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A/N: This is my first YJ fanfiction and my first fanfiction on here. This going to be a short story with atleast two chapters and a third if needed. This is BoyXBoy story so if no likey then no reading. Enjoy to those who do.

Summary: Its Wally's 21 birthday and Roy does not know what to get his boyfriend at first. When he does how will Wally react and what could it be?

Today was a very happy and important day for one Roy Harper. His boyfriend of two years (three in five more months), Wally West, turns 21. He can finally take the kid out drinking legally, and send him out on the occasional beer run without him. But there is one problem, ok maybe two. The " surprise" party for the "impossible-to-surprise" boyfriend of his starts in two hours and he still has yet to find him a present.

You think it would be easy to buy a gift for a 21 year old, but Roy would beg to differ. He wanted to buy Wally something special, no cheep randomly pulled off the shelf alcoholic beverage would do and expensive-but-probably-taste-terrible wine was out of the question. Actually Roy gaved up on the idea to give the kid anything alcoholic related after seeinf what the Flash got him, and Wally probably is going to smashed for the rest of the weekend. What else could he get for his speedster? Roy found the closest bench and started to make a mental list of possible gifts.

1) Card- Duh! But he still needed a gift to go with the card.

2) Stuff Animal- No Wally is to old . . . well physically he is an adult so no.

3) Alcohol- Well Flash ruined that idea.

4) Gag Gift- Well Wally likes to laugh but Roy wanted to get him something will meaning and fake dog poop wont cut it.

5) UMM... (think Roy think) Then suddenly the perfect idea came to mind.

-At The Cave-

"Recognize B03 Kid Flash" the computer announced through the halls of the so-called-empty cave. Dick told him to meet him at the cave at 6 p.m. and everyone else would supposedly meet them at the movie theater, but Wally knew better. He knew what today was and what they were tring to pull. Believe it or not he walked not run to the living room in the cave. As soon as he reached the doorway the lights came to life and all his family and friends were jumping up yelling "SURPRISE!"