Chapter 9.

Ji Hoo was with Woo Bin at the gym, he wanted to leave the house early to make So Min comfortable and not awkward once she wakes up. Ji Hoo did leave her some breakfast and a note to let her know why he couldn't eat with her this morning. While Woo Bin was lifting weights, Ji Hoo was thinking of what happen last night and how it wasn't the first time he saw her like that. The day when he invited her to his house for the first time he saw her napping and she started yelling while she was sleeping. Ji Hoo knows there is something wrong with So Min, and he wants to help her, but how?

-Yah!- Woo Bin called out to Ji Hoo.-What are you thinking about? Is there something bothering you?- Woo Bin asked.

Ji Hoo reacted and answered. –Ani, everything's alright. – Ji Hoo looked away and thought more. Woo Bin knows when there is something wrong with his friends.

-Don't lie to me. Tell me what's up?- Woo Bin asked concerned. Ji Hoo knows that he can't fool his friend and told him everything.

-That's strange. –Woo Bin said after what he had heard. –Do you think that maybe something happen to her in the past?- Woo Bin asked.

-I don't know but I want to help her because she worries me.- Ji Hoo said.

-That woman worries you? Do you like her?-Woo Bin asked. Ji Hoo didn't answer him because he already knows the answer. Ji Hoo doesn't know how he started falling for her, maybe when he saw her for the first time at the clinic or at the party? He just doesn't know but all he knows is that he likes her.

Ji Hoo was finish with his workout with Woo Bin but Ji Hoo wanted to go see So Min. Besides Woo Bin had some other plans so they couldn't hang out today. Ji Hoo went to his industry building where So Min was working at right now. Ji Hoo found So Min cleaning the tables in the cafeteria, she looked tired.

-Why don't you rest?- Ji Hoo asked across the room. So Min almost dropped the rag as she was surprise to see Ji Hoo, to be honest she was embarrass to see him because of what had happen. Ji Hoo walked towards her and leaned in front of her face and So Min leaned back. Ji Hoo was staring at her eyes, So Min could feel her cheeks red.

-What are you doing here?- So Min asked. Ji Hoo leaned back and smiled at her.

-I just wanted to see how you are doing?- Ji Hoo said. –Sit.- Ji Hoo pulled out a chair for her and she did as she was told. He sat next to her.

-I'm sorry for all the trouble.- So Min said.

-It's okay, but is there something I could do to help you?- Ji Hoo asked. So Min didn't answer him because she doesn't want help from him.

-So Min if you tell me what's going on, I could help you.- Ji Hoo said.

-I don't want to talk about it. I have to get back to work.- So Min said as she stood up but Ji Hoo grabbed her hand.

-So Min, please this is something serious to talk about.- Ji Hoo said still holding her hand.

-I said I don't want to talk about it! Please!- So Min shouted as her eyes were tearing up, Ji Hoo saw her watery eyes and knew that she wasn't ready to talk about it. He let go of her hand and understood.

-Fine, when you are ready to talk about it I will be here to listen.- Ji Hoo said. There was silence between the two of them for a while and Ji Hoo had a great idea to help her get things off her mind. –Let's go, I have an idea.- Ji Hoo said.

-I have to work.- So Min said. Ji Hoo ignored her and took her with him to an amusement park to have fun.


As they got to the amusement park, Ji Hoo was grabbing her by the wrist taking her to the gift shop to get her a bow headband. He picked out a green one and he put it on her, So Min never had imagined that she would be in the amusement park with a handsome guy. She usually comes with her cousin because he always wants to go to the park on the weekends but today is so different. As Ji Hoo paid for the headband and he dragged her to the scariest rollercoaster.

-I hope you are not scared of roller coasters.-Ji Hoo said teasing So Min.

-Ani, I got on this rollercoaster multiple times with my cousin.-So Min said showing off a tough side of her.

