A/N: So another one in Tylee's POV and the reason is that she has a really big part in the Fanfic and this is one of them, this is also a big spoiler LOL but I'm not sure if this one goes with Haze but what ever this had to be done.

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When something drastic happens it can put your whole mind in a haze, you can't think strait and all you do is worry. It is like thick blanket is covering your mind leaving you mindless to the rest of the world unable to think properly. It can drive a person crazy.

Every morning this week I woke up sick, I hadn't been to school in three days. It was Thursday and I was late and I knew it. I didn't bother getting ready for school, I just laid in my bed curled up in my blankets. I stated to cry, how could I do this to myself? I only knew one person to call at this time in need, only one person how wouldn't judge me so hard. I reached for my phone beside my bed and skimmed though my contacts until I found her name, I clicked talk and pressed it to my ear, tears still streaming down my face.

"Tylee were are you? I haven't seen you in three days." her voice was full of worry.

"Katara I need you to pick my up some stuff and bring them to me at lunch"

"Ty are you ok?"

"I just really need you to bring me a pregnancy test" I pleaded as I sobbed into the phone.

"Ya sure I will be over there as soon as I can hun you stay at home ok?" she sounded concerned now.

"Thanks" I hung up and stayed in bed with my arms wrapped around my stomach until Katara got there.

I heard her walk though the down and run up the stairs but I didn't get up, I felt weak because I let this happen. The door creaked as it opened and Katara sat on my bed, "How are you feeling?".

I flipped over on my other side so I faced her, "I feel like crap and you?"

She let out a weak chuckle, "Am okay," she took a box out of a bag, "lets do this now" she stood up and and garbed my arm helping me up as well.

"Thank you for doing this for me, it means a lot" I gave her a weak smile as we walked across the hall and into the bathroom.

"No problem hun, anything to help a friend" She turned the light on and closed the door behind us, pulling out the test handing it to me, "I wont look" and she turned around.

After peeing on the stick I put the cap back on and hand it to her before putting the toilet seat down and sitting on it, "Do you think I'm weak now?" I gave her a questioning look.

"No" she puts the test on the counter and envelops me in a hug, "you are one of the strongest people I know" We sit there hugging for a couple minutes before she turns back to the test, "it looks like your positive hun, what are you gunna do?"

I shrug then start to softly cry, "I don't know, I don't even know who the father is"
and faced her.