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Hello everyone Bunji here, since the original Red with Love was deleted, due to I...didnt follow the rule of fanfic, and yet I see other people on fanfic with lemons but are fine. So I say what the hell and repost it.

Anyway like i said before this a very special NaruKushi-Naruto X Kushina for short, for those who don't know. Anyway Bunji here to give you a one-shot/Multi fic of different events and encounters of NaruKushi.

I will explain more-take this 50 % of the fic is incest of Mother and Son or other position, again explain more in the end.

Now let the first one begins

Dark Love of a Mother:

Naruto had battle the Kyuubi and had come across what appears to be the Kyuubi in its true form? A beautiful woman with long red hair and her eyes were dark blue. Her clothes yellow T-shirt with black dress over. She was bare footed but her appearance seems warm.

"What a human here? Who are you?" Naruto asked the red haired woman standing before him.

"Oh that's right it's been a long time hasn't it?" The woman smiled friendly.

Naruto remain silence was he wasn't sure who this woman was or why was she here in the first place?

"Have you got it yet?" The woman asked.

"You! You're the Kyuubi aren't ya!" Naruto point at the woman who suddenly burst into laughter.

"What laughing at me again huh? You think you can fool by disguising yourself as a woman. Don't think I'm falling for that you fuc-" Before Naruto could finish on what he was about to say. The woman suddenly bash on Naruto's head causing a large lump to appear on his head.

"No son of mine will be a foul mouth." The woman said.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes widen in shock as he couldn't believe it. Fate must have finally stopped being a bitch and have decided to give what Naruto desire once more.

The woman rubbed the back of her head while she blushed slightly. Naruto was starting to tear up from his eyes he couldn't hold his tears any longer.

"That's right I'm your." Naruto quickly hugged the woman rubbing his face into her chest. The woman smiled as her warm presence gave this moment a pure warmful moment. He found her he finally found her at last.

"I guess Minato didn't tell you huh? That idiot leaving me out of this, but I guess it can't be helped." The woman chuckle as she could hear Naruto crying shedding his eyes.

"It's you it's really you. I always wanted to see you Ttebayo Kaa-san." Naruto was choke up he wanted this moment for so long to see the face of his mother and hear her voice.

The woman known as Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki's mother smiled as she couldn't believe it as she spoke "Ttebayo eh you really do take after me Naruto," Kushina chuckle.

Naruto broke the hug as he was so happy he was so happy than anything moment of his life. This moment was the best thing that has ever happen in his life.

"I guess Minato forgot to include about me being seal inside you as well. We gave you the Kyuubi Naruto. I know this may have been tough for you Naruto. But I really didn't want to have you suffer." Kushina frown but however Naruto kept on smiling.

Suddenly Naruto's smile turned into a frown. Naruto felt something wrong with him as flash of images appear inside his mind. Naruto held his head he shouted "Stop it gah!"

"Naruto what's wrong?" Kushina asked her son.

Naruto struggled as he heard voices inside his head shout out to him. The voices were taunting him, mocking him calling him a monster, telling him he'll be alone forever.

Just as Kushina about to touch her son's right shoulder. Naruto slapped Kushina across her left cheek as she fell to the floor. Kushina had a shock look on her face.

Naruto's right eyes change to red and black "This…your…fault." He said to Kushina.

"Naruto what's wrong?" Kushina got up from the floor.

"This is your fault. This is yours and his fault." Naruto said while glaring at his mother. Naruto walked towards his mother. Kushina saw it in Naruto's right eye the look of hatred and guilt.

"Why…" He asked.

Kushina didn't respond to her son's question. Kushina looked away while frowning. Naruto growled at his mother for a moment. Naruto fell to his knees as he groaned in pain.

"Naruto," Kushina rush to his side. Naruto was suddenly consumed by black energy. Naruto's left also became black and red. Naruto launch at his mother but Kushina dodged Naruto's launch attack.

"Naruto what wrong with you?" She asked.

Naruto walk closer to Kushina as Kushina felt fear. Fear of getting close to her son her own child whom she gave birth too.

"What are you afraid mom? Are you afraid of me like everyone else? Do you hate me? Do you regret me being born to you?" He asked her.

