Okay, people. I'm dealing with some hardcore writer's block on Arx, so I'm willing to cut you a deal. For some time I've had people ask about more stories in the Roundabout Verse. For December 2014 I'm willing to take one-shot requests for Roundabout Destiny.

Do you want to see one of the alternate destinies that Hermione Saw in a vision? (Repudiated Hermione, or Hermione 3.0?)

Do you want to see something from their future? (Christmas with the Black family, or Harry and Luna's First Date?)

Do you want to see something else? (I honestly don't know what you guys want to seeā€¦)

PM me with your request. I'll try to tackle as many as I can. You guys do that for me, and I'll try to get out a chappie of Arx before the end of the year. :P