Chapter Two

G. Callen had expected that Kensi and Deeks' battleground of pranks that Eric had described to Nell, who in turn had tried, before he had distracted her, to tell him about, would spill outside of Eric's house. However, seeing the evidence of the prank war as he parked his Black Mercedes in the modest driveway of Eric's three-bedroom house near the beach was something he was unprepared to see. Angered at how far the two drunkards had gone, he slung the car door open, and stepped out. His jaw clenched, his eyes stonily set behind the dark sunglasses, and his mouth set firmly in a grimace as he glanced around the front yard. Nell slowly opened her car door and stepped out, her mouth forming a perfect O, her eyes widening in disbelief as she slid her sunglasses off her nose and perching them unto the top of her head.

"G, what on earth were you guys drinking last night?" Nell asked, as she and Eric had refrained from drinking; she, because of the baby, and he, because she could not, and the fact that they were at his house. Eric had muttered something about not again, but Nell was unsure what that not again had meant. Callen had needed prodding before he would drink a drop, but Nell had wanted him to unwind, and alcohol was a sure way for him to do so. Once he was convinced that Eric would stay sober with Nell, he had begun to drink, though his beer count had been far lower than the rest; he had cut himself off at three.

"Sam and I had beer," Callen answered, before he sardonically quipped, "Kensi and Deeks' must have drunk acid."

"Acid?" Nell repeated, her nose scrunched up, "I hardly doubt that it was acid."

"How else do you explain this?" Callen asked, waving his arms and pointing around the yard.

The ground was littered with trash from both the trash and recycle receptacles. The rose bushes around the porch, the large tree in the middle of the yard, and the blue flowers that lined the sidewalk all heavily decorated with toilet paper. The sidewalk cluttered with clumsy chalk drawings that were hard to determine what they were supposed to be. Kensi + Deeks = Forever Partners was the only distinguishable thing drawn. The I in Kensi was dotted with a large elaborate heart that had the letters KM within it.

"G, I think you're overreacting just a tad, babe," She admitted as she watched him point at each thing that they had done. She arched an eyebrow at the glare that now settled upon her.

Callen kept his retort to himself as he bit his tongue not wanting to have an argument over something that they had no control over. He heard the familiar sound of Sam's Challenger and sighed. Sam would lay into the disrespectful and immature partners and if Sam had not planned on it, Callen would have him do so. Nell couldn't get mad at him for something Sam did, could she? On second thought, Callen decided that she could and would, but the two had to be taken to task for what they did to Eric's house.

Both Nell and Callen turned when they heard a car park on the street side.

Sam stepped out of the Challenger turned to face Eric's house. He lifted his sunglasses from his nose and promptly placed them back on to his nose. He shook his head and a disbelieving smile formed on his lips. He walked over to Nell, gave her a half hug, and tapped her on the nose with his index finger, which made her smile. He walked around the Mercedes, shook Callen's hand and half man hugged him as he teased him, knowing the anger in his body language was from the trashed front yard, "Come on, Papa Callen, your baby isn't due for five or so months, don't use Deeks as a guinea pig."

Callen glared at him, "Kensi and Deeks need a whopping for what they've done to Eric's house. You're not supposed to be on their side."

"Come on, G," Sam grinned, "Was a line crossed? Sure, it probably was, it's Deeks, but he doesn't need you to go Papa Callen on him."

"And Kensi," Nell added, feeling that Deeks was going to be blamed for it all.

Sam nodded as he corrected himself, before eyeing Callen with a knowing look, "It was Deeks and Kensi drunk. You can't tell me that you've forgotten what they did to the bullpen and Hetty's Segway the last time they got this plastered? If I remember correctly, you my friend were in on that."

Callen snarled his lip, glared through the sunglasses, and crossed his arms. "I have no recollection of what you speak of!"

"Because," Sam retorted chuckling, "You were drunk off your ass, man, you could barely string two words together. I'm not surprised you don't remember it."

Nell's mouth tilted upward as her eyes narrowed good humoredly at Callen whom continued to glare at Sam. She glanced at Sam who raised his hands up in a surrendering motion, as if to say his hands were tied, "Sorry, Mama, you ain't hearing the story from me.

Nell pouted her lips as her brow furrowed in disappointment. She glanced at Callen who shook his head and walked around the yard taking closer inspection of the damage. When he walked up the steps, unto the porch, Nell went to follow, but once she was just past the front bumper of the car, Sam gingerly grabbed her elbow with his right hand. With his left hand, he placed his index finger on his lips.

"If you want to know the story," Sam quietly said tipping his head toward the house, "Ask Eric about it when Callen isn't around, okay?"

Nell smiled and nodded as Sam winked.

Their smiles fell and their eyes snapped to Eric's front door when they heard Callen whom stood in the doorway yell.

"KENSI MARIE BLYE!" Callen exclaimed in a tone that could only be described as angrily parental. "MARTIN AARON DEEKS!"

As her hand went to her baby bump protectively, Nell's eyes widened at the tone of voice he used, one she had never heard him use before.

Sam closed his eyes, bit his bottom lip, in the attempt to conceal his humour, but was not successful as a large wide grin formed across his lips, showing off his pearly white teeth.

"Papa Callen has arrived." Sam stated joyously and proudly as he playfully pretended to wipe away tears from his brown eyes.

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