"I never wanted any of that to happen to you Naruto." Kushina told him.

"Lies! Why did you do this to me! Why you and dad did seal the Kyuubi inside me? Why me, why your own son! Dad didn't tell me, he didn't tell me about you. NO ONE TOLD ME WHO MY PARENTS WERE. NO ONE TOLD ME WHY I HAD TO BE THE KYUUBI'S HOST! I'm tired of being in the dark!" He shouted as more dark energy rose from his body.

"Naruto please calm down. I never want this to happen to you. I didn't want to lose my baby. I didn't want you to live that life." Kushina started to shed tears from her eyes. Naruto watched as his mother was crying before him.

"Mom…I." Before Naruto had a chance to speak, Naruto felt something within was trying to crawl out from within him. Naruto let out a screaming cried as a ball of dark energy came out from within him. Naruto fell down on his knees greatly weaken.

Naruto looked to see what came out of him. The ball of dark energy took on the form Naruto's form. Naruto's eyes return back to blue. As the shadow that took on his form. Naruto watched as his shadow his dark side reappears once again.

"You…again." Naruto said to his encounter part.

The shadow Naruto smiled at his counterpart "Hey…me."

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked his dark side.

"Oh I think you know why I am here." The Dark Naruto chuckled. As turned his attention to Kushina.

Kushina was very confuse she wasn't sure what was going on here? All she knows was there was now two Narutos to her left and right. Naruto growled at his dark side.

"Naruto?" She spoke her son name.

"Silence." Dark Naruto said to Kushina. As out from the ground came a pair of black chains that wrapped around Kushina's body, arms, legs and neck.

"Hey let her go!" Naruto yelled at his dark side.

"Why should I? She deserves to be punished." Dark Naruto told the original.

"What for now, what is there to punish her for?" Naruto asked his dark side.

Dark Naruto smiled at his counterpart before he frown "Because, she agreed to HIS choice."

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked the Dark Uzumaki.

"The choice of making us a Jinchuuriki. They were the ones whom set our path our life. Knowing what we would go through." Dark Naruto explain to the original.

"You lie!" Naruto yelled.

"No I speak the truth!" Dark Naruto said. Dark Naruto turned his attention to Kushina.

"I wasn't here when father shown his face. I wanted to do more than just punch him in the gut! But since mother is here I think here is a perfect chance of getting our revenge on him." Dark Naruto smiled evilly.

"Wait what are you planning to do?" Naruto asked his evil side.

"The world has shut off against us. We are nothing but monsters and weapons to them. How could a mother agree for her own child to go under such a thing? She is not our mother she is the wife of the man who placed this fate upon us. She is a woman and every woman has her needs." Dark Naruto smiled as with a simply snap of his finger, the dark chakra chains brought Kushina down to her knees in a pose with her butt in the air.

Naruto's eyes "No you can't do that. She's our mother."

"Why not?" Dark Naruto walked up to her. Naruto knee down to face her as he grabs her beautiful long red hair.

"She's beautiful, has wonderful hair. She's his wife. What other way to get back at the man who did this to us. Then take his wife. Take her, make her ours. She will pay for his sins against us. Come on Naruto even you know how beautiful and sexy this woman is." Dark Naruto chuckled.

"No I won't allow such thing happen. Get away from her!" Naruto barked.

"Or what? What can you do? You know I am right because I am you. I am your hatred your true face, you hate everything that has happen to our. I share your pain your guilt and your burden. You have no right to judge us for I am myself, I am YOU" Dark Naruto grabbed Kushina by chin and forced kiss her on the lips. Kushina struggle but she couldn't move or do anything at all.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Naruto change at his Dark side with a Rasengan.

Dark Naruto grabbed Naruto's Rasengan with ease. Dark Naruto smiled at himself. Dark Naruto knee Naruto in the stomach "You cannot stop me. This woman will pay for her sins with her body and will. I know you will enjoy it."

Naruto grabbed Dark Naruto's head and head-butted him "Gah,"

"I don't know the full story of what happen but…she doesn't deserves this. I know this. What of you?"

