The Long Awaited Return

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Chapter 1

A black Porsche pulled up outside St. Trinians.


Annabelle Fritton- now headmistress of the dreaded school was in her office. She was reading a letter of resignation that had been sent to her by the most recently recruited staff member- she barely lasted a week. Annabelle had almost completed the final paragraph, when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" She yelled.

No answer.

"I SAID COME IN" She hoped it wasn't one of the first years playing a prank.

Just as her thoughts began to trail off into ideas for a suitable punishment for the child, the door opened, only to reveal the face of a very confused Lorna Evans. The newly appointed 'Head Girl'.

"What's the problem Lorna?"She asked.

"Miss Fritton, the first years have seen something outside.."Lorna answered.

"Outside?.. Well what is it? A bomb? An astray animal? Spit it out girl!" She was getting slightly fed up.

"A car, Miss"

"A car?"


"Mummy? Why have we stopped the car?"

A young child of around 5 or 6 with Blonde hair and striking blue eyes un-clipped her seatbelt.

The man in the front of the car continued his conversation with the woman, ignoring the girl's comment.

"Are you sure about this Kelly?" He said in a whisper.

"I'm sure, I'm not going back, and I'm most certainly not sending her to Cheltham!"The man's face settled and he was re assured.

"As long as you're sure,Kel."He uttered as he un-clipped his belt and opened the car door.

"I'm more than sure, she'll be fine. Look how I turned out..."Kelly followed the man and exited the car.

"Ah. Well then.." He opened the car and lifted the girl in the back out "She will be beautiful, devious, intelligent and mischevious...just like her mother!"He chuckled to himself, placing the child onto the floor.

"Oy! You better watch it!" Kelly punched him in the arm jokily.

"Are we going in Dad or what?" The girl screeched, annoyed that she was being left out of the conversation.

"Yes! Yes! In we go!" He smirked as he began to walk "Yep, definitely like her mother" He whispered.


Kelly walked to the front desk. It didn't look any different, she thought to herself, and all the lost memories came flooding back to her. The good and bad. The day she became Head Girl, the day Flash left. She couldn't bring herself to be reminded of them. She shook her head in aim to get rid of them all.

She approached the secretary.

"Er. Hi. I'm here to see Annabelle Fritton, about my daughter.."

"Okay.. If I can just take your names, and then I shall call up to Miss Fritton."

"Okay.. Sure. I'm Kelly Jones..." The woman at the desk looked up to her, and shook her head in disbelief.

"Well I never.." She said astounded.

Kelly just laughed

"This is my husband Piers, and my daughter Mia"

"Your husband and daughters surname, please. Then I will call you up" The woman added, still in shock.

"Oh, yes how silly of me. The surname is Pomfrey. Piers and Mia Pomfrey..."

"Miss Fritton! A certain Kelly Jones is here to see you" The secretary practically screamed down the receiver.

"Send her up" Was all that was said before the receiver was put down.

"Ehem, Kelly? Miss Fritton is in her office, Do go on up."She grabbed the attention of the former Head Girl, who was busy on the phone.

Kelly mouthed 'Thanks' before continuing the conversation and following her husband upstairs, closely followed by Mia.

They came across a door at the top of the stairs.


Kelly hung up the call to MI7 and knocked on the door.

"Enter" Was the cold reply.

The handle turned and revealed to Annabelle, the face of HER Head Girl. Annabelle's eyes widened and a smile formed upon her lips. It remained there only for a short while, however, as followed by Kelly and her daughter,stood a man that Annabelle knew. A man that terrified her. A man she thought she would never see again.

"Kelly, who is this man? And what is he doing in my school?" Annabelle pointed at Piers, then looked at Kelly who simply looked confused.

"Belle? This is Piers.. My husband." Kelly said, even more confused.

"Your husband?Kelly, this man is a monster! He belongs to that AD1, the group of women hating pshycopaths!" Annabelle shrieked.

"Well, Well, Well... If it isn't little Miss Fritton, who is not so 'little' anymore!I'll have you know I stopped being a part of AD1, when I met my Kel." Piers had finally remembered why this woman detested him so much.

"Piers? You know Belle?" Kelly seemed confused.

"Honey, she is a Fritton, of course I bloody well know her, and her aunt! Bunch of loonies, the lot of them!"He exclaimed in Kelly's direction, his voice becoming louder with every word.

"Daddy" Mia sat up from the chair in the corner.

"Daddy are you okay?"

Annabelle looked at Mia, then at Kelly and finally to Piers.

"Daddy?" She questioned, slightly sickened.

"Yes princess, I'm fine.. I tell you what, how about we go see Verity at Cheltham, and see if we can get you a place!" He took his alarmed daughter by the hand and proceeded to leave.

"Kel.. You coming?" He paused and looked round to his wife.

"You know what. I don't care what went on between you two, but I do know that my daughter is not going to Cheltham College, she is a St. Trinian. And she is staying here!" Kelly disliked Verity Thwaites with a passion and was not prepared to have her daughter under her supervision.

"Kel, I really don't think this is a good idea!" Piers wanted the best for his daughter, and that was anywhere but with the Frittons.

"You said yourself you wanted her to be like me, I learnt everything I am from this school, are you saying that you want Verity Thwaits to give what she is to our daughter? Do you want a baby Verity? WELL IF YOU DO YOU CAN GO SOD OFF AND MARRY HER THEN!" Kelly screamed.

"Shhh shhh" Piers walked closer to Kelly. "If it makes you happy, and if it is the best for our daughter, I don't care where she goes." He wrapped his arms around his wife.

"She'll be just like you,beautiful, devious, intelligent and mischevious" He whispered in her ear and smiled.

"DADDY!" Piers jumped. He had forgotten that his daughter and Annabelle were in the room.

Annabelle slid a piece of paper down the desk.

"Here's the application form. She starts next week." Piers took the form began to fill it in.

Full Name Of Child: Mia Jessie Pomfrey-Jones

D.O.B: 4/8/22

Name Of Mother: Kelly Jones

Name Of Father: Sir Piers Henry Pomfrey

Relations Attended St. Trinians: Mother (Head Girl 2007)

Payment: Check

He then signed before handing the completed form back to Annabelle.

Piers took his daughter by the hand and walked out of the room.

"Thanks Belle." Kelly whispered before following them out the door.

Annabelle just stared, as Kelly left the room.


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