I'm back! With a brand new story, and i'm going to tell you a few things now. Kelly is a little strange and hard to figure out, also her story with Embry is a little confusing at points in history. Though it will clear up as she tells you or talks to people.

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(This is Kelly :D . . )

I sigh looking at the time on my iPhone I still have three more hours which I'm going to be on this damn plane. That's just oh so exciting, not. Oh and before I get the lecture about not having a phone a plane it's in airplane mode so I can have it and listen to music I need something to do. Seriously, I've been on a plane for hours, I left Germany yesterday and I'm not lading in Port Angeles for another three hours. This is getting annoying, I don't even really want to go back there but my sister is getting married to Paul so I have to because I'm an amazing twin.

Yeah, you heard me correctly. Twin, I have a twin sister. I love her to death. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself? My name is Kelly Marie Whitton and I have a twin sister named Kristen Nicolette Whitton soon to be Lahote. That's right she is getting married to Paul Lahote who is an Indian that lives in Washington. So being the amazing sister I am, I left Germany even though I was going to anyways. I wasn't planning on going to Washington for the summer though and I wasn't planning on seeing any of my old friends such as Jacob Black or the man who ripped my heart out Embry Call.

Anyways I don't want to talk about them so I'll just tell you about my sister and I. Kristen is beautiful and perfect and pretty much everything I'm not. I'm not ugly don't get me wrong I got enough of the same genes that I'm not ugly, I'm just not stunning like she is. The only thing I have going for me are my eyes they are a beautiful brown which make Kristen jealous, which is crazy. I shouldn't have anything which makes her jealous but I do.

I have long brown hair which is naturally straight though I can easily style it to do almost any style which I want so that does come in handy I guess. I'm really skinny and I have small faces with according to everyone I talk to feature that are the perfect size. My eyes are a dark brown and they are my favorite feature, I love them and apparently my brother Sam Uley has the same eyes. I've never met him I just know this because Kristen told me.

Another difference I have with my sister is my sense of style; I'm not a huge fashion person. I don't wear the latest fashions and today is no exception. I think that Kristen would be semi proud though, I mean I wasn't dressed horribly. I was in short denim shorts, a white ruffled shirt, but since I knew it was going to be cold in La Push Washington I covered that with a gray knit sweater. I looked tiny and cute so I don't think that she can be too upset. ( outfits/4fb119d853f97_ )Then to make sure she was happy I spent hours looking through all of my shoes to find the right pair. I mean it took me hours before I found my black wedges which she bought me and I looked cute and relaxed.

I bet your wondering what I have that my sister doesn't now that I've named all the good qualities that she has right? Well there really aren't any, I'm boring, really plain. There is always the sister that has nothing special about her and that's me. Sure I'm not ugly but I'm not beautiful and I'm not talented or special or any of those other things which one expects to see from people. I have nothing special I'm just there; I guess you could say I'm a genius because I am. I never forget anything. You tell me a fact and I will remember it, forever. It's imprinted in my brain, crazy right? Yeah I know, it's annoying too I hate it almost every moment of the day. I never forget what has happened or what is going to happen, not that I tell anyone. I just say I don't remember. No one needs to know that I'm haunted by my past. It's not their business.

I sigh as I look at my iPhone again and quickly unlock it, I go to my notes which has my list of things which I must do the moment I get off the plane. No I don't have to read it, but it still calms me down to. I am on here for another hour and a half why not think what I have to do through.

Get my luggage. Okay not much to think through there…

Meet Paul. I can do that, I've seen his face over Skype he can't be much different than how he looks on there right? Wrong, but still I can do this I know that I can handle this and that I will be okay when I do it. You are a strong girl Kelly.

Go to Kristen and Paul's house without being seen. That's right Kristen can't know I'm here because it's a surprise bonfire welcoming me tonight though she doesn't know that. She thinks it's just a get together so I have to make sure she doesn't see me, go twin powers of location!

Have Paul take me to the bonfire and meet everyone. Well I think I can manage that, pretend to be social then I will make friends. Once I do that then I seem like a good person then people like me then everything is good again.

Well I've got time I guess I'm going to take some time now to sleep because I do not feel like waiting fifty years for this plane to land god I'm impatient and tonight is going to be a late night. I'm going to sleep that way I'll be able to deal with annoying people and be well rested.

