"You're so messy." Peter said.

"I'm going to blame that trait on you." I smiled towards Peter who was in the kitchen chair beside me while I fed Cassie.

"How is that my fault?" He asked as he reached over and wiped the orange goo away with his thumb.

"Have you seen where you live? It's filthy."

"Where we live," He corrected. "And there are six other boys that live there."

As if on cue, a trail of young boys ran through the kitchen door chasing after a small glowing ball of light. Tink circled Cassie's head quickly before making her exit through the other door with the boys fallowing. It was amazing how much Tink loved Cassie.

"See, they're a mess too."

I smiled, "Yeah, but your no help to the matter."

"Fine," he said with a smile.

I looked back towards my baby girl who was bouncing in her highchair, causing her short black curls to bounce around her face. I smiled and lifted her from the chair. It was amazing how much she had grown in only a few months.

"I'll clean her up if you'll clean this," I said gesturing towards the gooey orange mess that covered…everything.

He wrinkled his nose. "Fine."

I started out of the room but stopped when Cassie began reaching for Peter.

"Well, she is defiantly a daddy's girl," I said with a smile as I handed her to Peter.

"Have fun."

I stuck my tongue out at him as he walked out the door. With a sigh I turned and started cleaning the goo.

When I was finally done riding the kitchen of baby food I headed toward the living room. I was walking through the front hallway when my attention was caught by a small pile of papers lying in front of the door. I lifted the mail from the floor and began flipping through it. My breath caught in my chest when I found an envelope from the lab we sent Cassie's blood sample.

I dropped the rest of the mail and hurried into the living room were Peter sat playing with Cassie. I watched as he lifted the small baby in the air while making bubble faces. The baby's laughter rang throughout the room. Peter's face lit up when she reached out with what appeared to be an attempt at grabbing his nose. The smiles that spread across their faces were almost identical.

I glanced down at the envelope in my hand then back up at the two. Cassie was so beautiful and even though she had only been in our lives for a short period of time I couldn't imagine her not being here. She was amazing and I loved her so much. And so did Peter. No matter what was in this envelope Cassie is our baby. Peter's baby. I don't care if she was created through an act of love or hate she is Peter's daughter.

"Whatcha doing?" Peter asked as he settled Cassie into his lap.

I smiled, "Nothing."

"What's that?" He gestured to the letter.

I glanced down at it then said, "It's not important, we'll talk about it later."

He smiled, "Well, come play with us then."

"Okay." I walked to the bookshelf and pulled an old, dusty book from the shelf and wedged the envelope in between two pages before putting the book back in its place where it would stay for a very long time.

I hope you guys liked my story and I'm really sorry it took so long to get this last chapter up. I am thinking about writing a sequel but I'm still not sure yet. I do want to thank one of my wonderful friends, Cara Thompson, for all of her enthusiasm and suggestions even though I know this chapter probably angered her very much. Thank you to everyone for reading! :)