Shira has been running up and down hills, through trees and rocks on adrenaline rush letting everything that just happened to her sink in. She's free of Gutt and the pirate life. It's like a leash that's been tightening its grip on her neck suddenly broke. And a certain hazel eyed peach furred saber was the man who freed her. She had to admit he was easy on the eyes, very easy. But she never showed it. He was just as stubborn, quick witted, and sarcastic as she was.

Seeing him run pass everything she tossed at him when she as running away on the island, she was feeling a twist of fear, amazement, and attraction. He did get the better of her and caught her, which both annoyed her, but strangely enticed her. The fact that he actually tried to help her that night with water, was also something that intrigued her. Just a few hours ago, he was chasing her and threw her in that tree prison; then in the middle of the night, he gives her water. They learn they're not that different since they both wanted out of pack life and as much as she hated to admit it, she knew he had a point, she traded one pack for another. While he actually felt proud of his twisted herd life. She actually felt envious that he was so happy and she really wasn't, even though she always thought she was. And as cliché as it was seeing Diego look her in the eye and say 'come with us, come with me', she realized him and his herd were right for her. She literally risked her life for him because she knew Gutt was going to have her pelt for her mutiny. But it was all worth it. When Diego welcomed her to the herd, she couldn't help but feel soooo warm and happy. He tried to look all tough and not look her in the eye but she knew he felt something too. Looking into his eyes she could see their future together perfectly.

Shira stopped her sprint and stood over a waterfall on a boulder trying to catch her breath. She hears some deep breathing behind her and the pitter patter of paws. She turns and chuckles to see her exhausted mate trying to catch his own breath.

" case you weren't hearing me an hour ago back there…ya know I was right behind you calling…."Diego managed to let out. Shira just giggled and started to run circles around him. "Eh give a girl a break this is the first time in years I felt sooo, sooo FREE!"Shira laughed. "I mean no Gutt, so crew, no more endless days and nights of fruit and no meat, I can actually do what I want! It's a big deal."Shira said stopping her happy prance and facing Diego.

"Hey hey I get. I know what you mean. It felt great when I wasn't part of my pack and didn't have anyone breathing down my neck. Of course now I gotta deal with Sid and his oh so warm granny."Shira chuckled at that comment. "Eh you can get through ya big softie."

"You just fought off a gang of pirates, an impressive saber, and a giant monkey, you've gone through the worst."Shira said giving him a punch to his shoulder.

"Actually compared to a flood, humans, dinosaurs, and animal eating plants, your crew was nothing compared to that."Diego pointed out walking the other way towards the herd. Shira quirked an eyebrow and followed. Did she hear right?

"Did you say animal eating plants?"Shira wondered. "Yep and three baby dinosaurs that thought the sloth was their mom."Diego pointed out. "What next demented weasels?"Shira sarcastically mentions. Diego looks the other way not even going there.

"Shira you wouldn't believe the crazy things I've seen. But lets just say I've lived a full life so far."Diego said.

" anyway i just wanna..thank you..for everything. I wouldn't have gone with you guys if you didn't talk me into it."Shira said stopping next to Diego and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Hey anytime, you were too good to be part of pirate crew"Diego says trying to sound sarcastic but ended up sounding sincere and sweet. Shira smiled warmly and so did Diego. Their faces get closer, about to nuzzle until...

"HA WOO! YOU WORK IT DUDE!" "GO DIEGO GO!" "DIEGO'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!"Cried the two possums from a top a branch looking down below.

Diego looks down in shame. Of all the timing. "Nice timing guys! Real nice!"Diego shouted and walked back to the herd. Shira watches his brooding figure leave and can't help but find it adorable when he's irritated.

"Hey do you really like Diego or what"Crash asks hanging upside down looking into Shira's sapphire eyes. "Stupid of course she does"Eddie slaps his brother. "You don't know that!"Crash retorts. "Do so!" "Not!" "So!" "Not!"

"Eh! Uh who are you guys again?"Shira asks.

"Oh we're Ellie's brothers!"They say hugging upside down. "A mammoth with two possum brothers?"Shira questioned.

"Yep!"They say together.

"And I thought the old bat with the stick was strange."Shira said while walking away as well the same way Diego went.

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