Ryohei caught up to the teens before Tsuna could stop him.

"You're EXTREMELY suspicious! Why are you here?" Ryohei questioned them while attempting to block their path with his body.

Tsuna finally finished catching up with Ryohei when one of the teens spoke up. Loudly.

"VOI! Who are you?!" Apparently, the long, silver haired one wasn't a girl. Considering he was still in a skirt, Tsuna had no room to judge.

"I am Sailor V, the Defender of Love and Beauty!" Ryohei declared. "Actually, to be more accurate, you're Sailor Venus," Reborn commented quietly for some reason.

"I am EXTREMELY Sailor Venus!" Ryohei yelled, not discouraged by Reborn's correction. "Who are you? If you're up to no good, in the name of Venus, I'll punish you, to the EXTREME!" He stuck a fist out, posed midway through a punch. His skirt flared up from the gust of wind that blew out of nowhere.

"Sailor Venus, huh? Are those scrawny brats with you Sailor Scouts too?" the silver haired boy asked.

"N- HIEEEE! Umm, y-yes!" Tsuna started to stutter out, "encouraged" to answer correctly by Reborn's claws sinking into his scalp. "I'm S-sailor Moon, Defender of Love and uhh… Justice?" At Reborn's prompting, he halfheartedly struck a pose as well, grimacing as he felt a gust of wind caress his thighs once he did so.

"No, I'm just here to watch." Kyoko held up her phone and smiled, causing flowers and sparkles to spontaneously appear behind her. The three teens looked at her in disbelief before choosing to ignore her for the sake of their sanity.

"Ushishishishi! This is too easy. Two Sailor Scouts before we even reach the area Mammon told us to search. The Prince approves of this," the shorter, blonde teen creepily chortled.

The tallest teen, the one with the sunglasses and the flamboyant green hair, gleefully cackled and joined in the taunting. "The wimpy looking one simply won't do, but the loud one… He's almost my type. How lucky!"

"Wait, what?!" Tsuna exclaimed. "What's going on? What do you want with us?"

"It's nothing personal kid. We just need your Rings," the loud one replied.

"Oh, is that it? Here, ta- OUCH!" Reborn "lovingly" stabbed him with his claws again. "I mean, uh… no? You can't… have them?" Tsuna was fed up with Reborn's unsubtle ques, but he resigned himself to going along with the sadistic cat's plans for now to avoid more pain. "What do you want with them anyway?" Tsuna asked, more to prolong the inevitable fight than out of any real curiosity.

"VOI! None of your business! Just give us the rings!" The long haired teen started walking towards him, causing him to walk a few steps back in apprehension, pulling Kyoko back with him. The other two leather clad teens seemed to take that as a signal and started walking towards Ryohei.

"EXTREME!" Ryohei apparently took it as a sign as well: he eagerly ran at the taller of the two coming his way, fists raised in preparation for a fight.

"Onii-san, no! Don't-" Tsuna called out, trying to stop Kyoko's brother. However, Ryohei seemed to be doing okay, successfully dodging the green haired guy's kicks, even if he failed to land any blows. Luckily for Ryohei, the blonde seemed content in watching the fight with a large, unsettling grin on his face.

Despite his attempts at keeping the space between them, the silver haired guy had almost reached him. Tsuna, fully aware of his lacking combat capabilities, tried the one weapon in his arsenal. "HIIIIEEEEEEE!"

The silver haired teen looked perplexed and a little more irritated than before, but otherwise, he seemed unaffected. "VOI, what was that for?!"

"Wait… What? Why isn't it working?" Tsuna started panicking. During this, the teen caught up and grabbed him by the wrist. (Kyoko squealed.) "Look kid, I'd feel bad beating you up. You don't even look like you want to be a part of this mess. Just give me the ring, and we can call it a day, okay?"

Tsuna hesitated to answer, knowing whatever choice he made would have a consequence of some sort. He looked over at Ryohei's fight and became more anxious, noting that the green haired teen had managed to land a few blows while Ryohei had not.

"Stop messing around with the kid, Luss, unless you want me to join in. You're taking too long," the blonde drawled out.

"Mou, only for you, Bel-chan~" "Luss" pretended to pout, before suddenly moving even faster than before, his knee slamming into Ryohei's stomach. When Ryohei coughed and curled up into a ball, the green haired teen followed up his attack by kicking Ryohei hard enough to send him flying into a tree.

"Onii-san!" Tsuna cried out in alarm. He felt his wrist being yanked and his attention was rediverted back to the silver haired teen holding his wrist. "Well? Hurry up!"

Tsuna started trembling in despair, until -

"Yoo! Sailor Mercury, here to the rescue!" Another skirt-clad male appeared out of nowhere, announcing his presence. Tsuna squinted at self-proclaimed Sailor Scout, knowing he recognized the black haired male from somewhere.


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