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"Alright, let's go!" Kouhei yelled excited. School has just ended and I, as promised, accompanied him to Akihabara for a little errand he does for his sister. I would love to tell you what it is, but you wouldn't believe me. I myself barely believe I'll be helping him with it. Again. Anyway, we got on the train towards Akiba (the nickname for Akihabara) and Kouhei decided to make some small talk.

"So, how bad was it yesterday?" He asked me cheerfully with a fake grin. Despite his carefree behaviour, he can read people like an open book. I learned it as well from hanging out with him, but I'm not nearly as sharp as him.

"Worse as usual thanks to the recent increase in loiterers and delinquents who cause trouble. He knows of your achievements as well and that we're friends, which gave him extra stuff to use against me." I said bitterly. Yesterday we got the results of our midterms. I passed everything but Math. My dad wasn't that happy with it, especially because I gave my report card after Kirino's. As usual, we got into a fight and I stormed out of the house. Kouhei, being the good wingman he is, already knew where I would go to blow off some steam and waited there for me. After that we went into the city, got attacked by some thugs and ate on their treat. Kouhei has a bad habit of taking the money of the people that attack him as 'collateral damage'. I used to complain about it until he pointed out that most food that he treated me was bought with that kind of money. Naturally, my complains lost their strength after that and I (begrudgingly) stopped trying to change his mind and went along with his behaviour.

"Wow, it really must suck to have a cop as a dad and an overachiever as sister." Kouhei commented offhandedly.

"Yeah, thank god that mother still acts normally." I said with a sigh.

"Are you kidding me? That woman is a saint! She's even nice to me and that's saying something!"

"I know. So, did you forge your parents' signature again?"

"Of course, did you really think I'd show those grades to my parents?"

"One day they'll notice that other kids get more report cards."

"But that day hasn't come yet, thanks to my sisters' cooperation."

I sighed again and stayed silent. Sometimes it's impossible to talk some sense into this guy. We remained silent until we stopped in front of a small shop that specialized in visual novels and eroge. I can already hear you thinking, 'What are they doing there?' well, pay attention, because I don't think you'd want to miss this.

"Heads or tails?" I asked Kouhei.

"Tails, I'm feeling lucky." He responded with confidence. I took a coin and tossed it into the air. After letting it fly for a few seconds I caught it and slapped it on my hand. I didn't have to say the outcome as he saw the grin on my face.

"It's heads, isn't it?"

"Yep, so you'll have to buy it." I told him with a smile. We toss each time his sister sends him out to buy her gay eroge, and the loser has to buy it. It may seem embarrassing but we've found a way to make it less bad. The winner films the loser buying the porn game as a 'punishment' for 'losing a bet'. The shop found it amusing due to our frequent visits and made a wall of shame containing the score, pictures of one of us buying it and a betting pool. The other customers love to bet on who'll buy the next one. And today is no different.

"Ah Akagi-kun, did you lose again?" the store manager asked with a smile. Kouhei's only response was a grunt before he went to the Yaoi section of the games. For the unknowing, that's where they keep the gay porn games. Do not enter that section unless you want to be emotionally scarred. I walked to the counter and greeted the store clerk.

"Yo, is the camera prepared?" I asked him with a smile. The guy nodded with a grin and handed it over.

"So, when are we gonna tell him that his sister always orders the game and he could pick it up incognito the whole time?" he asked me amused.

"Let's see, I think preferably… not. So, what's the score?" I asked him with a big smile.

"At the moment, 23 times for Akagi and 6 for you Kousaka. By the way, he's coming so please make a good picture." The clerk responded with a hint of merit in his voice. I turned around and saw an embarrassed Kouhei. With a smile I took a picture of the store clerk invading Kouhei's personal space and winking into the camera in a seductive way. I tried to hold my laughter while taking the picture, but failed miserably. The store manager was kind enough to take the picture while I was laughing my ass off. After I stopped laughing and got up again, I spotted a suspicious person observing us. It looked like a girl judging from her body, but she wore a large coat that covered most of her body and a baseball cap that hid most of her face.

