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Valentine Surprises

Hello everyone, this is my first ES21 fic, and it is Yaoi(M/M), so if you don't like, don't read.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, sadly.

Summary: Just a tiny Angel and an evil Devil on Valentine's Day. Hiruma x Sena.

Chapter 1:

Valentine's Day is the day for love. Every one who is in love can express their feelings to each other in many ways: by buying gifts, cards, or flowers (most of which are roses) or by going on a dinner date, taking a walk in the park, going to see a movie, or even taking a trip to the beach. Whatever it is, it's always something romantic.

And because of this, Valentine's Day is a day that has been circled on Kobayakawa Sena's calendar.

Although it was a very strange occurrence, the tiny running back of the Deimon Devil Bats noticed that the day of love was coming. Normally Sena didn't care too much about 2-14; Mamori-nee-chan usually gave him a sweet, heart-like chocolate, but that was from a sister to her younger brother. However, after he recognized his feelings for Hiruma Youichi, the captain of the Devil Bats, our (only for now) shy little Sena decided that he would make something special for his love. Now, poor Sena had to use all his bravery to come to that decision. He didn't know why he loved the devilish, tall, evil blonde. Sometimes he questioned himself, "If Hiruma was a girl, would I love him?" But he decided it didn't matter. As long as Hiruma was Hiruma, Sena would love him with all his heart.

Sena was sitting in class, but his mind wouldn't stop thinking about what he would give Hiruma for Valentine's Day. Looking out the window, he kept thinking,

"I don't know what Hiruma-san likes…. Maybe guns… no, I can't get him one… umm, what about flowers or comics? No, I saw what he did with those flowers that Team Dinosaur gave to the Devil Bats, and it seems like comics wouldn't be an appropriate gift for him…."

"Sena, can you tell me the answer to that question?"

Called on unexpectedly, Sena stood up immediately.

"Haiii, ah…uh...the answer is…ah…." After a short moment of Sena faltering, the teacher interrupted.

"Ok Sena, please sit down and pay your attention in class."

"Gomenasai, sensei!"

During lunch break, Monta caught up to Sena.

"Sena, you've looked very weird recently. Is something wrong, MAX?" asked the monkey-like boy.

The running back sighed. Could he tell Monta that he was worried about what he would give Hiruma for Valentine's Day? Could he say that he loved the Commander from Hell?

"Not really Monta, it's just…I'm having a little problem. But don't worry, I'm okay."

"But your face and your eyes don't say so. Please don't lie to me. I am your best friend, and friends never abandon each other when something's wrong. Now tell me your problem, Sena, MAX!"

Surprised by Monta's reaction, Sena felt warm. Maybe he could tell Monta. If he was lucky, Monta would help him.

"Uh…Monta-kun…I will tell you after practice, okay?"

"Yeah, MAX! I will wait."

It was February, so there was snow, as was the norm for cold winters like these. But even in the horrible weather the Devil Captain didn't make afternoon practice any easier; instead, he made it harder than ever. After one practice from Hell, all of the Devil Bats felt tired and nearly frozen. They changed their clothes and took a shower as quickly as possible. Sena and Monta were intentionally the two last members left in the clubhouse. Sure that nobody was there but them, Monta said, "Now, Sena, can you tell me your problem?"

The running back was confused. He had thought about that all day, but he didn't know where he could start. Sena took a deep breath, and then he answered, blushing a bit, "Uh…Well…Monta-kun, it's Valentine's Day in four more days, you know…."

The receiver understood and cut Sena off. "So you are seeing a girl and you don't know you will do on that day, huh, MAX?"

Oh, that saying made our (again, only for now) tiny Sena blush more. Monta had said half of the truth.

"Um…yes, I don't know what I will do. But...actually, Monta-kun…." It was really hard to say. "…I..I have fallen for a boy." His face was now red like a tomato.

"Oh, I see, that's more difficult than being in love with a girl. But, wait, you like BOYS?" Too surprised, the monkey-like boy had forgotten to say MAX.

Sena was silent. He feared he would lose his friend after all.

"Okay, that's fine, now who have you fallen for?"

Eyes widening, Sena asked, "You're okay with this?"



"Oh, just because we're friends."

Yes, a true friend was the one who would accept you, whoever you were. Sena wrapped his arms around Monta and hugged him tightly, as a tear fell down his cheek.

"Thank you, Monta, you don't know how much that means to me."

"Actually Sena, I…I am dating Tetsuma-sempai!"

Now it was Sena's turn to be shocked.

"Tetsuma? Tetsuma-san from Seibu, right? You…You are dating him?"

Now both boys had forgotten Monta's question about whom Sena loved.

"Um…yeah, it happened three weeks ago, after the Christmas Bowl. He said he liked me and I wanted to go out with him. It's strange when you see someone like him show love like that," Monta said, blushing. "Now back to my question: who did you fall for?"

"Well…That is… I fell for Hi-Hiruma-san," Sena answered, blushing intensely.

"Say what? Hi-Hiruma-san?" After all that, Monta was the one who had been the most shocked. He nearly screamed!

"Yeah…I don't know when I started to love him, but I know I love him very much…," Sena said.

"And you don't know what you should give him on Valentine's Day?"

"Um…that's right. I was thinking sweet things like a gift or flowers, but he wouldn't like them. Guns are a no—I don't want to be arrested…"

"I agree. Now let me see… oh, hey, how about chocolate? Can't mess up with that. Valentine's Day is all about chocolate. It's the only truly sweet-and-bitter candy, as my mom said, MAX!"

"Oh, how could I forget that? Okay, I will make some chocolate for him."

"I always see him eat sugar-free gum, so I'm guessing he'd like dark chocolate, MAX!"

"That would work, but I don't know how to make them. Do you?"

"Err…I don't know…Maybe you can ask Mamori-san to help you. She usually makes chocolate for everyone annually."

"Ok, I'll do that. Thanks Monta-kun. You're my best friend."

"So are you."

The two boys were suddenly startled by the BAM sound the door made.

"So you two ****ing Shrimps decided to stay here overnight for more laps, did you?" the devilish blonde with an AK47 said to the two tiny teenagers.

"No! We will leave now, Hiruma-san!" Monta nervously answered as Sena turned his face away to keep Hiruma from seeing his blush.

"Be quick, ****ing Shrimps. ****ing running back, get more warm clothes on. If you catch a cold, I will end your life myself," The evil quarterback said.

"Haiii…Gomenasai Hiruma-san."

After that, Sena and Monta changed their clothes and walked home. Before saying goodbye each other, Monta asked, "How can you love a devil like him, Sena?"

Sena just smiled.

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