Oh wow, my other b/m story was a hit... *sniffle* but i'll remain humble. This is a complex universe i'm treking into. AND GotenForever (if that's your name), and everypony, and Hugo V, your comments... made me squeal in delight! Also, the that princess girl who told me about spellcheck- thanks! I totally needed that, I always forget spellcheck!

Disclaimer. Hum. Just a quickie-story, so I don't have the energy to write a full one, cuz this isn't a full story.

Finn watched Marceline take to sky; as did Bubblegum. Day had been creeping over the mountains, a sure sign that Marceline should venture back home.

"Ya know PB, your face is always a little redder almost whenever you talk to her." Finn turned to her, a oblivious smile on his lips, making Bubblegum mentally sigh in relief. Then she replayed the sentence in her mind again.

Suddenly she inwardly twitched. Nearly all the time? Once had been worse enough, but with the way Marceline was looking at her... No, no, not that now. Thinking upon it now, my face did feel a tad warmer today when I tripped and fell nearly on top of her... Nah, it was prolly anger... She was so smug... Wait! Oh glob! Finn wants an answer!

In fact, her soul always felt a little warmer, less stressed whenever the Vampire Queen was around. Funny, considering she doesn't even have a soul. Then she'd be souless, but that can't be right, because, y'know, she's... funnykindpassionatepretty... SHADD UP MIND!

"What? I don't know what you're talking about. If I was blush-... I mean, red in the face i'd feel it, right?"

Finn looked thoughtfull. "I guess so. Must be a radical red in my eyes when i'm closing in for mathmatical kill! I mean, did you even see that troll, man, he was done for..."

"You're right..." Bubblegum pretended to hear Finn jump around a roundhouse kick the air as he rambled about the troll they came across in their trek away from the Ice Castle.

She wondered what Marceline was doing right now. Not that she cared.

"Hey!" Finn said suddenly, looking at her with a grin/smile. "I didn't realise it before, but you were totally getting redder just talking about Marceline! I wonder what that means! Nah, you probably at her because she pinched your butt!"

If Bubblegum had a mirror, she was sure she would win first prize in The Reddest Licorice competition.