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Chapter 1: The Grinning Salesman

Every year, from October 8th to October 10th, the village of Konohagakure no Sato held its biggest, most renowned, and most wondrous festival, in celebration of the anniversary of the Kyuubi no Youko's defeat.

This three-day festival was one of the things that Konoha was most renowned for, and it attracted salesmen and patrons from all the around the Elemental Countries.

It seemed like everyone had something to gain by being at the festival. Salesmen could come from all over and make a hefty profit on their wares, and the villagers of Konoha could bask in the enjoyment that the festival brought to them.

With that determination in mind, a strange, red-headed man stepped into the village after being checked by the village Chuunin guards. Although they had found several bizarre masks, there was nothing in the pack that could be considered dangerous, as far as they were concerned.

This was the second time the strange man had been to Konoha for the festival, and as a mask salesman he had not been disappointed with the village the first time. The village's masks were something to be beheld, and he had made a fair number of sales that year as well.

As the man walked throughout the village, he attracted many strange stares from its residents. Mothers rushed their children into their house after they pointed at him, and there were several glares and odd looks from the villagers pointed his way.

He was hardly a testament to normalcy in these parts, though. He was wearing very gaudy purple clothes and carried a backpack larger than he was, which had several strange masks strapped to it. The bright red hair and pointed ears set him apart from everyone else, but what really caught everyone's attention was his smile.

It never faded from his face, even slightly, which made it all the more unnerving the longer you looked at it. It looked so out of place as well; the man barely looked human with that smile glued on his face and his squinting, unopened eyes.

Nevertheless, he ignored the odd looks he was getting and kept up his smile as he walked at a leisurely pace throughout the village. Hopefully, he would get to the village square before sundown and begin setting up his shop. The beginning of the festival was in approximately three or so weeks; he had gotten here extra early in order to make a few additional sales before the festival.

He watched a few shinobi jump from roof to roof, and shook his head. In many ways, this world was very strange compared to his own, but in many ways it was far more mundane. There were no Gorons, Zoras, Deku, or any of the other species that made up his world. Not to mention, this world didn't even know about the existence of magic. Yet, they did have something to replace that, the "chakra" as they called it. It was something the salesman didn't really understand.

The salesman looked up into the sky, noticing that it was free of anything... unusual. His grin widened a little bit further at that, and he squinted his eyes even more.

When he got to the main square he was pleasantly surprised. There were only two other mask salesmen who had decided to get to the village early and set up shop. That was a lot less than he had been expected, and it only lessened the competition.

"Excuse me, sir?" he said to a passing civilian. The man looked at his strange garb and creepy face warily, before the salesman spoke again.

"Would you happen to know where I may set up my shop?" he asked politely. The man's face contorted in understanding as he noticed the large pack of masks on his back.

"You here for the festival?" he asked, before he pointed to a large, red building across the square from there.

"That building is the Department of Tourism. They should be able to handle all your questions, concerns, and set you up with a stand. They provide special treatment to those who visit around the time of the festival," he said. The salesman thanked the man and turned to walk away, but the local said one last thing to the saleman's turned back.

"Hope you have a good time. The Kyuubi festival is our pride and joy around the village. Though, I hope your visit isn't soiled by the presence of the demon kid..." he said, before he laughed and walked away, going about his own business.

The saleman's grin faded slightly; he looked at the receding man, before his smile turned into a contemplative frown. His eyes snapped open, revealing angry, bloodshot orbs that stared at the ignorant villager.

As soon as the frown came it had gone, the wicked smile and squinted eyes on the saleman's face once more. He turned back around and began walking at a leisurely pace towards the Department of Tourism.

Three hours later, he had his makeshift stand on display in the village plaza, with the kanji for "Masks" displayed proudly on a billboard right beside it. It was a humble little stand, but it would do quite nicely since it was only temporary. He sat his large backpack right beside himself, and began to unpack some of the masks that would go on display.

He grimaced a little bit as he shuffled through to a mask that had caused him severe problems in the past. And with just how evil and scary it looked, there would be no one willing to take this mask off his hands. It practically screamed "curse".

It was kind of gaudy too, though it really reflected the power that was held within the mask. The display of purple with a little bit of red sprayed in some points all over the mask made it shine with an otherworldly appearance. There were colorful little spikes poking out of the bottom of the mask, with two more at the top, giving the impression of horns.

However, what was most striking of all was the eyes of the mask. Two perfectly round, orange orbs that stared into your soul. They seemed to follow you everywhere you went, but they never moved.

The Happy Mask Salesman had done everything in his power to procure that mask, and when he finally had it, it had caused several problems for him. Besides the fact that it had tried to destroy a whole other world less than a year ago, it always seemed to bring pain and misfortune wherever it went. Though the evil had supposedly vanished from the mask, he always got a strange vibe whenever he looked at it.

