The Shadow of Mana


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Shadows dance among the spirit of the Forgotten


Wherever the sun travels, shadows appear and thrive in its path. Shadows conceal and hide whatever they touch; sometimes they even disappear.

"Look… it's him"

Shinobi can learn to utilize the shadows when the dark of night is absent, yet they too fall prey to the shadows capability to erase a presence.

"Poor child"

Forgetting about the dangers lurking in the shadows is certain death where the naked eye will never open to the world again.

"What an embarrassment…"

But sometimes, a shadow doesn't have to be seen to render someone… or something invisible, it can also be present and casted by humans.

"Don't be seen going anywhere near him"

It was said that the Nara clan of the Leaf Village can control the shadows, but do they truly know how dangerous shadows can be? Or how powerful it is?

"…disgrace to the clan….."



"Hey it's the loser-"

"I feel sorry for him"

Once trapped in a shadow, it takes a long and hard process before one can free their life without help.

One might be wondering, who are the people whispering about? Well, it's all towards a small young blond haired boy walking silently along the road, covering his sad and dim dark blue eyes with some of his spiky blond hair hiding it from view.

"You think his contagious?"

"Hope not, I'd like my son to be a shinobi"

'They're all the same' He thought, his misty eyes hidden from view, giving away no other emotion but sadness.

The little boy was none other than Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the 7 year old disappointment and the pariah of the Uzumaki clan, the shadowed son of Kushina and Minato Namikaze.

"I heard that the last person who tried to befriend him died"

"Not surprised that he was banished from the clan"

Things were always like this for the poor soul. Always getting talked about behind his back, spreading rumors and lies that have never been proven save for some obvious ones.

Naruto shakily stood up and was about to walk towards a corner when he heard the people who were once mocking him now shoot out phrases.

"Look! It's the Heroes!"

"Oh no! Do I look okay? Is my hair nice?"

"Kyaaa! Arashi-sama is soooo cool!"

"Man with you guys around Konoha is invincible!"

Naruto looked on and wasn't surprised when he saw that the main recipients of these praises were none other than his ever loving and so called "family" walking on one of the roads.

His parents were holding each other hand and waving at the crowds looking as if everything was going fine and dandy. In front of the couple was his older brother Arashi Uzumaki Namikaze a prodigy in his own right with a fan club fuelling his enlarged ego.

Arashi was a tall red-headed prodigy, making Chunin at the age of 9 and is currently 11 years old. There were also some rumors that Arashi was being called as the second coming of the flash, or simply as the "Red Flash". He stood with a rather proud posture and a smug smirk as his sea foam green eyes gazed among the crowd of fangirls squealing his name repeatedly.

However, among them all the one Naruto envied the most were the two suns casting a shadow over his presence; The Twin Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, Shinji Uzumaki Namikaze and Hikari Uzumaki Namikaze.

The "Saviors" of the village, the Jailors of the Mighty Kyuubi, The Protectors of Konoha, and the fiery suns of the Leaf. These are just some nicknames given to the two children.

Shinji had the same blond hair as their father with the same bright blue eyes while Hikari had her mother's hair and the same eyes as well. Both were terribly spoiled but still have the potential to become just as good as the 'Red Death' and the 'Yellow Flash' with their tutors and chakra enhanced stamina.

'It's not fair.' Naruto thought. 'Just because father sealed the two halves of the Kyuubi in them doesn't make them better than other shinobis. I bet that there are tons of stronger people out there.'

He continued on, turning his back to the Namikazes and Uzumakis, hiding his tear stained eyes. 'I want to be part of that too. I don't care about the dumb reputation… I just want to be accepted as a member of the family.'

Like all children he longs for his parents' affection, but all Naruto ever received where disappointed glances and the ire of his mother's clansmen. It wasn't Naruto's fault that he'd received the short end of the stick, though that doesn't stop them for looking down on him in disgrace treating him like a plague or as a slave.

