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Avan's POV

Just as we walked in in our 5 star hotel bedroom, I sighed and felt relaxed that i'm finally somewhere where there isn't anymore loud music. I sure had fun at our party, but loud music hurts my head.

I saw as Liz was taking off her hair clips and bobby pins, looking hot as always I went and wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. I felt as she let her head fall back on my head. It always felt good but this time it was different, as a married couple now.

"Avan." She moaned as my hands traveled up to her chest.

"Go get ready." I told her and let go with a smirk which she knew what I meant.

"I Love You." She kissed me quickly on the lips and went to the bathroom with her clothes. As I was waiting, I decided to get rid of my tuxedo and wear something that would be easy to take off while we...you know. I was really excited about this, I mean Liz and I have never had sex before and today it would be something different. I was taking away her virginity and she was taking away mine. Yes, I am a virgin. I wanted to save myself till marriage cause lots of relationships don't really last, and some of the relationships i've been in were just very different than being with Liz.

Liz's POV

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, smiling at myself for lots of reasons. It was just very hard to believe that I was married TO Avan. It feels like it was just yesterday when it was my dream to be with him. It was weird, very weird but I was hella happy though. Ah, in a few minutes my virginity would be taken away...by someone I love more than anything in this world. Good thing I did save myself till Marriage. Actually, Eric had always wanted to do it with me but I refused to, which was a good thing I did.

I sighed and smiled one more time before looking at myself in the mirror with the black and white lingerie and the thong and lace bra that was under and heading out the door to find Avan laying in bed watching TV, and he was wearing only a pair of boxers.

I smiled and walked over to him and got on top of him.

"You ready?" He asked and smirked at me, Gosh why was he so hot? I can't believe i'm in love with this crazy man!

"More than you think." I laughed and pressed my lips against his softly.

My legs each went to a side of his waist and kissed him hard now. His hands were traveling up and down as I moaned softly. God it felt good! He entered my mouth and started to explore it with his tongue and that continued for another 3 minutes until I realized my Lingerie was off and I was in my bra and thong, plus Avan's hand was stroking my eyes. He flipped us over so that he was on top and started to suck on my nick, he nibbled and bit the spot as I was moaning at his touch. I helped remove my bra while kissing him some more.

The next thing I realized was that Avan and I were both completely naked and he was making his way down to my stomach until he ended up at my thigh and close to my pussy. I couldn't handle that hot feeling going on inside my legs so I grabbed his head and made him lick at that spot. I was already wet and getting wetter at his tongue moving in circles inside my clit.

"Oh shit!" I moaned. "Avan..." Oh My God, This feeling was the best.

He kissed all over my pussy and came back up to kiss me making me taste myself in his mouth. I flipped us over and started to kiss his stomach until I ended up at his crotch. I grabbed it and started to rub up and down as he closed his eyes shut and moaned silently. I kissed the top and started to shove it in my mouth, moving my head up and down on it.

"Ah Shit Liz!" He moaned.

A few minutes later, Avan was on top of me and was ready to go inside me. He moved his dick to where it was in front of my vagina and he slid inside of me, my eyes started to water and I screamed in pain.

"Avan!" I screamed and moaned as he moved faster and it started to feel good.

We both collapsed on the bed after we came at the same time and I wrapped myself in his arms.

"I love you, Liz."

"I love you, too." I replied and we both fell asleep.

We finally landed in Hawaii, the beautiful view of the beaches, pools, hotels, palm trees and Hawaiian people was just AMAZING!

Avan and I had our fingers locked together while we explored the places of Hawaii before we went back to our room to get changed and head to the beach. It was kind of weird that we were going to the beach and it was actually winter but Hawaii is always warm unlike LA.

"Avan, this place is amazing!" I exclaimed as we entered the room that was decorated in flowers and big bed with lots of cool stuff in it.

"So are you, babe." Avan kissed my forehead and we got dressed to head to the beach.

I was in heaven, completely in heaven.

No One's POV

Avan was chasing his wife in the water of the beach and splashing each other with water. They were both laughing and enjoying their time. They had a really true love which everyone thought they'd last forever.

"Gotcha!" Avan exclaimed as he took Liz in his arms and kissed her lips. They always felt fireworks in their stomachs as they kissed.

"I hate you!" Liz joked and hugged Avan.



"Promise me that you'll always love me?"

"Promise i'll always love you As Long As You Love Me." They pressed their lips to each others and lived a happy ever after life.

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