"I know only hatred and pain. Sixteen years of suffering and laughed at it. Knowing the woman we love will never be ours. A friend who betray us and a village that will never truly respect for what we are or what we do. We are freaks, hated monsters living tools. We are ninjas!" Dark Naruto shouted with a truly voice.

"No that's not the true that's a lie!" Kushina shout.

Both Narutos looked at Kushina "I love my son, I love my dear boy. I knew what fate Naruto you may of have. But both Minato and I loved you very much. Both of us wanted to live to be with you."

"Then why, why did he seal the Kyuubi in us his own son! There couldn't been another way. Why us tell us than!" Dark Naruto shouted at Kushina.

Tears ran down Kushina's cheeks "Because Minato did it…so I could see you."

"What?" Both Narutos said.

"I just give birth to you. Shortly after I gave birth we were attack. The Kyuubi attacked Konoha and Minato did what he had to do. He needed to stop the Kyuubi and I agree to help him. He was doing this for the safety of the village and his family." Kushina frown.

"I was low on chakra. I knew I was nearing my end. I was willing to die with the Kyuubi just for you to survive. I told Minato go on raise you on his own. But he refuse he refuses to live a life without me. The Kyuubi was about to kill you I sacrifice myself to save you. I was willing to die for my son so he may live and so did Minato. I know my words will never earn your true love or forgiveness. Do what want you want with me but, know this I am sorry Naruto. I am sorry you lived lonely life without me or Minato to shield you as a child. But I love you I would do anything just so my son could live a happy life." Kushina smiled at the Narutos.

Naruto smiled at his mother but Dark Naruto didn't buy it at all. Dark Naruto growled as he stomp his way to Kushina. He grabbed her by her throat "Anything huh? Alright than how about you screaming my name will do."


Kushina's eyes widen upon what she saw. Naruto punched his dark side. Dark Naruto flew across in the air and crash down.

"You…" Dark Naruto looked surprise what Naruto did.

"Long as I draw breath I will not stand by and see others bring pain to others for their selfish reason. Even if it's my dark side if you and I are the same then you know this is wrong and we cannot blame her for what has happen sixteen years ago. Grow up and accept the past but let us shape our future." Naruto told his Dark side.

"How can we shape our future if you keep holding the past? Sasuke left us in the dusk. It is YOU WHO NEEDS TO GROW UP! HE'S NO LONGER OUR FRIEND! I will not let go of the past so long as you do! He will pay and so will she! She will feel our pain and suffering." Dark Naruto ran towards Naruto hitting him with a Dark Rasengan.

Naruto got send ten feet away from the two. Naruto quickly got up from the ground "Damn that hurts."

Dark Naruto smirk "This is going hurt a lot more." Naruto snapped his fingers as four shadows came out from Dark Naruto's shadow thus creating four dark shadow clones.

The Dark shadow clones of Dark Naruto smash their hands into the ground as dark chakra chains came out from the ground wrapping around Naruto's arms, legs and stomach, neck. Naruto struggle against the chakra chains but felt their dark power kept him in place.

Dark Naruto turned his attention to Kushina and smirk "You will suffer. I will make him suffer through you." Dark Naruto grabbed Kushina by the neck of her shirt and ripped her top off in one go. Kushina tried to struggle against Dark Naruto's control. Dark Naruto placed his lips against Kushina's soft beautiful lips.

Naruto watched as his Dark-side was going to rape his mother before him; no he was going to rape his mother. Naruto and Dark Naruto was the same person. He was Naruto's pain, suffering, anger and guilt. Everything Naruto been through he was born from it.

"No, stop it." Kushina struggled.

"Why should I? It was yours and his fault for all of this. You said you never wanted this to happen to us. But you agreed with him, you agreed for this to happen to us your own son!" Dark Naruto yelled at Kushina "You deserve this punishment, we never had the chance to feel what is like to be loved to know what a parents love was all about. What having a real family was like! No we were robbed from it since the day we WERE BORN! We are your son and how…how…could you let this happen to your own son!" Dark Naruto stripped Kushina naked.

"You're right…" Dark Naruto heard Naruto spoke.

Dark Naruto glare at the original "You are right; I do want to know why…why she agreed to this. We were robbed from our life our childhood our family. I may never know a mother's love or the love of parents or true family love. But doing this to her making her suffer won't help us get revenge on him."

