After four long years and Ji Hoo was still taking care of his music foundation and became a doctor at the same time, he already got over Jan Di. His grandfather passed away and now it was just him taking care of the clinic. Yi Jung was coming back from Sweden and Jun Pyo was going to propose to Jan Di.

After the proposal, Jun Pyo had decided to go on a trip with them and with Ga Eul and Jan Di to New Orleans. So the gang went for a week and they had met Jae Kyung over there and had a lot of fun. A new week had come and Ji Hoo had gone to his clinic. And now this is Ji Hoo's story of how he meets his new mate.

Ji Hoo went to his grandfather's clinic. He was at his office when he heard some shouting outside the door.

-Doctor! Doctor! - Ji Hoo got out of his office and saw an old lady caring a boy's body. The old lady was covered in tears.

-What's going on?

-Doctor, please help my grandson he has a huge stomached. I had given him medicine but it doesn't work. Please doctor, he is really sick and I don't know what I will do if I loose him.

-Please don't worry, give me the child. - Ji Hoo carried the child into a room. He laid him on the bed and started to check his temperature and his heartbeat. He started to press on his stomach, every time he would do that the boy would yell in pain. –He has appendix, but he really needs surgery. But we need your permission first. And you need to make the decision fast.

-Anything Doctor, but please save my little boy. - Ji Hoo took that as a yes and took the boy to a surgery room. He told the old lady to wait outside, so he could get the surgery done.


After a few hours, Ji Hoo went outside and saw the old lady sitting down on a chair with her hand covering her mouth. Ji Hoo went up to her and taps her on the shoulder. The old lady looked up.

-Doctor, did the surgery go good? Please Doctor tells me, it did go well.

-Relax, your grandson is in good shape now, the surgery went well. He needs to stay here for a few days to rest.

-OH Thank You Doctor, - The lady gave him a hug.

-Grandma! - Someone called out to the old lady, it was a young woman, same age as Jan Di and Ga Eul.

-So Min!- The old lady turned and went to give her a hug. –Grandma, how is Joo Gu. Is he okay?

-Yes, the Doctor saved him- The old lady turned to Ji Hoo. So Min saw Ji Hoo, wow she couldn't believe her eyes. She has never seen such a handsome face. So Min went up to him and bowed at him-Thank You, Sunbae.

Ji Hoo bowed to her too.

-Can we see him Doctor- the grandmother said.

-Yes, please go right in. – Ji Hoo said pointing to the room Joo Gu was in.

So Min and her grandmother walked in to the room, Ji Hoo followed them inside the room. Joo Gu was laying down resting. So Min ran to her brother and gave him a hug.

-Yah, Noona. Can't you see I'm resting.-Ju Gu said.

-Yah, since you are up. Why don't you say thanks to the Doctor that saved you? Huh?-So Min said giving him a gentle whack on his back of his head. Ju Gu rubbed his head and turned to Ji Hoo and bowed to him. –Thank you, Doctor. - Grandmother went to give his grandson a big hug and he would whine all the time, his grandmother would do that. Ji Hoo would smile at the happy family; he turned serious when So Min wanted to talk to him outside of the room.

-Listen Doctor, how much is it? – She asked him.

-How much is what?

-The surgery, how much is it? I will pay you when I get the money. We are short on money right now, but I will get you the money when I get my next pay check on Thursday. But please give me time.

-It's okay; you don't have to pay me. I do this because I want to. –Ji Hoo gave her a pat on the shoulder. She looked at her shoulder.

-But Doctor, I want to pay you for saving my little brother. - Ji Hoo was getting annoyed by her stubbornness.

-Really, it's okay? - Before she could say any other word he went back to his office and closed the door behind him.

So Min is not going to leave it like this. She is going to pay him, whether he likes it or NOT!

Next Day:

Ji Hoo went to the clinic to see if he had any clients. As he got there and went inside he didn't see anybody but he was sure somebody is here, because he told So Min's brother to stay here for a couple of days. Ji Hoo went to go check up on him. As he opened the door he saw Joo Gu trying to play the violin but he kept on messing up. Ji Hoo stared to giggle when he saw this. Joo GU caught him giggling.

-What's so funny doctor? Are you laughing because I can't play the violin?-Joo GU said annoyingly.

-No I am laughing because the way you are holding the violin, it's funny. - Ji Hoo said smiling.

-How would you know how to hold the violin? Do you play the violin?

-As matter fact, I do. – Ji Hoo said sitting on the chair next to the bed.

-Oh really, here play something-Joo GU said as he handed the violin to Ji Hoo.

Ji Hoo got the violin and started to play a sweet song. Joo GU saw how he was holding the violin and how beautiful he is playing the violin. As Ji Hoo was playing the violin, So Min was standing by the door with a lunchbox in her hand and was listening to Ji Hoo sweet melody. So Min was staring into Ji Hoo and was starting fall into his charms. Ji Hoo finished playing violin when he noticed So Min standing by the door. –So Min, I didn't notice you were standing right there. –Ji Hoo said.

-I...I...was just ….um...I just got here.-So Min uttered – I brought you something to eat, Joo Gu- So Min said as she was walking towards the bed and grabbed another seat and sat next to Ji Hoo and Joo Gu. Ji Hoo kept on starring at So Min when she noticed that he was starring at her. Right away Ji Hoo looked away.

-Well I will let you two eat alone. –Ji Hoo said as he stood up.

- Please join us –So Min offered.

-No that's okay, I am about to go get lunch in the city- Ji Hoo said.

-You know, you shouldn't be eating stuff outside, it is really bad for you.- So Min said as she got a piece of broccoli with her chopsticks and was going to give it to Ji Hoo in the mouth. –Here, eat some of this so you could know the difference of city food and homemade food. – So Min put the broccoli inside of his mouth. Ji Hoo didn't even notice that the broccoli was inside of his mouth, so he started to chew it and swallowed it. There was something different about this broccoli it tasted different in his mouth, it was very delicious but its just a ordinary broccoli Ji Hoo thought.

To be continued…

Btw this story is happening during my other Fic Perfect Two with Ga Eul and Yi Jung. Well I hope you guys liked it. I promise I will continue this story. Thank You!