Taking that thing out would only hurt his business, so he put the accursed thing back from whence it came. It wouldn't do to put a magical mask on display here; those would only cause panic. So the salesman simply put up some less dangerous, decorative masks that would be sure to sell like hotcakes. The one he put on display near the front one was of his favorites. It was a mask that depicted a mustachioed man in a red cap that had an "M" on it. This model always seemed to sell well.

A few more hours came and went by for the salesman, and the sun was beginning to come down over the horizon. He only sold one mask today, but that was to be expected since the festival was still far away. Maybe he went turn in for the night, or see if he could get a few deals on some new mask models from the other salesmen.

He heard a little bit of yelling come from the center of the village square, noticing a row of about a dozen people shouting at something. Whatever the case, they didn't look very happy.

Curious, the salesman wandered up to the group of villagers, pushing his way into the group to see what these people were apparently crowding around.

They were yelling things such as "demon kid" and "fox demon", and the Happy Mask Salesman didn't know what to think about that. If there was some kind of demon here, wouldn't the village be on alert?

He set his eyes on the target of the villager's ire, a blond boy who couldn't have been older than eleven or twelve. Who at the moment was clearly getting overwhelmed by the amount of vitriol he was getting. A pouty frown was set upon his face, his eyes squinted and somewhat angry as he regarded the villagers.

The salesman was smiling at the moment, but on the inside he was a little bothered as to why the villagers were treating a child this way. Child didn't seem to be the right word though, he looked about the same age as the boy who had saved Termina, perhaps a little bit older.

Whatever the case, the child turned his back from the row of villagers and ran in the opposite direction, over to the other side of the village square.

The salesman watched him go, staring as the boy hid underneath the eves of one of the buildings. He looked so sad and lonely, something that shouldn't exist on a face so young.

The salesman stared for a little longer, before he turned away from the dissolving ruckus and went back towards his stand to clean up for the night.

Thirty minutes later, as he was sweeping the ground around his stand, the salesman heard a loud crash come a building approximately fifty feet away from his stand. It seemed to be a small market from the looks of things, judging from the cloves of garlic that hung in the windowsill.

Tossed through the open door of the store was the same blond-haired boy that had been harassed by the villagers earlier. He was thrown into the dirt like he was less than garbage, and his belongings were tossed out with him a few seconds afterwards.

"You little punk! How dare you try and steal food from my store! If I told you once, I've told you a million times; I don't allow your kind to shop in my market. So take your dirty money and get out of my sight!" said the voice of a fat, bald, bull-faced man as he walked out the front door of the shop. The boy didn't shy away; he screamed obscenities at the man before he took off in full force.

The man shouted something the salesman didn't hear, and from the looks of things the boy didn't hear it either, or he just ignored it, because he never stopped to look back.

Then, as fate would have it, he tripped directly in front of the Happy Mask Salesman's stand. The market owner was still shouting, but he never left his property alone.

The boy grumbled for a bit, wincing as he got over the pain and to his feet. The Happy Mask Salesman stood over the boy, trying to make sure he was alright. Naruto looked over to the right when he saw the shadow looming over him, and took one glance at the squinting, smiling man that was crouching over.

Naruto gasped and scrambled to his feet, shocked at the outlandish appearance of the salesman. The salesman chuckled at the boy, before he walked back behind his stand.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto in an accusatory tone, as if the salesman was one of the villagers who would treat him poorly. The salesman never lost his grin, instead choosing to lean his elbows on the wood and fold his hands together.

He raised an eyebrow when the boy screamed in alarm and got into a peculiar stance. He looked over to his side, and noticed that the boy had his eyes locked on a very outlandish looking bull mask that he had on display. It's dead appearance made it look intimidated, and the war paint and tribal markings on it didn't help one bit. His masks were very foreign to the Konoha villagers after all. It was a melting pot of culture exchange.

"Watch it, I'll kick your ass, jerk. I know some cool jutsu that I will use on you!" he shouted at the mask, which obviously didn't respond to him. The Happy Mask Salesman chuckled some more at the boy's antics.

"Young man, are you a ninja?" he asked.

The boy seemed to take notice of the salesman rather than the bull mask, and he smiled and gave a thumb's up to the foreigner.

"Yeah, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, student of the academy! But someday I'll be a ninja, and not just any ninja. I'll be the greatest Hokage that ever lived!" he shouted passionately. He seemed to forget all about the saleman's previous unnerving appearance.

"Um, who are you? Why do you look so funny?" he asked again. Although he didn't show it, Naruto was also confused as to why the salesman wasn't showing him hatred right now.

