I know, I know you all hate me with so much venom that it's gonna kill your bodies. I just came on here to tell you that my school has started and I think I am going to do no extra curriculars because of you guys ^^ I have started working on new chapters, but they have to be delayed. I got in a car wreck on wednesday and have a mild concussion. It hurts for me to really concentrate and I'm getting a headache just writing this small thing.

The move went well and my summer has been packed. The wreck was on the first day of school right after school. We got rearended when we were stopped and the guy was going 40mph. Our car got propalled into the car in front of ours and our car kinda became an accordian. I wasn't hurt besides whiplash, or so I thought until I went to the docter on Friday and she says I have a concussion, which totally maakes sense, cause I feeel really out of it. Okay, well I will try and write, but as you can sea this concussion is alreaddy making me type weirdly and I need to get off the computeer.

The Doctor said it would last AT LEEST a week and maybe up to a month. So once I get feeling better and my head doesn't hurt whaen I start typiing I will write a chapeter to most of my stories. They willl be short chaptersss, but chapters nonethelees.

I gotta go, my eye's hurt and so does mi heaaaad. I love yoou guys and I PROMISE, truely promise to update as soon as I am better. If I don't update in a little over a week, someone PM me and yell at me please!