A/N: Well, this one is incredibly short, but these are DRABBLES so, I think that's allowed... I'll probably have a follow up to this. oh! This was inspired by 'Remembering Sunday' by All Time Low.

It is two thirty on a Monday afternoon when Mr. Schuester tells them. He says that he has some disappointing news. He tells them Rachel left. She packed a bag, and left a note, saying she'd gone to New York because Lima was 'sucking the life out of her' and she couldn't wait any longer. She didn't say where or how. She didn't promise any sort of contact in the future. She just left.

Puck doesn't believe him at first. He just saw her yesterday. She came over and made him breakfast and then they watched movies. At seven, when it was time for her to leave, she wrapped him in a hug and then kissed him softly before whispering a "Goodbye, Noah" against his lips. And he didn't think about it then, he was so happy from that tiny kiss and now… and now he thinks he's a fucking idiot.

He supposes he can't be mad at her for leaving. It's not like he ever asked her to say.

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