew that I could not get though this without them, the guilt I felt that the only words I ever said to her were harsh words, words that I wish I could take back. I promised myself that I would not let anyone get between my friends and me.