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Annabeth's POV

The camp reluctantly piled into the dining pavilion to eat. My cabin mates pestered me with questions, but I said they'd have to wait. Percy had sat on the opposite side of his table, so he could look at me while we ate. I waved at him and he waved back, mouth full of pizza.

"Come on Annabeth, tell us what happened." begged one of my half sisters.

"Please." added Malcolm.

"You guys can wait until the campfire." I said, for the hundredth time.

I looked over at Percy and shook my head, then pointed a thumb at my cabin mates as if to say, 'can you believe these guys?'. Percy shrugged and pointed to the Ares table. The cabin was having a pop chugging contest, and just as I was turning back to Percy, Clarisse' pop exploded in her face. The whole pavilion went silent, except for Percy, who was rolling around on the ground, laughing his butt off.

"Jackson! You die, now!" bellowed Clarisse, and charged him.

Percy stopped laughing and bolted. Clarisse almost caught him, but he made it to a fountain and used the water to shoot him twenty feet in the air. He looked down and made faces at Clarisse.

"Take that la Rue! What are you gonna do now? Huh? Wait, no. No! No, don't do that! Ahh!" Percy screamed as he came crashing back to earth.

Clarisse had grabbed a shield and held it over the fountains head, stopping the water. Percy's water platform dissolved and he dropped like a rock. He sat up and grinned at Clarisse, then tried to run again. She was faster though. Percy was in a headlock, still laughing like maniac. I turned back to my food. Percy was nuts.

Later at the campfire, Chiron called me, Percy, and Thalia up to recount the events of our quest. When the part about the Cetus was over, Thalia sat down and the two of us finished the story. Percy left out the part about him dying and coming back with me, that was just a tad embarrassing, but for the most part it was 100% accurate. Of course, as soon as we were done the Stoll brothers ran around re-telling the story, but in there own extravagant way.

"And when the sea monster attacked, it was all like 'kneel before me little humans' and then Percy was like 'I say nay, sushi boy!' and then ripped it apart with his bare hands." said Travis dramatically.

"And don't even get me started on Python." said Connor.

"Oh please do start, brother dear." said Travis with and English accent.

"Shall I?" asked Connor, mimicking the accent.

"Indeed you shall."

"So Python was as thick as the empire state building, and twice as long! But that didn't scare Percy at all. He ran up- no! He walked purposefully up to the snake and rippe out its fangs!" exclaimed Connor.

Travis continued, "then he stabbed the Hades out of that snake, with it's own teeth! I hope Tarturas has a good dental plan, he'll need it for sure."

I saw Percy in the middle of a crowd, showing them a few of the scars that hadn't quite healed perfectly. He lifted his shirt to show some Aphrodite girls the scar on his side, and one of them fainted. I laughed, and Percy caught my eye. He smiled and came over to me. I started to talk, but then he kissed me, and I forgot everything else. The campers cheered loudly, and clapped Percy on the back. My cabin seemed to be ok with it, and that was good.

"Hey," Percy whispered in my ear, "let's get out of here."

He took my hand and led me off into the night.

Percy's POV

I grabbed Annabeth and left the campfire; I'd had enough of the Stoll's for now. We walked hand in hand through the dark, and ended up at the beach. I sat down on the sand, and she sat on my lap, resting her head on my chest.

"That was some trip, huh?" she asked me.

"Yeah, I still can't believe we did it."

I wrapped my arms around her, and she started playing with my fingers.

"I'm just glad you're ok, Seaweed Brain. I don't know what I'd do if...if..."

I knew what she meant, and pulled her in tighter to let her know it was ok.

"It's ok Annabeth, I did make it, right? I'm fine, you're fine." I squeezed her hands. "We, are fine."

Annabeth turned around and kissed me. I responded. She grabbed my shirt and I ran my fingers through her hair. We fell back and kissed passionately, with her laying on me. She pulled away, breathing heavily. I was doing the same, but was a little disapointed it was over so soon. She saw this and kissed me again, sweetly this time, and for only a few seconds. She stopped and smiled at me.

"Tomorrow, Seaweed Brain. Tomorrow." she said, and wrapped her arms around me.

I did the same, and she was soon asleep, breathing softly. I gave her a quick little kiss on the forehead, then closed my eyes. I had time for one last thought before sleep took me; Why, oh why, had my mom not told me about this sooner.


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