"No, He's right Naruto I do deserve to be punished, I deserve to suffer." Kushina spoke as her words caught both Naruto and Dark Naruto's attention.

"Kaa-san no, this isn't right." Naruto said.

"No it's alright. I deserve this. I shouldn't have done something else about it. I shouldn't have died with the Kyuubi. But Minato…he didn't want you to grow up without knowing that we truly did loved you. I was dying I was the former host of the Kyuubi and I just gave birth to you. I am sorry Naruto, I'm sorry you've suffer alone; I am sorry you grew up without knowing us of who we are. I am sorry, I am failure. I fail to protect my son from the cold world I've failed as mother. Please forgive me Naruto." Dark Naruto saw Kushina had tears running down her faces. She would accept the punishment she would be given even if it was her own son the one who was going to punish her. Be it hateful words or punishment or rape she would accept it all just to make right to wrongs her son suffered.

Kushina felt Dark Naruto's charka chains started to weaken. Kushina wrapped her arms around Dark Naruto's neck as she hugged him "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry please forgive me. I never wanted you to suffer not once, not ever."

'See she does care about us. She doesn't deserve this, she's my mother, she's our mother.' Naruto's thoughts reached out to his Dark-side. Dark Naruto felt defeat once again he was hugged by his original self and now their mother was hugging him. He was being given her love the same love she gave her Naruto so long ago.

"So this is what is like to be loved." Dark Naruto chuckled. The Dark Uzumaki smiled as his dark evil eyes brighten to clear blue eyes. As the shadow Naruto along with his clones vanished into bright energy as that bright energy rush towards the original Naruto.

Naruto defeated his darkness once again. Naruto fell down to his knees. Naruto felt a shadow case over him. Naruto looked up to see his mother Kushina. Kushina kneel down to hug Naruto.

"I'm so sorry Naruto, I never wanted this to ever happen to you baby. I love you, I never wanted to leave you honey please forgive me. Can you forgive me? Can you forgive your mommy?" Kushina asked Naruto, with a tearful smile.

"I forgive you Mom, I never hated you…I just was…I was just angry, angry how my whole life was nothing but lies and secrets. All I want was to have a family and to be love, is it so wrong to be love and have a family?" He asked his mother.

Kushina shook her head "No honey, no."

Kushina grab Naruto his cheeks and kissed him on the lips as Naruto's eyes widen in surprise "I love you Naruto."

Naruto smiled at his mother as she hugged her son again, Naruto broke the hug and stared into Kushina's beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes were just like his, she was pure beautiful. Before him was his beautiful naked mother.

"Mom…I'm sorry my dark…side got the better of me. He was right, how I felt. How angry I was at dad. I thought I left it behind. But I guess I didn't. And he was going to take you just to get revenge on dad."

"Don't you mean you?" Kushina said raise her right eyebrow.

"Oh right, yeah I…true to be told. Mom you're beautiful very beautiful and well you're naked and well…" Naruto paused as he blushed.

"You want me don't you?" She asked her son.

"Yes, I never had good luck with girls, and well." Naruto stood up as Kushina covered her mouth with both hands as Kushina saw a large bulge in Naruto's pants.

"Did I do that?" She asked her son.

"Kind of…I admit I had…dark thoughts. He was me after all. And I guess when he and I fuse back as one his lust for you didn't go away." Naruto admitted though embarrass he is.

"I…need…release and I want you…mom. I want you right now. I know this might ruin our relationship as mother and son. But I just want to be loved. I've never been loved or know what it is like." Naruto sighed with a large heavy.

"Honey…it's alright. I love you, this maybe the only chance I can give you the love that you never gotten from both the love of a mother and the love of a woman. This won't ruin our relationship honey. This won't change you're my son your Minato and my son. We loved you so much. Now take off your pants mommy's about to give her baby some loving." Kushina winked at her son, Naruto blushed heavily while his mother chuckle.

Naruto's pants dropped to the floor as Naruto slightly tiled his head back, as he moan lightly. The sound of Kushina sucking on her son penis was heard. Kushina bobbed her head greatly as her face was blushing of embarrassment as well as Naruto was.

