A/N: written for day one of the 30 day otp challenge that I found on tumblr- holding hands!

Rachel sighed as she stepped out of the bathroom stall, displeased with the conversation she had overheard. Two junior cheerios had been in the room, wondering aloud at how she could possibly have roped in a self-proclaimed badass like Noah Puckerman. They had to do it within the privacy of the bathroom because with Noah as her boyfriend and Santana as her best friend, uttering those words in the halls would have resulted in an extra grueling practice designed with them in mind, if they weren't kicked off the Cheerio Squad entirely.

After they went back in forth in awe about the relationship, a third cheerio who had been silent earlier stated "Well, I heard Manhands gives great head." And they accepted that as answer. Although, that is a true statement, Rachel is quite adept at that particular act (no gag reflex, remember?), that is most certainly not the sole reason why Noah is with her. In fact, the sole reason is not of any sexual nature. (That's just a bonus.)

However, seeing as that was a bit of a backhanded compliment, that wasn't what Rachel was concerned with. She was displeased with the nickname 'Manhands'. To this day, four years after she had originally been dubbed with that name, she was unable to comprehend that title. She stared at her hands as she washed them in the sink. What about them were manly? They were small. However, not overly small because she herself was small as Noah pointed out frequently, fondly calling her his 'midget'. (Even though that term was politically incorrect and she did not fit the requirements of a little person!)

And it wasn't as though her nails were ghastly as the nails of men can be. She always received regular manicures, even more so since she became friends with Santana who used her cheerios discount to swing cheap ones for the both of them. She can understand why perhaps people would critique her attitude and her fashion, but for the life of her, 'manhands'? Not something she'd ever understand.

She brushed the thought from her mind as she went into the lunchroom, seated between Noah and Santana. Sam, sitting across from her, asked her a movie related question and she launched into a rant, flailing her hands about as she did so. At the end of it, when she had thoroughly explained her point, Noah grabbed her hand from beside her.

"You have cute hands, you know that?" he said with a smile. He then held her hand for the rest of lunch as he argued with Artie about if which Back to the Future movie was the best.

Rachel smiled brightly for the rest of the day. Noah may not be good with words, but he somehow always knew the right thing to say.

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