Hey guys! Thanks so much for the reviews! I can't believe I got five in less than 24 hours! I'm sorry it's so short, but there isn't many lyrics to go off of, hence the short chap. Also, I had two options for this one-shot to go with the unconfessed feelings route, or to take the road of Cammie confessed and Zach is unresponsive. I chose the first, but let me know if you want me to write the second option too. This song is Distance by Christina Perri. For this one, I also suggest playing the song on repeat in the background- and don't forget to find the phrase 'Shards of Glass!' Oh, and also, give my beta, DiVaGiRl13 a round of applause! She's amazing, and you should go check out her awesome fic, What Happens When You Fall Hard. Happy Reading!

The sun is filling up the room, and I can hear you dreaming.

Do you feel the way I do? Right now.

I wish we would just give up, 'cause the best part is falling.

"Hey." Cammie's best friend, Zach, joined her on the bench at the bus stop; giving her the boyish grin she loved so much.

She beamed back. "Hey, Zach."

They sat in a comfortable silence, each lost in their own thoughts, before Zach broke the quiet. "What're you thinking about, Gallagher Girl?"

"Just about-" She caught herself, before finishing the thought inside her head. Just about how much I love you. Cammie shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, before giving a lame reply. "Just about the football game tonight."

Call it anything but love.

And I will make sure to keep my distance.

Say I love you, when you're not listening.

And how long can we keep this up? Oh, oh.

Later that day, Cammie was lying on her bed, repeating the words that she had wanted to say so, so, so badly earlier. "Zach, I love you." But she couldn't bear to say it to him. She wasn't brave enough to risk his friendship or take the chance to be rejected. Because, she knew, if he did cast her off, she would be absolutely shattered to shards of glass.

Please don't stand so close to me; I'm having trouble breathing.

I'm afraid of what you'll see right now.

Cammie took shaky breaths; Zach was standing so close to her, but it was almost too close for casual. Her heart was almost leaping out of her chest, and she could literally feel the warmth of his body radiating towards her. It felt so, so impossibly good, but she knew her reaction could cause some suspicion, so she reluctantly scooted away from him. What she didn't notice, though, was that there was a gleam of disappointment in Zach's eyes.

I give you everything I am, all my broken heartbeats, until I know you'll understand.

Cammie sighed, before pulling herself into a sitting position and hugging her knees to her chest. She would give up anything, everything, for him to know that she loved him.

And I will make sure to keep my distance.

Say I love you, when you're not listening.

And how long can we keep this up? Oh, oh, oh.

But she didn't know- sometimes he sent mixed signals, but she thought it was just some harmless best friend teasing.

And I keep waiting for you to take me.

You keep waiting to say what we have.

"Hey, Cam?"

"Yes, Zach?" She turned away from the TV to look at him.

"What are we?" He asked, his emerald eyes holding her sapphire ones.

"We're best friends, silly. We always have been, Blackthorne Boy." But then she turned away to hide the hot, prickling tears, and thought, but I wish we were more.

So I'll make sure to keep my distance.

Say I love you, when you're not listening.

And how long can we keep this up? Oh, oh, oh.

"I know that, Gallagher Girl… but-but…. You know what, never mind." He picked up the remote once again, and was about to turn the channel to House, when Cammie stopped him, he voice soft.

"But what?"

"It's nothing, Cam." His voice was monotone, signaling he didn't want to discuss it.

"It's not nothing if you wanted to talk about it," She persisted.

"Yes it is."

"No, it's not."





Finally, Zach exploded. "It's because I love you, alright!" She shouted, before storming out of the room. Cammie sat on the couch, frozen for a while, before thinking, He loves me. And I need to show him I love him too.

Make sure to keep my distance.

Say I love you, when you're not listening.

How long 'till we call this love, love, love?

The next day, Zach made his way to his locker, weaving skillfully through the crowds, while looking to avoid Cammie. This was all in vain, though, as the very same person was standing by his locker. He knew there was no avoiding the confrontation anymore, so he stepped up to her, took a deep breath, and said, "Cammie, I'm-" Only to be cut off by her crushing her lips to his. He froze for a moment, before responding so enthusiastically he lifted her off her feet.

As they broke apart, he leaned her forehead against his. He noticed people staring at the most popular boy and girl in the school, but thought, Let them stare.

Cammie's eyes were sparkling, and they were the most beautiful, deep shade of blue. "I love you, Blackthorne Boy."

He grinned in euphoria before replying, "I love you too, Gallagher Girl."