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Part 7

Powers Enterprises

The signal was set. The team still suppressed themselves in the shadows as they made their way to Powers Enterprise. The team had to be very careful with their actions since they're dealing with toxic materials.

They didn't want to look like they were moving briskly because all their dances were tonight, but they couldn't help it a little bit. They start to slip into the building in their own ways.

Impulse vibrated through the walls. Supermartian phased through the wall with Green Arrow by his side to get him in. Aqualad and Wonderflare had to stay in the bioship because they would be the ones to bring in some of the nerve gas. Red Arrow and Shadow went through the air vents.

Nightwing had already instructed them where the storage/experiment area was located. Their destination was the same, but they were just going in different directions.

Kenny opened up the mental link, "On?"

There were multiple agreements:

- "Yup!"



-"I'm on!"


Kenny started to talk through the mind link again, "Good. We all know the plan?"

Rachel tried to hide as best as she can through the crates, "Yup! Easy breezy lemon squeezy! Get in and out without getting hurt."

"And," Adam added, "get a barrel full of the sample, so Star Labs can specify it's items."

Red Arrow shrugged next to Shadow, "Good with me."


Lasers were firing their way. Lian was growling in the mind link, "I thought this was 'easy breezy'!"

Impulse almost had a laser pass her shoulder and rip through her red and tan outfit, "Well, it looked like it!"

Green Arrow shot a trick arrow at one of the men trying to snipe her little sister, "Part of the job."

"Taeh eht snopaew!" (It means "Heat the weapons!")

She came out of the shadows and knocked out two of the men with her bare feet. A gush of blood seeped through her right side of her abdomen. She had used a spell to make it go slow, but it was soon wearing off.

Two familiar voices were yelling around the chaotic area. The voices rang around as they ordered more of the men to fire their lasers at the targets. Red Arrow slowly took a peek at their enemies' "leader" while her arrows set themselves in her hands, "Uh, is it just me or does that look like Mr. Powers? And Mr. Powers Jr?"

Green Arrow did a small snort through the mind link. Shadow rolled her eyes while she crouched near the mutagenic nerve gasses. She clasps her side tightly, "We need to move out fast."

Impulse pulled down her goggles, "You want fast?"

She sped around the armed men and finally took all their weapons. A big smile plastered her face. She heard a few more artillery in the background and her feet started to move as fast as she could. And of course they missed her.

It wasn't until Paxton got really aggravated by her taunting of not being caught that he took one of the men's laser gun and tried to shoot her himself. He fired 4 times and he finally did a smart move and aimed the laser to the floor when her feet would run next. It was only a few centimeters from her toes, but she toppled back and fell to the cement ground really hard.

Green Arrow was hiding in the ceiling, but he soon emerged from his hiding spot with anger in his eyes. He shoots an arrow aiming for Paxton's hand. The gun fell off, but the arrow slashed some parts of his palm.

Paxton winced and held his hand tightly with his other hand, "You! You just broke my hand!"

Impulse sat up a little as Red Arrow helped her up, "You broke my ankle!"

Maria came from behind Paxton and flipped him over causing his whole body to go up in the air and falling straight to the ground. His father tried to hold her off in the back. Shadow tried to do a spell, but her mouth was completely covered by his hand.

She kicked his left leg and jumped above his head which causes his hand to twist back, too. Red Arrow aimed her arrow straight at Mr. Power's chest as the net pops up to bind the man around.

The wealthy billionaire wiggled and grunted as his voice hissed with rage, "You little kids! Let me get you! Come here!"

Jay didn't want to hear anymore of his complaints, "When's Supermartian here to get the bioship? We need some of this stuff deported already."

The two teenage girls helped the speedster to her feet. Rachel tried to walk, but she was limping. They all heard something creak in the corner. They finally saw the bioship appearing in their eyes while Kenny puts it down. Aqualad and Wonderflare came running out for some help. It didn't take that much long to knock out some of the rest of the men while they boarded the lethal materials.

Kenny was a little mad when he saw Rachel having a broken ankle. She tried to explain the rest later. By the looks of most of the teammates, they need medical attention.