Ah! Shit! I hate waking up to the plane landing, it always scares me, though I do have to say that I am in a much better mood and looking at things from a much better perspective now. I love how my mood can be lifted from a quick hour and a half long nap. Life is great, and I can leave the plan and finally get some walking in! Thank you god!

I quickly stood up and grabbed my carryon luggage before exiting the plane, god does it feel good to stand. If I wasn't in a crowded place I would stretch, I won't though for that reason. I walked to baggage claim and waited the awkwardly long; it seemed amount of time for my bags. Before beginning my search for Paul, which it turns out wasn't going to be all that hard because he was very tall, standing alone and holding a very large sign which sloppily said Kelly on it. Under that assumption I walked over to him and smiled slightly.

"Umm…are you Paul?" I asked hesitantly, his size was a little intimidating and it didn't help that I only stood at a whopping 4'10".

"Yeah I am, you're Kelly? You weren't kidding when you told me you were short! Damn!" Paul laughed, instantly making himself less intimidating as the action made him seem more approachable by lighting up his face.

"Shut up Paul! Didn't Kristen tell you I was freakishly short?" I said my accent from speaking German so long becoming more prominent as I spoke louder.

"She did I just didn't think that she was being serious, she tends to over exaggerate. Anyways, you've been told of our plans for the day?" Paul says taking my bags and lifting them like it's nothing.

"Yeah I have to not be seen until we get to the bonfire, which I'm probably going to want to change before since it's going to be colder later."

"You are a smart girl Miss Kelly. The bonfire starts in about three hours and it's going to take one of them to get you back to my place so then you can change and get ready."

"That sounds great Paul; lead the way to your car." I said with a smile.

Paul smiled and lead the way to a shiny black mustang which I immediately knew was Kristen's. Only she would have such a flashy car in a town as small as La Push, I love her for her flashy ness. I looked at Paul as he put my bags in the car and it seemed like he was thinking along the same lines as me when he looked at the car, which made me laugh. At least I know that I'm not the only person who thinks that she is a little over the top.

I quickly got into the car and looked out the window as he started driving. Neither of us really felt the need to talk, though it didn't mean that things were awkward. I can see why Paul is perfect for Kristen now, he's comfortable with just staying quiet and not saying anything; or at least he's learned to be that way thanks to my sister. Pretty much everyone who knows her learns to be quiet and no talk much you stay out of trouble and things are just safer that way.

Everything around here still looks the way it did years ago when I left which makes me smile. I didn't think that it would, though much to my surprise it does. This makes me very happy, I thought everything was going to change. Also no matter how much I didn't want to admit it, La Push Washington was the first place that I'd ever felt at home. Now that I'm coming back, I guess I sort of feel like I'm coming home, though I'm not staying. I will be leaving again very quickly. There is nothing that is going to make me stay.

It's not that I don't want to stay near my sister because believe me I do more than anything, I just can't be near where all of the worst events in my life took place. It was here that I first feel in love with a guy who I wished would notice me but no he chose to start doing drugs and disappear the night that he was going to start dating me, and then I was shipped off to my last foster home before I graduated at 15. It was also the place where my parents were killed and I was shot. Oh La Push, how many wonderful heartbreaking memories you hold for me.

Not all the memories are bad however, don't think that. I have the memories of my best friend ever Jacob Black. I love that boy with all my heart though not in any romantic way, ever. He is like the light that makes everything better and he never stopped talking to me. I guess you could say that he found ways to make things more interesting that way. Along with Jacob comes my little man aka Seth. Seth was my little man because he idolized Jacob and may have had a slight crush on me. I love that boy, I wonder what he's like now..

"Kelly? We're here…" Paul says interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh! I'm so sorry Paul I didn't mean to zone out on you. I was just thinking about the last time I was here…" I admitted looking down sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it. Now run into the house quickly so you won't be seen and I'll carry your stuff in." Paul says with a smile.

I give him a small smile and do as he says smiling at I take in his house. It was cute and perfect for him and Kristen. Small and secluded, while still giving off that homeish vibe. Yeah I'm sort of jealous of their house. I'm pathetic. Go Kelly. I quickly looked around their house and found what I was guessing to be my room since it had a sign in German, which said so. Oh Paul, No wonder you asked. I walked in and smiled you could tell it was a guest room though it had a bath room attached so it wasn't all bad.

