The Incredible Hulk VS Sosuke Aizen

Bleach and all related characters belong to Tite Kubo. The Hulk and all related characters belong to Marvel Comics

The two combatants stared each other down. One with a simple smirk on his face, the other with a rage filled scowl. The two fighters walked up to each other, larger of the two making thundering footsteps. Once they were but a feet from each other, the smaller of the two spoke.

"You pathetic green monster, you have no chance of winning." Aizen said as he made several slashes at the creature with his zanpakuto. The Hulk looked down at his quickly closing wounds as Aizen said,

"I am a god. You should surrender before..." His speech was cut short as he was grabbed by the leg and slammed repeatedly into the ground. The Hulk roared in rage as he slung Aizen around like a rag doll. He then stopped, leaving Aizen in a small crater. The Shinigami was thankful that was over, but a new onslaught was about to begin. The Hulk stood over him and began to slam his large green fists into the would-be god's face.

"HULK SMASH!" The Hulk roared as he continued to pound Aizen into the ground.

"HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS!" The Hulk roared again as then reached over for a large rock.

"" Aizen managed to mutter out, his face no longer recognizable. The Hulk then slammed a large rock over the Shinigami's body, crushing him. The Hulk then snorted as he said,

"Puny god." As Hulk began to leave, he was followed by Aizen's Espada.

"Wait for us Hulk-sama!" One Tier Harribel called as The Hulk leaped off.