"Hmm, you've probably figured out by now that I'm not a local of this village. You may call me the Happy Mask Salesman; I travel all around the world looking for unique and exotic masks to add to my collection, or to sell. I've made it my job to come to this village for the annual Kyuubi festival. I hope to introduce the village of Konoha to my very unique mask collection!" he said.

"Hmm, really?"

The salesman was perplexed at that. The boy had seem somewhat excited to talk to him, to talk to someone that didn't seem to hate him. Yet, near the end of the conversation, Naruto seemed to become a lot more subdued and mellow, almost depressed even. Perhaps there was a much deeper facet to this boy's personality than he let on?

"Have you been to the festival before?" he asked. The Happy Mask Salesman saw the boy's sad eyes, and his face turned into a frown.

"Yes, once before. What's the matter, you live in this village. Shouldn't you have gone to the Kyuubi festival before?" the salesman asked back.

Naruto shook his head.

"No, I'm not allowed to go the festival. I've tried to go to the festival before... and when I do, I always get chased off. I have to barricade myself within my apartment. Usually, the villagers are content to just glare at me around the village... but the Kyuubi festival always brings out something more within them. There's always a thug or two that will beat me up around this time of year. And the other villagers will just ignore me if they see me get into a fight."

The salesman didn't say anything, but was concerned about the boy's well-being. What did this child do to draw the ire of so many of Konoha's villagers?

Naruto turned his attention onto a fox mask which bore a slight resemblance to the Kyuubi itself. The Happy Mask Salesman noticed the boy's curiosity, before he picked up the mask and showed it to him.

"This is a very popular model from where I'm from. It's called a Keaton Mask. They say that whoever wears it may be subject to meeting Keaton himself, and they may receive a reward if they answer his quiz questions correctly," he explained. Naruto seemed to take a particular interest in that mask.

"Though, judging from what I've seen last time, it seems fox masks won't be very welcome at the Kyuubi festival. Most people are just content to wear a mask of a blonde man. He kind of looked like you, if I'm to be honest..."

"That's the Yondaime Hokage! He's the hero who saved this village from the Kyuubi no Youko. It makes sense that people would want to wear masks of him!" Naruto replied.

"Is that so?" The Happy Mask Salesman mused. "It wouldn't hurt them to put a little creativity in their masks, though..." he thought to himself, though he would never say that out loud.

Naruto was still staring at him, seemingly waiting for him to say something. An awkward silence arose between the two of them, before the Happy Mask Salesman picked up the Keaton Mask.

"Here. Why don't you take this mask home? I'll give you a little slice of the festival you've been missing out on, free of charge. I hope you'll find it to your liking..." he said, holding out the Keaton Mask to Naruto.

The way Naruto's face lit up made the generous act all worth it, for the boy smiled the brightest and most cheerful smile the mask salesman had seen in a long time.

He picked up the mask, feeling the papier-mâché on the inside of the mask, before he put it over his face. Squinted fox eyes not unlike his own stared back up at him as the boy tested his new appearances.

"Thank you!" the masked boy said happily, before he turned and ran in the opposite direction. Interestingly enough, a few fearful screams could be heard from the villagers. The Happy Mask Salesman smiled; his day just got a little bit better.

The salesman's day at the hotel was as uneventful as usual. Strangely enough, he would look out the window every few hours and stare at the moon... as if he were just waiting for something to happen.

The next day however, held many more surprises for the strange mask salesman. The same boy from yesterday stopped by his stand again, and he looked a little bit worse for wear. His Keaton Mask was nowhere to be seen.

"Heheheheh. I got a little carried away..." he said sheepishly, smiling all the way.

The Happy Mask Salesman looked perplexed.

"...Naruto? What happened to you?" he asked, slightly concerned for the boy's well-being. He looked like he had gotten into a nasty fight with someone.

"Well, since I got a mask I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull a few pranks! But, it turns out it wasn't the best idea to wear a fox mask around the village," he said a little glumly. He tried to make himself seem upbeat, but the Happy Mask Salesman saw through it immediately.

"I should've known better than to wear something like that in the village. A thug from the back alley of my apartment saw my mask, and decided it was a good idea to beat me up..."

"I'm sorry! This was all my fault! I should've realized that fox masks would be taboo in the village!" The Happy Mask Salesman apologized profusely.

"No, don't apologize!" Naruto said frantically, waving his hands out in front of him. He smiled at the Happy Mask Salesman.

"All this time, I thought there was no one who would ever be nice to me other than the old man and Iruka-sensei. But, now I've got someone to add to that list..." he said.

"... Thank you," he said happily.

The Happy Mask Salesman grinned a little wider, at seeing his mission of making people happy getting fulfilled. But, Naruto wasn't done quite yet. He was busy looking at all the strange masks that the salesman had on display in his stand.

"Hey..." he began, as he browsed through the collection.

"Can you tell me a little more about masks?"

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