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~Toni Haruno- Team 7 unite~

I was found outside of the Haruno residence when I was 3. My adoptive parents, Mebuki, her mother, and Kizashi, her father, already had a daughter her name is Sakura. They told me as I grew that I was destined for greatness. Sakura and I trained rigorously together. Then we went to ninja school. I was made fun of by the color of my skin but my best friend, Sasuke, stood with me and helped. Even his rival Naruto was kind to me. We were all about to graduate from the Konaha Ninja Academy together. My cousin and I sat next to each other waiting to see who our teammates were. Iruka-sensei told us there would be odd numbers this year. That was my fault since I kind of was going through a little early.

"Heheh." I laughed nervously while most of the girls gave me the stank eye. Thanks to Sasuke who insists on sitting next to me every time we came in here. Naruto got up and crouched on the table in front of Sasuke.

"You better watch yourself because I'm gonna-"Naruto started.

All of a sudden the kid in front of him stood up and knocked Naruto into Sasuke and they kissed.


The class was quiet but once the Sasuke fans worked through what just happened they started chasing Naruto all over the place.

"Gah! Why me?" He cried.

I reached out and grabbed him by the collar and started shaking him violently.

"What is the matter with you? You're supposed to be ninja yet you kiss a guy." I smacked him in the back of his blonde, spiky head.

"Awwww, Toni it wasn't on purpose I promise." He whined.

"Naruto, go cry me a river you were in his face you dummy." I said exasperated.

Iruka-sensei cleared his throat and said, "Now that we are done with odd show, Naruto, Toni, will you please take a seat?"

With my cheeks reddening I released Naruto and sat down in my seat.

"Now I will announce the teams," he said loudly, "Team one is"

-Insert time skip-

"And finally team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Toni Haruno. Your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake. He will meet you in this classroom in ten minutes. Congratulations you guys."

"Thank you!" We all stated but Sasuke.

We all were so excited that we had each other on the same team that we didn't even realize an hour had gone by. We looked around eyes glittering with excitement waiting for our sensei to walk in. It had been thirty minutes I'm so tired of waiting. I sat down cross-legged on the floor waiting for our sensei to come. I sighed and closed my eyes and meditated. After five minutes had passed I heard Sakura scolding Naruto. He put a chalkboard eraser on top of the door! Gah! He's such a prankster he's going to get us in trouble.

No sooner had I opened my mouth to tell him to take it down. Sakura was all over him with her hands on her hips.

"Hey Naruto," he turned and looked my way, "You're a fool to think our sensei would fall for something so-"

Guess who walked in the door and didn't doge the eraser. Yep you got it right, Kakashi Hatake, my sensei.

It was quiet except for Naruto having a giggling fit. Did he not realize that this was the guy would be training us.