"Kouhei." I said softly.

"I noticed too. We'll leave the store, each an other way and wait." He muttered softly. Like me, he has developed a certain amount of paranoia after an incident that involved the both of us. Ever since then we don't trust anyone else but each other and a few exceptions. We exited the shop and each went to an other corner of the street, talking with each other over the phone. This way we can stay in touch while people think we're waiting on a friend. It's not exactly the worlds' best disguise, but it worked pretty well until now. After a few minutes the person left the store and walked into my direction.

"She's coming my way. Let's do a Facial Memory. You'll have to be Forest Gump" I told Kouhei over the phone.

"I got it. See you at Sanctuary." He said before ending the call. I pretended to be waiting for someone while the mysterious person kept coming closer and closer to me. My hand unconsciously slipped to the place where I held my knife, the only good thing I've ever got from her. It had a decent blade of 6 inches stainless steel and had an old fashioned leather grip. Whenever I have this with me I feel more secure, so I rarely leave the house without it. In my other hand was still my phone with its camera already turned on. The person was only twenty feet away from me and I could feel her gaze on me while she tried to hide her face. So she's not as stupid as I hoped she'd be. I heard a rhythmic tapping of feet coming my way that I knew al too well. And as done many times before, Kouhei bumped into the girl in front of me, giving me the chance of taking a picture off her. He yelled a half-assed excuse towards the girl while he kept on running. The only thing she did was staring at me with surprise and a hint of fear. I gave her a smirk and walked away, leaving my stunned sister behind with the eroge she had just bought. I let go of the hilt of my knife and gave her a wave without looking back at her form. Things are going to be interesting at home. And maybe even sooner judging by the tapping of Kirino's shoes behind me.

The place that I and Kouhei call Sanctuary is an abandoned warehouse near the docks. People don't use it anymore after it turned out to be the hiding place of a mass murderer 15 years ago and it's been abandoned ever since. It's a perfect place to get some rest, so we claimed it and put some old furniture, a small fridge and a guitar there. You wouldn't believe what kind of perfectly usable things people throw away without a good reason, it's just shameful. I know it seems risky, leaving the guitar here where anyone can steal it, but Kouhei made a whole security system to make sure that the guitar remains safe with the amp. I'll give you the simplified version, they're connected to the wall with a steel cable and only he can make them loose with a key. It sounds kinda retarded but that's because I gave you the simplified version and I don't understand much of it either. But hey, it works. By the way, Kirino is still following me.

"So, who was the mysterious girl who was observing us?" Kouhei asked seriously. This is one of the few things he's always serious in.

"My sister who happened to buy eroge at that same shop." I told him casually.

"There's now way that's true! Pics or it didn't happen!" Kouhei said astounded. I showed him the picture I took with my cell phone. He looked at it for a few seconds with a blank look before something incredibly anime-like happened. He fell on the ground while there was smoke coming out of his ears. I'm pretty sure that isn't supposed to happen.

"Kouhei, are you alright?" I asked him a bit worried. He immediately jumped up and started a dramatic monologue.


"Calm the fuck down, you're giving me a freaking headache!" I muttered darkly.

"Thank you for stopping me." He rasped gratefully before falling on the ground.

"No problem. How do you even know it's big sister-related?" I asked him quite surprised.

"It's easy. She's holding the same game that was in the window today. Apparently it's a new hit from a giant game company." He told me, standing there completely calm like his rant and my punch didn't happen. Not wanting to break my head over it, I decided to just go with the flow.

"I see. So, what're we gonna practice?" I asked him, trying to forget his inhumane regeneration ability.

"I dunno, how about that new song you just finished yesterday?" he said laid back. With other words, he wants to play it badly, but pretends to be the cool one.

"Sure. Did you already learn the tabs?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it was pretty basic the whole time and easy to remember." He bragged.

"If only you would say the same about your study materials."