Mother and son in the form of taboo a form of incest bonding. Kushina felt her son's eight inch penis bobbing in and out of her throat. Kushina slightly move stings of her hair to the side. Kushina felt Naruto's penis popped out from her mouth as Naruto crash down on his butt.

"You're amazing mom." Naruto smiled as Kushina looked away while blushing.

"Really?" she asked, Naruto nodded. Naruto went to Kushina as his mother blush upon him being so close to her. Naruto grab Kushina's breasts and felt how soft his mother's breasts were. Naruto kissed Kushina on her lips again. Kushina placed her right hand on Naruto's penis jerking her off while kissing him.

After a short while Kushina stop jerking Naruto off and lay down on her back with her legs open wide.

Naruto stroked his penis and thrust it inside Kushina's pussy slow with gentle trusts.

Kushina bite her bottom lip before she moan "Yes just like that!" Naruto trusted his penis inside his mother's pussy giving it to her. Naruto felt Kushina getting tighter Kushina lend forward she wrapped her legs around Naruto's hips.

Naruto pulled Kushina upward as her breasts pushed against his chest. Naruto's hands held a tight grip around Kushina's big round ass. Kushina gripped on to Naruto's shoulder. Kushina panted while feeling Naruto pumping it deeper inside her wet pussy.

It didn't take long for Naruto to send Kushina on the edge of her orgasm. She felt it deep inside hitting her g-spot hard and deep. Her own son was bringing her to an orgasm. Naruto bare his teeth as he came inside his mother's womb, Kushina let out a loud moan as Naruto lay her down.

"I love you mom, I forgive you." He smiled at his mother.

"It's okay Naruto. I love you too honey. And I'm so sorry we put you through all that suffering, mommy's here and I won't leave you alone again, I promise." Kushina hugged her embracing their mother and son moment together.


Anyway as I said before this is 50% of Incest type NaruKushi, the rest are in different style and none related NaruKushi. As such what if Naruto and Kushina were married and not related what if they were Minato parents or Tsunade's.

Other style being in Modern world as well beside in Naruto world as well or possible in another world or crossover style.

These were the highest selected one everyone asked of me to make.

Mother and Son Love-52 votes

Stepmother and stepson-40 votes

Teacher and student-33 votes

Father Ex-girlfriend and son-34 votes

Boss and Coworker-47 votes

Cougar and young man-43 votes

Grandmother and Grandson-58 votes

Kissing Cousin-40 votes

Female Alien and Human Male-55 votes

Master and Slave-57 votes

Beside those above, I will write down many different Naruto and Kushina encounters. As such Naruko X Kushina-Yuri style or Futanari or Amazon Kushina or Jungle Naruto, Tall Kushina, Short Naruto or Kushina, Mistress Kushina slave-boy Naruto, Monster love, bah, bah, bah the list goes on.

Note this is Naruto X Kushina only! I wanted to make a fic or oneshots of them only but, I will say there might be some that Naruto X Kushina X? Someone else not sure who maybe a twin sister or friend but KNOW THIS! Naruto is the only male with Kushina especially during the lemon.

Each oneshot chap or mutli chap will end with a lemon or a great end romance of the two together. Also each one shot was a fic idea that I had in my mind that could or would have been a full story but was either not fully finish or never came to the light of creation.

Well that all for now everyone!

Also I know what is happening with fanfic, I tone down the lemon and the first chapter itself the real version is a Naruto X Kushina X Dark Naruto lemon threesome but I tone it down so maybe next it when it mother x son turn I will make a full Kushina X Dark Naruto chap, I have decided to take a risk and post this on fanfic and see what happens. If I am deleted then I shall return everyone. I will return…I promise you-smile-also I would have post this up sooner but however issue with life and family problems…lots of it.

I made the first chapter mother and son for fun, next chapter will be either

Grandmother and Grandson-No she's won't be that old Kushina will look like herself just bit older.

Master and Slave-Not sure who is who, is Naruto the slave or is it Kushina?

Female Alien and Human Male-Rare encounter there

Anyway see ya later everyone! And hopefully they won't delete this fic...again!