CHAPTER TWO UP ALREADY! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

Liz's POV

After about 2 more hours of table reading, it was time for us to get in our costumes and start filming an episode. I went to my dressing room after I got my hair and make up ready. I opened the JADE closet that had all dark colors mostly black, and grabbed the costume the fashion designer put there. I wore it and sat on the couch for a few minutes cause I was already early, we had 15 more minutes to start shooting.

My phone made the text message noise and I looked at it.

From: Jogia

To: Liz McGills

Come to my dressing room if you're done, I need u r help!

I sighed and got up, making sure I forgot nothing cause I'll just leave from his dressing room to where we shoot the scenes. His dressing room was next to Ariana's, which Ariana's was next to mine.

While I was walking there, I saw Ariana walking to set.

"Hey Liz" She said in her cheery voice

"Hey Ari" I smiled at her.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Avan's dressing room, he needs help with I don't know what." I replied.

She giggled and looked up at me. "Did you tell him?" She asked. I covered her mouth with my hand cause we were close to Avan's dressing room what if he hears us? And Ari is the only one that knows about me having a huge crush on Avan Jogia since she's my best friend.

"Shut Up! He'll hear you! And no i'm not telling him anything." I whisper yelled.

"Okay Okay! How about you come over to my house tomorrow night and we'll have a sleepover so you can tell me everything, more like...talking about boys!" WE both laughed at her stupid suggestion.

"I'll come but no boy talk." I declared and started to walk away when she grabbed my arm.

"Liz...I wanna talk about boys, by the way I have something about a boy to tell you tomorrow." She whined.

I nodded "Okay"

"Bye" She waved and walked away.

I opened Avan's dressing room door and looked at what he was doing. I started laughing very loud at the mess of Beck's clothes and his confusion about what to wear.

"Don't stand there and laugh instead of helping me!" He shouted and I laughed even harder. I walked over to him and looked at him.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"What should Beck wear today?" I chuckled at went to the closet. I took out a brown and black flannel shirt with a white v-neck shirt and a blue jeans. I handed them to him.


"WOW! You got that out in less than 30 seconds!" I laughed and started walking towards the door so he can change.

"Thank You McGills!" He shouted when I left the room and made my way to the set when I crashed into Victoria.

"Oh sorry, Hey Liz" She greeted and gave me a small hug. "Why were you at Avan's dressing room?"

"He asked me to help him on what to wear." I told her.

"Oh okay!" She said and I walked to where I was supposed to be standing by my locker.

This is was a me and Avan scene that I couldn't wait for, Beck and Jade are supposed to be kissing and they get interrupted by Tori. I can't finally wait to kiss him.

I saw Avan walking towards me and he smirked, I smirked back as I felt butterflies in my stomach.

"AND action!" Steve called and I was pressed against a locker with Avan's soft and warm lips pressing to mine. My hands were wrapped around his neck and he had his arms tight around my waist. It felt like it was only me and him in this world nothing else. Butterflies were shooting through my stomach. until...

"Hey guys!" Tori says.

"What?" I snap as JADE

"Jade, be nice." Avan tells.

"Don't tell me to be nice when she interrupts us!" I shout at Avan as he rolls his eyes.

"I'm sorry...I just wanted to ask you something." Victoria says.

"What?" I snap at her again.

"Did you guys see Andre and Robbie anywhere?" Vic asks.

"No. We just came." Avan replies to her. She nodds and walks away.

"AND CUT!" Dan called.

"You did great" Avan said and rubbed my shoulder.

"Thanks you too" I answered.

"uh...Liz. I had nothing for tonight, so I was wondering if you wanna have another movie night at my house?" He asks. I nodded. I wasn't surprised when he asked that because we had movie nights before and this is normal, it wasn't a date so just as friends.

"Sure I'll be there." I smiled at him.

"Get ready for the next scene guys!" Dan reminds us and we all go to our dressing rooms to fix our selves.

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