"Says the guy who barely passed."

"At least I passed. And I'm kinda out of it lately."

"Still having nightmares about it?" Kouhei asked me worried.

"At least 3 times a week." I admitted. Kouhei took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of his bag and held them in front of me.

"I know you don't like them, but take them just in case it gets unbearable. I can't have my wingman being tied down thanks to a trauma." He said with a sad smile. I took them and we grabbed each others' wrist in a handshake. This is an old way of saying: 'I don't care what you do or what'll happen, I've got your back.' After a few seconds we let go and walked to the amp. I grabbed the mike attached to it and gave a sign to Kouhei to start playing. Emptying my mind, I only left my music in it and the feelings that drove me to write this.

I stumble through the wreckage, rusted from the rain
There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame
Among the broken mirrors, I don't look the same
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

Dissect me until my blood runs down into the drain
My bitter heart is pumping oil into my veins
I'm nothing but a tin man, don't feel any pain
I don't feel any pain, I don't feel any pain

I'm rusted from the rain

It flashed right before my eyes. The way my dad treats me as a lowlife piece of shit, the way my sister looks down on me because of her 'superiority'. And I can't do anything about it that'll change their view of me. But I don't care anymore thanks to the bastard that's playing with me.

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

You hung me like a picture, now I'm just a frame
I used to be your lap dog, now I'm just a stray
Shackled in a graveyard, left here to decay
Left here to decay, left here to decay

I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain
The sun will shine again, I'm rusted from the rain
I'm rusted from the rain, the sun will shine again

I'm rusted from the rain

The song ended and we just stood there for a few moments. I closely watched the door where Kirino was still hiding behind. With a smirk I took two drinks out of the fridge and walked towards it. Kouhei just made himself comfortable in the sofa with a manga, keeping a respectful distance. You can say whatever you want about the guy, but you have to admit that he easily picks things up. Kirino jumped away surprised from the door when I opened it.

"Yo, want a drink?" I asked her with a smile and holding one of the cans in front of her. She took it nervously and sat against the wall. I sat a few feet away from her and we stayed like that for a few minutes drinking quietly. Just when I couldn't take the silence anymore, she started talking.

"Do you think it's weird that I play those kinds of games?" She asked me with a hint of far in her voice. Is she serious?

"Since when does the PERFECT Kousaka Kirino care about her good for nothing delinquent brother's opinion?" I asked her coldly, quoting the exact words she usually uses to describe me. She flinched at the harsh tone my words accompanied. She looked sad at my face, held back anger evident on it.

"I know I haven't been a great sister."

"You don't say."

"And that me and dad pushed you away by constantly comparing you to me."

"There's the understatement of the year."

"But please, just help me this once by giving your opinion." She nearly begged me. I wanted to tell her to piss off, but I saw her face. She looked in fear and sadness at me with tears in her eyes, looking as fragile as porcelain. Damn it, what the hell should I do right now? With a sigh I took a cigarette and dropped the package on the floor before lighting it. Kirino looked surprised.

"You actually smoke?"

"Only when I can't sleep or when I face a tough decision."

"I see." She said before it became silent again. I took a drag of the cigarette and felt my mind becoming a bit clearer. I guess I'll help her out this once.

"I don't really care that you play that kind of games. It's just a hobby of yours and you still have a successful modelling career and a nice school life with good grades. As long as you can balance those things I don't really see the harm in it." I answered truthfully. I expected to hear some kind of response from her, but she tackled me into a hug.

"Thank you." she muttered out softly before letting go and standing up again with a confident smile.

"I've gotta go now. By the way, my little outburst and hobby…"

"Are as non-existent as me smoking." I finished her sentence with a small smile. She nodded before she left, still smiling. I waited a minute before knocking on the door.

"I know you've been eavesdropping." I said amused. Kouhei came out and took a cigarette as well.

"I'll bet you 1000 yen that a Flag will be raised within 48 hours."

"You're on Kouhei."