[I just first want to thank everyone who has reviewed my 'can you keep up' story. It was the first one I did on , and I've gotten over 100 comments and I'm so HAPPY! Thank You! Second, I'm happy to say that I am going to start posting the second story or 'sequel' to my first story soon and I have an idea that I first must say that it will not involve Scrat, Louis, and maybe not Buck.

The reason is because I have no idea for a funny scene for Scrat and feel it is up for another writer to do because I feel only the actual writers of the series can do it justice. Please don't hate me, but I just wasn't all that interested in the character Louis. He was adorable but not the interesting. Buck was a fun character and one I loved writing about, but I think it'd be more trouble doing him and the other characters. I'm on the fence about including him in the story.

Here's a secret about the storyline idea I have for the sequel. I plan on bringing back an old character with their own story background. I want this to be the END because I really feel they need to stop with the movies because each movie had the same lesson and I'm trying to do something new. I also plan on a temporary or maybe permanent 'separation' of the herd. I think it would cement it as the final movie.

As a preview I will say that Diego and Shira will have 3 cubs, the herd will be attacked, old wounds will be opened, lines will be crossed, words that shouldn't have been said, and faces you never thought you'd see again.

I am not sure if I will open with Shira in labor and Diego in a panic because that would be déjà vu of the third movie, BUT it would be funny to see Diego all crazy and Shira going through mood swings…..so idk. You guys have been awesome and I want your opinion on whether or not I should start with that or jump to them with the cubs.

So please review and tell me your opinion because I am itching to get started on the sequel! [I can't believe I said 'itching' that is so corny but you guys have made me so happy]