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Chapter 6:

Sena ran away and didn't look back. He stopped at a tree and sat down, then wrapped his arms around his knees and hid his face, which was red from crying. Right now the tiny running back was really confused. He had just found out that Jumonji loved him, and he didn't know what he would do if he had to face him again. In his mind, many questions continued to appear and go away before he could answer them. That made him more stressed out.

The young teen noticed someone was coming, and he heard the footsteps come closer. When Sena lifted his head up, he saw Jumonji standing in front of him. It looked like the lineman had run after Sena and found him. Sena pulled his knees back to cover his face.

"How did you find me?" Sena asked weakly.

"You always find this tree and sit under its canopy when you're sad," the scarred man replied. Jumonji knew him well. There was a moment of silence.

"I'm sorry Sena," Jumonji spoke with a low voice. Sena could feel Jumonji's breath again him. Then a pair of arms gripped him, and once more his face was in the lineman's chest. This time the hug was more light and soft. Sena tried to push him away.

"Please, Sena, just this one time, please listen to me…"

That tenderness surprised Sena. He could only stay silent in the other man's arms.

"I'm sorry…I want to say I'm sorry for getting angry with you…"


"I love you Sena…When I met you… that was the first time my heart beat fast…At that time, I denied my feelings and bullied you…."


"You endured all my tricks. You always smile and never give up. I am sorry…."


"Sena, I know I can't change your mind. Your happiness is my happiness. So Sena, can you give me a chance to be your friend again?"

"No…" a soft voice replied him. "No….no…Jumonji-kun, you always were my friend." Sena looked at him and smiled.

Jumonji blushed. That smiled eased his soul every time he saw it. If Sena couldn't be his lover, he would be his best friend. Although, he was still a bit sad.

"Thank you, Sena."

"Don't worry. Um…Jumonji-kun, can you let me go?"

"Oh, sorry," the scarred man said, confused. He couldn't control himself when he was near the little one. "Ah, Sena, we have to hurry if you don't want to be late for practice."

"O-okay…Uh…Jumonji-kun… Why do you care about it now, when earlier you said that it was not important?" the tiny running back asked.

You are the most important to me.

"I just don't want that ****ing demon to do anything wrong to you…Hurry, Sena."

Both boys stood up and headed to the clubhouse. Jumonji didn't know, thankful for him. Sena felt better . That morning, he walked to school in a bad mood, but now he could smile. Sena believed more in his love and he recognized one thing: the greatest source of happiness is seeing the one you love happy.

"I forgot, Sena. Don't worry about every one on the team."



By the time the two young men finished changing their clothes, the other teammates had started. The Devil Captain made them do twice their normal training for being late. Even though Hiruma chased Sena and Jumonji and shot at the teens with his AK-47 during the 200 laps they had to run (Sena ran zigzags and Jumonji had two tires tied behind him), they also had to clean up the field after practice. Either way, Sena was happy because everything was like usual. Sena didn't notice that Hiruma kept him at a distance from Jumonji.

The tiny running back couldn't help but blush. He could barely keep his control when faced with Hiruma. During the last lap, Hiruma grabbed him as he was about to fall. All the things that happened that morning nearly made him forget about the sadness of yesterday and the strange girl walking with his love.

The morning practice was over, and now Sena was in his class. Monta, who had worried about him since yesterday, tried and failed to catch his attention.

Sena seems so weird. I know he's sad because of what happened yesterday, but it's very strange to see him like that. He doesn't even look at me, the monkey-like boy thought. I will ask him at lunch.


When the lunch break started, Monta caught up to Sena. He soon noticed his friend wasn't alone; he was with Musashi, Kurita, Yukimitsu, and Jumonji. It looked like they were in a conversation. Sena, who sat on one side of table, continued blushing and Jumonji helped him answer the others' questions. When Monta neared the table they were sitting, three of the men stood up and left. On each man's face was a different emotion: Yukimitsu looked completely surprised, Kurita was crying non-stop, and Musashi was just grinning.

"Sena, what happened, MAX?" the receiver asked.

Sena was still blushing and was hardly able to answer Monta's question. Seeing that, Jumonji spoke for Sena, "Nothing important. They just had some questions about yesterday. Simply put, it was about Sena's kiss." The lineman smirked. Sena's face turned redder at the comment.

"Huh, the kiss he gave to Hiruma-san yesterday, right? Actually, I'm surprised the other teammates didn't ask Sena during the morning practice MAX." Monta didn't notice that his poor friend couldn't stop blushing.

"Okay, okay Sena, don't blush like that. You don't have to be ashamed because you did something good," Jumonji said, trying to calm the running back down. However, his thought was, Damn, he is so cute. Maybe I should do this more often.

"And what did you say to them, MAX?'

"Ac-actually I didn't say anything, except for the last one. Jumonji-kun answered their questions…" Sena said softly.

"Um…if you say so. Jumonji-kun…."

"I just told them the truth—that Sena loves Hiruma," the scarred man replied normally. "Okay, I will let you guys talk to each other. See ya." And he went to the table where the other "Huh brothers" sat after giving Sena a light kiss on his cheek. The shorter teen blushed deeply.


"So Musashi, Kurita, and Yukimitsu-san asked you questions in place of the rest of the team, MAX, right?" Monta asked.

"Um… But I'm happy that they don't hate me...because…you know…"

"They are your friends, your teammates, like me. They understand you and care about you MAX."

"Thank you, for being my friend."

"Sena… Do you feel better, since yesterday…."

"Oh… Don't worry, I'm fine now, and I won't give up."

"That's the Sena I know! good luck buddy, MAX!"


"Uh… I must ask, why was Jumonji-kun so nice to you today, Sena, MAX?"

Sena blushed.

"He loves me, but I can't respond to his feelings. Now he is just a friend."

"Well, that explains a lot of things. That's too surprising, MAX!"

The two tiny football players were walking to their next class. When they went downstairs, someone hit Sena's back and Sena fell down the stairs. It all happened too fast, and Sena couldn't do anything but close his eyes.



Sena felt some thing soft and warm under him.

" What the ****…."

Sena saw familiar blonde hair and beautiful emerald eyes. Sena blushed immediately; it was Hiruma-san. And he was on top of Hiruma (you know what I mean). Sena heard his heart beat faster.


"Okay, can you get off me, Kuso Chibi?"

"Go-gomenasai, Hiruma-san…"

Someone yelled his name.

"Sorry, Sena-kun, my bad," Mamori said.

And someone who saw all and was standing behind Hiruma before the accident, went near the two boys on the floor and said softly, "Are you all right, son?"


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