"I heard the fury run behind."

"Napoleon watch out!" Illya cried.

A car careened across the bridge, toppling over the side...taking his partner with it.

Kuryakin dashed to the railing, seeing the car bobbing in the rapids below him.

"Napoleon!" His voice echoed.

A hand shot up towards him. "Less shouting, and more help please?"


"All Pale but panting with elation."

Illya grabbed his partner's wrists, mustering his strength to pull him up.

"Thanks, thought I was a goner."

"As did I." Illya panted."Now what do we do, we have lost our quarry."

"I guess we chalk this one up."

"Waverly will not be happy."

"Least we're alive to tell him."


"T'was little hope your comrade gave."

Illya emerged from the rubble, seeing Napoleon unscathed...except for his clothes.

"Thought you were dead."

"I guess I overdid the explosives" Illya replied.

"Do ya think? You owe me a new suit."

"Write it off."

"Can't, am over my allowance."

"It is only the first week of the month..."