Wonder why he's neglected? Simple. For Naruto, Chakra will forever be out of his reach. In fact, he has NO Chakra at ALL! They were all wondering how he was still alive but some concluded that he was 1 in a million, a freak as you can say. To the Uzumaki clan not becoming a ninja is a disgrace and to his parents he was an unwanted child.

Naruto was a genius as well. But no one ever notices. True he can't become a ninja, but he's still smarter than the average kid. All his books were very complicated and that's quite a feat considering he was never even enrolled in a civilian school, which rarely gets used anyways seeing as parents just privately teach their children. He spends most of his time at the library and at a hiding place that only he and one other person know.

Naruto was heading to his hideout, it was in one common tree just behind the Hokage Monument. A small camouflaged tree house that one must use the tree branches to climb and open a hidden door. Inside were a couple of pillows for comfort and some snacks, books, telescopes and weapons that Naruto and his 'only' friend managed to collect in the training grounds.

He sighed as he sat by a window hidden by the foliage and gazed at the setting sun. 'Why must I be ignored? Perhaps he was right after all… I should j-just give up on getting my parents attention.' Once again tears slowly fell from his sad eyes as he sat with his arms embracing his legs. 'Besides if they don't love me for whom I am, then they were never my family'

Naruto would have continue crying if he didn't fell someone rub his head. He knew immediately that this was his best friend, his kind hearted yet strong and friendly companion. "I knew I would find you here Naruto. C'mon stop crying Big Brother Kiba's here with the drinks."

Naruto looked up and did see Kiba Inuzuka, his only friend and the only to truly understand how it is to be neglected by ones family. Kiba had wild spiky black hair and brown slitted eyes. On top of his head was a white beany hat with two of the sides standing up forming two triangles on top of his head. Many assume that it was part of the design but only Naruto, Kiba, and Kiba's clan know that Kiba was not a human. Kiba was a Hanyou, complete with two fuzzy wolf ears on top of his head.

When Kiba told him about his secret, Naruto became very happy. He was happy because his friend really did trust him and wasn't faking it. From then on he and Kiba always played together or simply relaxed in their tree house.

"Rough day again Naruto?" Kiba asked.

Naruto wiped his tears with his orange shirt and nodded. "How about you Kiba?"

Said person sighed and sat down beside Naruto opening a can of juice. "Same old same old, the old farts still debating whether or not I get thrown out, frankly I don't know why I don't just run away, you as well for that matter. I can always hunt us some food and you can handle all the money problems."

It was true, Naruto always wins in slot machines or any gambling activities. He discovered this when he was at the streets in the redlight district, which seems to have people that don't care about his condition and are content on treating him like a regular stranger. When he was walking past a store, he saw an old slot machine no one used. Out of curiosity, he picked up a coin that he found beside it and low and behold coins magically appeared.

Ironic how Lady Luck is trying to compensate for Naruto's predicament,

The two friends spent the rest of the day talking about random stuff granting escape from their daily lives. Two souls hurting for something they could never control finding a camaraderie and kinship with each other.

The two never went home today; they simply stayed at the tree house. It wasn't the first time they did that, besides it's not like anyone will notice.

Unbeknownst to them, as soon as they drifted off to sleep, two red eyes opened in the darkness gazing at the two sleeping boys. "I'm finally awake… It's been so long since I've stayed coherent. Soon I'll meet both of you, but for tonight I shall explore and see what they had done to my power."

The figure was smoky and ethereal but it stood like a Human as it looked at the sleeping forms one more time before disappearing into the night sky. "Humans had always hunted me for my power… but I sense that these two will be like my old friends and my father."

That night Naruto and Kiba felt strangely secure while the rest of the village felt an ominous aura surround them, even more so when then a spike of killing intent spiked by the Namikaze and Inuzuka compounds rousing up shinobis searching for the source while scaring the families of said households. Strangely enough one clan didn't feel anything. Perhaps there was a reason why the spirit never bothered them.

But one thing was for sure. It was a sign for something big and for Naruto the shadows are slowly being removed but only the future can say if the suns of the Namikaze twins will still cast the shadow upon him.


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