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My life is so messed up right now. I made a stupid bet. So stupid that I'm mad at myself. But I can't change my mind now. I made the bet. I sighed remembering how the bet was 'created.'

School was over and I was walking home. I was in my neighborhood when…

"Hey, Ichigo! Where are you going?"

I turned around to see my friend, Rumi, running after me.

"Home. Why?"

Rumi exhaled numerous times before she answered my question with a sly smile.

"Ichigo, I noticed that you aren't going out and you're 16 years old."

I glared at Rumi, remembering her insult me about this for the 100th time or so, and responded, "So? Maybe I'm not ready for guys, like you are."

"Or maybe you can't even ask a guy out."

I felt anger rise, for some unexplainable reason.

"Rumi! I can ask a guy out!"

Rumi gave me another sly smile before she said, "Ichigo, if you do a bet then you prooved that you can ask a guy out for a date.

Not really thinking, I blurted out, "What is the bet? I'm going to win the bet!"

She sighed dramatically and earnestly said, "Well, you can't drop out of the bet now. I'll tell you the bet now. The bet is…"

Rumi paused and then cleared her throat purposely as I impatiently waited.

"Amano Ichigo, you are required to do the bet now. If you don't do or lose the bet, I'll insult you about your boy problems and you'll have to give me $10 every day for a year. But if you do win…"

"Rumi! Before you say the consequences, say the freaking bet!" I shrilled, getting pissed off.

She raised her hands in surrender as she mockingly answered, "Wait, wait. Have patience. Anyways, if you win the bet, I'll stop insulting you about your boy problems and I'll buy you any kinds of sweets, expensive or not, for a year. Okay, now the bet is…"

She paused again. Oh my gosh! She was annoying the crap out of me!

"Rumi…" I began threateningly.

She sweat dropped as she finally told me teh bet.

"Ichigo, you have to go on one date with Makato!"

My jaw opened and then I stuttered…

I shudder as I stare at the front door of my house. Well, Makato isn't a gangster or anything. It's just that he's my brother.

Yep, my brother. He's not my real brother or anything. He's my adopted brother, but my parents told me that I must treat him like a real brother, so I can't date him or anything. I admit he did look a bit cute…but I can't date him! Curse Rumi! Curse her! She knows I can't date him. She knows everything , yet she…

"Oi, Amano. Move out of the way."

My heart pound as I see him. Makato. His blonde hair glittered in the sun and his caramel eyes look so tempting…

"Amano! Dude, weren't you listening? Move. Out. Of. The. Way." Makato said through clenched teeth.

"Heh, heh. Gomen, Makato. Hey did you know that I love sweets!" I cried out.

Crinkling his nose, he pushed past me into the house. I scowled at his back before I went in the house to prepare my plan to go on a date with Makato.

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