Hey guys! I was trying to think of a present to give my friend for her birthday and I thought Hey! why not write her a story so I did and here it is. +Anima is an awesome manga and if you haven't read it yet you should read it. an same goes with warriors (which is a book, and has some manga sidestories). So anyways

Disclaimer: I do not own Warriors or +Anima, if I did the drawings in +Anima would be crappy and firestar probably would have died by now or at least he would be on his last life, i mean HE HAS FULLY GROWN GRANDCHILDREN AND HIS MATE ISN'T EVEN IN THE ELDER'S DEN YET!

On with the story!

+Anima Warriors


The Transformation

Hollyleaf POV

I ran into the cave as it was collapsing, knowing that dying would be better than facing my clan after what I had done. I didn't want it to happen and I knew I couldn't reverse it. I had killed him.

The dirt collapsed on me. I was choaking on the dirt as I tried to breath. I changed my mind I didn't want to die. I saw the moles scurrying about in front of me, mocking me. They knew they would live and I wouldn't. I didn't want to die though, it had only been a last resort. I wanted to live, to make a new life for myself. I didn't want to die, I wanted to be like those moles, I wanted to walk away from this.

A soft brown light enveloped me, I felt my paws and face changing. I dug myself out of the collapsed dirt and ran to the cavern with the river and looked at myself in the moonlight. Paws were like a mole's, wide but somewhat flat. My claws were long and sharp, perfect for digging. I felt my face with one of my transformed paws and felt little sensor-like things on my nose. I sniffed and found I had an even better sense of smell than before.

I had transformed, but not in any way that I had heard before.

I have to keep this a secret I thought. I mean everyone probably thinks I am dead anyways. I was going to start a new life and I still can, here in the caves. I don't have to run anymore. I can stay here and no one will find me, especially not now that the entrance is covered and I went through this transformation.

Moons later

Flametail POV

I heard the crack right before I was plunged into the dark water, I struggled to get to the hole in the ice but I was not a skilled swimmer. I saw another cat jump in after me. It was Jayfeather. I have no idea how he saw me but, he tried to grab me and bring me up. I was too heavy for him. He looked remorsefully at me before swimming to the surface. I Was starting to slip out of this life when a school of fish swam by. I wished desperately that I could swim like them, be like them, if only to just survive.

A faint glow of light surrounded me and I felt my body changing. I thought that I was just imagining it, giving myself hope, but I started breathing underwater. It didn't feel like I was taking water in my lungs, it was effortless breathing. I looked down at my body and realized I wasn't me anymore, well not totally me. My head, shoulders and forepaws were the same but my chest had flame-colored scales, just a little brighter than my fur. I followed the scales which lead me to a beautiful fish tail. I had become part fish!

I flicked my tail and swam around. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I glided effortlessly through the water. I wondered how this happened, I had never heard of anything like this ever happening.

I should probably stay down here for the time being I thought. If I was found alive when it was almost inevitable that I would drown cats would get suspicious. I need to keep this a secret and I need to find a way to survive.

I will try to update as frequently as possible, but im gonna be gone for 3 weeks after next week. First I'm visiting GA (I live in Las Vegas so that pretty dang far), then I'm camping up at Oaks park (named after my ancestors :3) in Utah, and then I am going to my Mormon Girls camp (yes I'm mormon and no I will not cuss in my stories). hehe I can't wait to scare some of them... Bye see you next time!