Chapter 17

Rachel entered the hospital for the umpteenth time that week, signing in at the front desk. It had been nine days since Isabella had first been admitted to the hospital and she had only made a bit of progress. Finn and Rachel were both exhausted beyond belief. They both alternated between staying overnight in the hospital and sleeping home with Liam. Finn had to work some days and while he was at work, Rachel would be at the hospital. Their friends and Carole and Burt alternated with watching Liam. When Finn wasn't working he was at the hospital and Rachel was at home spending some time with Liam. Rachel and Finn would only see each other for thirty minutes a day.

Rachel opened the door to Isabella's room, smiling when her eyes landed on her husband lying on the cot with Isabella on his chest. "Hey."

"Hey." He grinned sleepily as he looked over at his wife.

"How's she doing?" Rachel asked as she placed her bag on the chair in the corner before sitting down on the cot.

"She seems somewhat better. I was making her laugh earlier. She slept pretty well." Finn said.

There was a knock at the door before the pediatric doctor entered the room. "Good morning, I have some news for you guys."

"Is everything okay?" Rachel asked anxiously.

"Yes. It's good news." He smiled. "I've got the results from last night's tests and Isabella has seemed to have made major progress. I think the second medication that we added yesterday gave her the boost she needed to fight it off."

Rachel let out a sigh of relief as a small smile found its way to her lips. "So she's going to be okay?"

"Well the chances of her fighting the meningitis off completely have increased tremendously. I would now say that she has a ninety five percent chance of recovering." He grinned. "We're going to keep doing what we're doing and I would say that she will only be here for another three or four days."

"That's wonderful! Thank you so much!" Rachel beamed.

"I'm just doing my job." The doctor replied, before he left the room.

Rachel squealed with excitement and dove into Finn's arms. "This is great!"

Finn smiled and wrapped his arms around his wife, kissing the top of her head. "I told you we'd get through this."

Isabella became increasingly healthier with each passing day and four days later, they were taking her home. Rachel smiled as she entered the house, Finn behind her holding the car seat. Rachel took it and placed it down beside the couch. She kneeled down and unbuckled her daughter, pulling her out of the seat. "Welcome home, baby girl."

"Look Liam, Mommy and Daddy are home." Hiram said as he entered the living room, cuddling his grandson. Leroy followed behind, smiling widely.

"Daddy, Dad, what are you guys doing here?" Rachel asked excitedly.

"We flew in late last night and called Kurt this morning. He told us Quinn had Liam so we picked him up and brought him home." Leroy explained, kissing his daughter on her head before hugging Finn.

"Thank you so much. Do you have a hotel? You can stay here." Rachel offered, moving to greet Hiram.

"Oh no, we have a hotel. You guys deserve to be alone and get back into a routine." Leroy said, taking Isabella from Rachel's arms. "We are angry you didn't tell us sooner."

"I knew you guys were on vacation and I knew you would come here if you found out."

"You need to stop worrying about what we do. You need to promise us that if something is wrong you will call us right away. We're going to start worrying all the time that something is wrong and you're just not telling us."

"Okay, okay. I promise I will call next time." Rachel said, talking Liam from her father. "I've missed you, baby."

"Well we're going to get out of your hair, but maybe we can grab dinner tomorrow night?" Leroy handed Isabella to Finn.

"Yeah that sounds good." Finn nodded.

"And Finn, if something happens in the future, you make sure she calls or you call us no matter how many times she tells you not to."

Finn chuckled and nodded. "Okay. You guys can stay."

"No, no. We'll leave you guys alone. We'll call later though."

Rachel said goodbye to her fathers before she collapsed onto the couch, cuddling her son. "You better not make us worried like your sister."

Finn sat on the couch beside his wife with Isabella in his arms. A smile stretched across his lip as he glanced at Rachel. "I know you're wondering why all these bad things happen to us, but it's just another thing that makes us stronger."

Rachel smiled and nodded. She leaned in a pressed a gentle kiss against his lips. "I love you."

"I love you more." He grinned.

"Nope. I love you more." Rachel giggled.

Finn sighed with a smirk. "If you say so."

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