-Really? Then should we make a bet? Whoever closes their eyes first has to treat the other person to dinner.- Ji Hoo said and took his hand out for her to shake on it. So Min shook on it and accepted the challenge. Minutes later, it was their turn to ride the rollercoaster they both got on, the ride started to go up and they both looked at each other to see who is going to close their eyes first, when they were on the top the rollercoaster went down and the first one to close their eyes was Ji Hoo. So Min laughed throughout the whole ride and Ji Hoo still had his eyes close.

-Ha I knew I was going to win.- So Min cheered as they got off the ride. Ji Hoo smiled and like how So Min seem happy because she won the bet.

-Alright I guess I have to treat you to dinner. –Ji Hoo said. So Min nodded her head-What ride do you want to get on?- Ji Hoo asked. –We are here to have fun and forget about everything.

-Let's ride every ride!- So Min said. Ji Hoo grabbed her by the shoulder and took her, So Min was shocked that he had his arm around her. As they were riding all the rides and having fun, laughing together, and forgetting about the whole incident for a moment, it was just all about them right now.

Ji Hoo and So Min finished all the rides and realize that they were hungry so they went to the food court to eat something. So Min got a table for them both, Ji Hoo told her to wait there while he brings something to eat for them. So Min waited for Ji Hoo, a woman notice So Min sitting at a table. That woman was very skinny as a model's body, a beautiful face that every man falls for, and very long red hair. –Kim So Min? Is that you?- She asked. So Min's face turn to her way and was very surprise to see her and stood up. –Jung MongHee?!- So Min said in shock.

-It is you! I almost didn't recognize you…Wow! Your hair grew very long and you got thinner.-Jung Mong Hee said.

-Really?...What are you doing here?- So Min asked.

-I came here with some of the girls from school. But how you been? Have you been feeling alright? I haven't seen you since after the party 3 years ago, you just disappeared without saying anything.- Mong Hee said. So Min didn't want to talk about that stuff, to be honest So Min and MongHee were friends in high school and one day their graduation day to be exact, MongHee invited So Min to a party with people that So Min didn't know and some people from school. Those people were mean to So Min and humiliate her and one of those people was Mong Hee, So Min never understood why Mong Hee took her to such party but after all that happen So Min ran out crying because she was very humiliated.

-You know why I left without saying anything.-So Min said with a strong voice. –If you are done here, then be on your way because I am waiting for someone.

MongHee smirked.-Who are you with? Did you already forget about Hyun Tae your first sweetheart?- MongHee said. –HyunTae kept looking for you after you left but he gave up because he couldn't find you.

-Stop it! Was that the reason why you brought me to that party because you liked him, I told you many times that I never liked him. But your jealousy got to you and hurt me really bad that night!-So Min said.

-You are such a liar So Min but you know what Hyun Tae came to me later on and we had our fun but I knew later I was just wasting my time with someone pathetic like him. Anyways if I hurt you, you probably deserved it. You were always was little miss goody shoes in front of everyone, you always wanted attention from everyone. But I have heard many stories about you that you are working every night to there from there.- MongHee said.

-That's right I work every night but because I need to take care of my love ones but you know what I am happy of where I am right now.-So Min said.

-Really? Are you happy? People like you make me laugh, who give up quickly and pretend they are happy. I got really far too where I am right now, wearing nice clothes and you are still the same with rags. –Mong Hee said.

-Darling! I brought our food.- Ji Hoo said as he came to the table with two hotdogs in his hand, Ji Hoo was actually hearing their conversation he didn't mean to he thought it was a friend so he didn't want to interrupt. So Min wondered who he was calling "darling" but realize it was her. –Oh who is this?- Ji Hoo asking So Min.

-Yoon Ji Hoo? You are Yoon Ji Hoo?- Mong Hee was surprise to see him, she knows him because of the music he composes and because he is one of the riches guy in South Korea. So Min was surprise to see MongHee's reaction to Ji Hoo.

-Darling, we should go somewhere quieter its noisy here.- Ji Hoo said in a disturb voice he gives the hot dog to So Min and puts his arm around her and takes her away. MongHee couldn't believe that So Min was with a man that is Yoon Ji Hoo.

To Be Continued!...