Authors note: This very short one-shot popped into my head when I watched "Dead Air". Be warned…an overload of double entendre with slashy overtones ahead!. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, just like to write about them.

Gibbs Sore Throat Remedy

Ducky finished examining Tony's throat and turned to face Gibbs, who was leaning against the door jam.

"I don't know what to tell you Jethro" Ducky said "His voice should have started to come back by now, although his throat does still look a bit irritated."

Ducky turned to Tony "You've been getting plenty of rest?" he asked.

"He's barely been out of bed." Gibbs answered as Tony nodded in agreement.

Looking back and forth between the two men Ducky asked "And he's been taking the medicine I gave him?"

"I make sure to give it to him every morning and night." Gibbs answered as Tony nodded again.

Not sure if he would get a straight answer out of Tony, Ducky turned back to Gibbs.

"He hasn't been trying to talk, has he?"

"There were a few grunts the first day but I've been making sure he stays quiet now."

Ducky sighed "Well, I say just keep doing what you have been doing." He turned to Tony "If there is no improvement within the next couple of days, I would suggest you see a specialist."

Tony scribbled on the pad of paper he had been using to communicate since he lost his voice and handed it to Ducky.

"Thanks for stopping by Ducky" it read.

"You're quite welcome Anthony." Ducky smiled as he patted Tony on the shoulder. "Just make sure you keep your throat coated to help with the irritation."

"I'll make sure that he does." Gibbs said.

As he guided Ducky out of the bedroom Gibbs threw a look at Tony. A look that held the promise of retribution for the smirk that had appeared on Tony's face every time that Ducky had his back to him.