"So, how do you think they're going to do it this time?" the nurse asked as she watched out the window for Murdock's friend, since an alert that his car had been spotted had gone up.

"No idea." one of the orderlies replied.

"He's dressed as a minister, so it won't be the usual fictitious outbreak." the nurse said as she dropped the binoculars. "If anyone other than you guys saw me pretending to believe that tripe, my credibility as a medical professional would go down the toilet."

All too soon, minister Peck arrived and gave his little spiel. Throughout the escape, everyone did their best to keep straight faces and not react to any...oddities. Murdock wasn't a danger to society at large, so the hospital staff didn't mind giving the man a few days on the outside. One of the doctors had noticed that Murdock's mood had picked up considerably since he had started making his little "escapes", had thought that it was good therapy, and allowed it as long as his departures didn't become too disruptive to the other patients.

As soon as Murdock and the minister were out the door, the nurse called the doctor who was in charge of Murdock's treatment.

"You're gonna love this one doc." the nurse said over the phone.

"How'd Murdock escape this time?" the doctor asked as he pulled the paper with the information on who bet what in the Murdock's Next Great Escape betting pool out of his desk drawer.

"They smuggled him out in a coffin." the nurse replied.

The doctor cursed. Some lucky S.O.B. in the cafeteria had just won five-hundred bucks.