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A couple of years ago...

Blue eyes crinkled, their owner joyously dragging a petite girl with him. "Come ON, Maria! This'll be fun! It's your first meeting, anyways!"

The girl harrumphed, pulling her arm away from her idiotic caretaker and holding her ground. "Yes, fine, but you don't have to do it while pulling my arm off its socket! Padadala mo pa ako sa ospital, sa ginagawa mo..."*

"Oh come on..." the man whined, now softly pulling her arm. "You know I can't understand your language that much yet! Plus, fine, okay, I'm sorry. I won't try to break any of your body parts. Now can we just go?! A lot of people wanna see you!"

Sighing, Maria obliged, walking with him down the well-lit corridor as she nervously toyed with her white blouse and long red skirt. "Kuya Alfred, who exactly wants to meet me?"

"Of couse, Spain wants to see ya again! Mexico's not here, but she'll want to see you as well the next time! South Italy also says he doesn't care, but you've told me enough that I know that he DOES. All the Asians are ecstatic that they have another nation with them-"

"Wait," she said, halting him mid-speech. "Did you just use ecstatic? As in, a 'big boy' word?!"

Alfred groaned, pulling her allong since they were so close to the room. "I'm not stupid. I pick up on things. I just kinda act like it sometimes because hey, why not? Why not act like a kid? It's fun!"

"True.." she mused, before getting shoved through oaken double-doors. "OW! DIDN'T WE JUST DISCUSS THIS, AL?!" Maria fumed, fixing the flower in her wavy, black hair while muttering darkly to herself.

At this, all chatter in the room ceased, and all heads turned to the newcomers. Once realizing this, Maria let out a small shriek and hid behind Alfred.

Standing up to greet the two, Germany cleared his throat. "You both are late. Anyways, is she the new country?" he asked lightly, giving a gentle smile to both nations. He's seen this before; small nations were always afraid on their first meeting, and he made it his job to make them feel as comfortable as possible. After all, they'll have this specific group as a dysfunctional family of sorts for a long time.

Alfred nodded, certainly remembering his first meeting. "Yup!" then to Maria, "Go on, introduce yourself! Leave a mark! Make them remeber you."

The girl blinked back in shock. "Wow, Kuya Al. That was. . . that was deep. And comforting. Salamat."

"No big. Now go!" he exclaimed, lightly shoving her to the podium.

Maria took a breath, then walked over as calmly as she could muster. Once at her destination, she took another breath, facing the personified nations of the world.

"Hello and kamusta, my name is Maria Clara dela Cruz, more known as the Philippines."

She finished, then looked at the nations' faces with a shy smile. Oh my goodness. Did they like me? Did I sound too childish for them? What do they think?

To the girl's surprise, a few nations started to smile. A few more started nodding at each other, while the rest started to clap. Soon, more nations joined the clapping, and one by one, they were all congratulting her on overcoming everyone's first obstacle.

Maria bathed in the warmth of the nations. I'm in. I'm accepted as one of them.

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At this time, Maria is about 15-16. It was a bt after America and Spain battled for the land, and ultimately, America won. At the sake of 20 million dollars, America had a colony of his own.

For all the other chapters, unless it is said, Maria will be in normal time, looking about 18ish or so.


Padadala mo pa ako sa ospital, sa ginagawa mo = You'll send me to the hospital, with what you're doing

Kuya = Older Brother

Salamat = Thank you

Kamusta = How are you?

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