The Cave

Maria had already taken off her masks to reveal her baby blue eyes. Her side was already wrapped around with bandage as she sat on a chair. She was putting on her civvies, which is normal since they just got done with a mission.

Another arm came from behind her and helped her put on her jacket since the sleeves were the hardest. She looks up a little even though she knows who that person is. Arrows.

He's giving her a small smile, but it was small. She turns around to look back at him, "Are you still mad at me?"

He takes one long sigh, "I-I can never get mad at you."

Same old Jayden. She smiles really big and hugs him tight. Her side started to hurt again, and then she remembered her awful cut on her right hip. She winces back while she presses on it hard, "Ow.

Jayden went by her side quickly, "You know you're still hurt, right?"

She gets out a little giggle, "Yeah, I know. You do know that the dance is in a few minutes right?"

He shrugged, "I know. I already asked out Melanie Parks."

She started to look at him weird in an instant, "What?!"

Jay laughed from her reaction, "Kidding. I'm kidding. Just joking around. You should know that since you're the boy wonder's kid."

She rolled her eyes while she's still laughing, "Yeah, I should've known since you're dad's kid mouth."

They started laughing at the same time. When their ridiculous rant was over, she looks up into his eyes, "Do you want to go to the dance? With me?"

Jay scratched his head, "Isn't the boy supposed to ask the girl?"

She rolls her eyes again, "Is that a yes?"



Kenny was fixing his tie while he grumbled, "I hate wearing monkey suites."

He finally ties it right and then goes across the hall with his tensed hands. He knocks on the door twice and Rachel comes out with a cherry blossom pink dress with a sweetheart and fishtail as the bottom part. The cast on her leg was still a little visible, but they didn't care at all.

She blushes when they met. He slowly takes her hand, "I'm ready if you're ready."

Rachel nods, "I've been ready."

Kenny had to help Rachel walk, but he didn't actually mind. They saw Adam and Helena sitting in the couch arm in arm watching some kind of show that they enjoyed. Rachel got their attention, "You're not going to a dance?"

"There's no dances for us tonight."

Rachel shrugged, "You can come with us. Lots of people crash the dance in my school all the time." (Very true for me too)

Adam thought about it, "I-I don't know."

Helena looked at him weird,"No, he's just kidding. We want to come."

"What do I wear?" The young atlantean asked.

Ken scratched the back of his head, "We can lend you some clothes for tonight if you want?"

Helena smiled at her kryptonian friend and looked back at Adam, "Come on. It'll be fun!"


Gotham Zoo

"Come on! You have to do it!"

Dick came closer to the chimpanzees, "This is stupid! They're not going to eat the banana when I'm dressed like this."

Wally, Artemis, Zatanna, Conner, M'gann, Kaldur, and Raquel all laughed at him while he puts his gorilla head back on. His goal was to feed all the chimpanzees lots of bananas, if it was possible.

Wally started video taping on his phone, "Come on, Dick! You lost the bet."

He grumbled inside the gorilla suit, "Wait! Aren't the kids coming home soon from the dance?"

Wally just kept smiling like a goof ball, "Nope! They're celebrating with ice cream after the dance!"

The retired boy wonder mentally cursed himself, "Lets just get this over with," he went closer to the nearest chimpanzee he could see, "come here chimpy."

The little chimpanzee hesitated on getting the banana from his hand, but then he yelled at the goofy dressed up gorilla and ran away as fast as he could. Everyone behind the cage laughed at him.

Zatanna started yelling to him, "You know, this is what you get for betting on our daughter!" She laughs again, "But you can do it!"

Everyone kept watching him, but he keeps failing at it. Conner looked around, "Why am I near monkeys?"

They all just shrugged at his question. Wally kept recording while he whispered to himself, "Finally, I got revenge. And it's the Robin style, too."

He used his acrobatic techniques to go up the trees and force a little lump of banana on a chimpanzee. He smirked under the gorilla costume. Wally whined because he could feel his smirk, "Why do you have to ruin it!

He cackled, "I'm not!"

To the whole entire group, this was normal. Well, normal as it can be.

I'm really going to miss writing this story... It has been a pleasure writing it for all of you :)

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