So, it's been a while, yeah I know. I have no excuse except that the story stopped being fun. I didn't enjoy it. Burnt out maybe, whatever the reason, it'd kinda taken over my nights. I was working late- til two or three am, and then doing the story before going to bed. It got to be too much. Sorry it took so long for me to come back to it, and to those who are still reading, thank you. :) As of now, I've started a new playthrough in DAII, and am for the first time, being grumpy-Hawke. It's quite different.


"VARRIC!" Hawke bellowed clutching a small stack of papers she'd gathered from a tabletop in the Hanged Man. The smell of old beer, vomit and shame permeated the room. Also the stares. Each person had been staring and whispering since she entered the room. "VARRIC!"

"Andraste's tits, Hawke, what-" The dwarf had come running, holding Bianca at the ready. As soon as he saw her, he noted the papers. "Ah, that. You read it?" He asked trying to cover up a smirk.

"What do you think?" She spat.

"I think you're overreacting. Making a scene. Too bad Broody isn't here, that would drive my sales-" He caught the murderous glare, "Ah, er ahm. I meant that's not about you, Hawke. It's about lady Fawke, Totally different person. I shit you not."

"Varric…" She growled stepping forward papers clenched and balled in her fists. "That is going to get me noticed, and him too." She threw the wad of dirty fiction at him. As quick as you could blink, he'd fired Bianca and a bolt had nailed the ball of paper to the ceiling. "Oh nice sho- No. Varric, you have to stop this ridiculous serial. I cannot have you printing that trash about me or my affairs!"

"Although…" Isabela purred as she sauntered into the room, "The bit on page seven…" She pulled out the page 7, 'As his passions climaxed, he took her in his arms and together they burned up the night.' That was particularly …delightful." She winked at the dwarf on her way down for her morning grog. "I expect you-"

"Isabela." Hawke warned with a glare. "Not now."

"-r passions would be particularly potent if you had a such a… delicious elf to ignite them."

Hawke closed her eyes, "You are to stop printing! No More. Do you hear me? Write about Aveline, or Isabela, Not Me. Do you hear me?" She turned about and slammed the tavern's door on the way out.

Just as she left the bar, she heard Varric shout his reply. "It's about FAWKE not HAWKE!" She growled. Her life was now an erotic novel. Granted, most of Lowtown couldn't read, and Hightowners wouldn't, but still. Li'rae rubbed her face, and went back to her family's current… home. As she entered, her mother folded her arms, "Well?"

"Taken care of, mother." She said in a voice that, she hoped, would conclude the issue.

"Is it? Or is it the truth with mixed names?" Li'rae's blush returned, and she turned back to her mother.

"I promise you, there has been no passion burning nights. The only times I've touched Fenris, were to heal him, or pat him on the back."

"Is that some sort of double entendre?"

"Mother!" she snapped, mortified, "No! Maker's breath, woman. " She backed out of the house, livid at Varric, and hoping to the Maker that Fenris hadn't seen it. After all, it could only make things more awkward. "Think I'll take a walk." She grumbled and jogged off. Before she'd rounded two corners she found herself faced with three men and a dog. She placed a hand on her daggers, carefully extracting them, making a bit of a show of it too. "Hello." She said carefully, "And goodbye. I have business."

"You killed my boy." One of the men said harshly, he was Ferelden. It was clear by the Mabari at his side and the accent in his voice. "Javen was just trying to make a living for our family, and you killed him."

"The only men I've killed, Serrah, were men who stood between me and the safety of my family." She pulled her blades free of their sheathe. "Please don't make me add you to the list."

"You would say that!" The second man snapped, pointing a sword, "You would kill my brother in cold blood, then say it was his fault! Kill 'er Bandris!" The dog's ears flicked up and his teeth bared, at his master's command.

Li'rae didn't relish the idea of taking on a Mabari without her companions or her magic, but it was broad daylight, and there were too many places people could look to see her from. She swung her blades quickly, then threw a flashbomb into the animal's face, before flipping over it, and taking the old man by the throat, "Call it off, or your father dies." She said quietly. "I'd rather not have this go any further."

The younger man eyed her nervously but the older man was still. "You could kill me, serrah Hawke. You could kill me and my son. But I doubt you could kill the both of us and the hound. Javen was a good lad. I'd die to avenge him."

"And you will if you're not careful." Li'rae said, "Don't make me kill another good man." She plead. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Merrill climbing the stairs from the Alienage. She made an 'Oh' with her mouth then slowly drew her staff. "Please do not make me kill a Mabari and two good men." She said loudly so that Merrill would work out that she was trying not to turn this into a blood bath.

The old man sniffed, but said nothing. The younger one said, "What about mom. If we die…"

"If you die, who has she got in a town of Marchers? Who has she got, eh? We're all Ferelden. I'd not kill my countrymen if I had a choice."

"Fine. Bandris." He gave a hand sign for quit, and the dog relaxed a bit, its teeth still bared as its family was still in danger.

"What are you doing, boy?"

"I'm not going to risk it. Mother would die without us."

Hawke released the old man, though she raised her dagger before her, and eyed the pair as the son dragged his father away. "Oh that was close, Hawke. I thought they'd have-"

"But they didn't, and that's what matters." She said with a smile. "Care for a stroll, Merril?"

The dalish elf nodded and smiled, "That would be lovely." After a moment the pair began to stroll down the stairs, trotting by way of the markets. "So, were you coming to see me? Earlier, I mean."

"Actually yes. I have a lead on a job. We'll be tracking down a man who escaped from prison. Simple enough, except the city guard refuses to go in without backup."

The elf nodded, "Who else shall we bring with us, Hawke?" She asked, as though it were a walk through the park rather than a jaunt along the wounded coast.

"I'll get back to you on that. We'll be going tomorrow morning, so be ready."

"Alright, Hawke. Oh, I hope Varric will be coming, maybe we could have him tell us a story on the way… you know, to pass the time."

Li'rae sighed, "As long as it's not the one about Henris and Fawke."

"Oh, I've heard that one!"