Paul was only a few seconds behind me in getting to my room and set my bags down telling me to get ready for tonight. I smiled at him quickly and grabbed my shower bag before running to the shower. I turned the shower on so that it would be hot and stepped in smiling as the hot water relaxed me. Once I was done with my shower I ran back into my room and found my outfit for tonight, my skinny jeans that showed I was tiny but still had curves, though they were rolled at the bottom giving me the appeance of longer legs. I paired them with an oversized baggy brown stripped sweater and my printed flats, it was an outfit Kristen bought me. ( image/view/53999/440/440) Then I quickly dried my hair into its naturally straight style and pulled it into a loose side pony. I then applied light make up which made my eyes pop and smiled. I looked cute and a little taller than I actually was.

I skipped down the stairs and saw Paul sitting at the table eating. "When do we need to leave?"

"You actually have perfect timing. Come on, I miss my Kristen." Paul said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes and walked to his car getting in. The ride to the beach was fast and this part was going to be my favorite. All of Paul's pack friends, are going to be covering me as we walk over then when we get to Kristen they are going to move so she sees me. Win, surprise sissy! I'm home! Looks like he got the boys to meet us, and they are all hot, good god…

"Kelly this is Quil, Sam, Jared and Jacob." Paul introduced as I got out of the car.

Jacob? I turn to the person whose name he last said and there is no doubt in my head that is Jacob Black. My best friend, "JACOB!" I yell jumping into his arms.

"Hey Kelly Belly!" Jake says hugging me tightly, god I missed this boy.

I quickly hugged him back and hopped back out of his arms before looking at the other boys who were looking at Jake and me with amusement, "Hi. I'm Kelly, yes I am very short and yes I did just attack my best friend Jacob." I say with a smirk.

"Yeah you can defiantly tell that she is Sam's sister." Jared said with a laugh, "By the way Kelly I've missed our fights, and love the new accent."

"She's got an attitude on her. Thanks for pointing it out Jared." A tall guy with a lot of authority said, before turning to me. He was a little intimidating until I saw his eyes and smiled he had the same eyes as me, our mothers eyes, this was Sam. "It's nice to meet you Kelly, I'm Sam."

"Freut mich sehr mein Bruder!" (Ignore any German mistakes I'm using Google translate it's supposed to say nice to meet you my brother :P) I said without thinking, then laughed when I realized no one knew what I was saying, "Sorry I said nice to meet you my brother."

"How about we stay with English for now Miss. Kelly?" Paul said with a smirk as he instructed the guys to surround me and walk in a way that wouldn't be obvious.

As we walked all the guys were joking around and laughing, it seemed like a normal walk they would be talking to the bonfire. I really don't know why they needed so many people to cover me to take me over. I'm not a very big person really but oh well at least I wasn't going to be seen there was little to no chance of that.

When we got over to the bonfire I listened to Paul talking to Kristen, and chuckled as she was talking to Jared. Trying to figure out why everyone was so bunched up. It was mildly hilarious no one ever keeps secrets from her and we all managed to keep this from her for six months. But now the day is here, so when I tapped Sam's back telling him it was time he nodded.

"Sissy, Paul and I got you a special present as a early wedding gift." Sam said stepping aside.

I smiled as I watched Kristen's eyes widen, "HOLY SHIT! KELLY!" Kristen runs at me and tackles me into the sand hugging me, both of us crying happily, "I FUCKING MISSED YOU!"

I laughed and hugged her, "I missed you too Kristen! It's so good to see you again!"

Kristen smiled and helped me back up before walking over to Sam and hugging him. Then going over to Paul and kissing him. "How long did you guys know about this?"

"Kelly, Sam and I planned this about six months ago…" Paul said smiling and wrapping an arm around her waist, "Because we all love you and wanted you to see her before the day of our wedding."

"Oh my god Paul you are the best I can't belie-"

"I'm so sorry I'm late I was running…" A tall boy yelled running onto the beach though his words soon trailed off as he stared at me. I felt myself slipping and staring into his gray eyes, his beautiful, beautiful gray eyes.

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