A/N: So, this is really short, and I spent like... twenty minutes on it, tops. It just sort of came to me this morning and I felt like writing it. I think it's kind of cute though, I hope you enjoy!

Here's the thing: there was a tiny part of her that always sort of believed she would end up with Noah Puckerman.

It's just… they sort of grew up together. Okay, maybe not together, but… around each other. They weren't best friends or anything. They didn't put on big shows at the JCC. They didn't share grape slushies while keeping an eye on his hellion of a little sister. But, he was always... there. They were each other's first kisses on the play ground at age seven. She baked him cookies when she found out his dad left. He pushed Jacob Ben Israel in the sand box after he tried to kiss her against her will.

She just always assumed she'd end up with someone who was Jewish, someone from home, who would travel to New York with her. The only other option in her age range was Jacob, and that was obviously not something she would ever even consider. And, they kind of knew each other, the little things. She knows that the nickname "Puck" actually came from their camp counselor when she likened him to the mischievous sprite from A Midsummer Night's Dream. He knows that she had no idea what Broadway was until age six, that singing was just something she liked to do, and she wanted to open up her own bakery called Berry's Berry Good Goods (yeah, at five years old, the name seemed pretty great). They never really talked but it just kind of seemed inevitable.

Then they got together in high school and he was picking glee (her) over football and it seemed like she was right. But he wasn't head over heels for her, and she wasn't for him either. Then there was Finn, Quinn, and a baby with his eyes that was handed over to a woman with hers. And it all just seemed to be a distant memory. A childhood fantasy that she might fondly look back on one day while on another man's arm.

But then all of a sudden she's on a train headed to New York, single, and he forms a heart with his hands. She's still very much in love with someone else at the moment, and they haven't talked that much this year, but she knows his post-graduation plans were kind of shot and she briefly entertains the idea of… maybe.

And seven months later, when he shows up at her dorm room, she finds that little Rachel was smarter than she had ever given herself credit for.

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